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  • Steps To Prepare For A Child Custody Battle

  • If you and your spouse are unable to come together an amicable agreement as far as custody of any children, then you could be facing a legal battle. Child custody in Palm Springs can be difficult, but a professional divorce attorney can help immensely. There are also steps you can take on your own to better prepare for going to court.

    Improve Your Parenting Style if Need Be

    You need to take a good, long look at how you acted as a parent. Were you present in the child’s life? Did you handle your fair share of childrearing responsibilities? If you are lacking in any areas, then before the trial is the time to look into making improvements.

    Behave Maturely

    Divorces can be messy, and there may be a lot of heated exchanges between you and your spouse. The important thing to keep in mind during this time is to never lose your cool. You do not want to lose your temper and do something that will cause you a lot of regrets in the future.

    Ultimately, everyone just wants what is best for the child. With adequate preparation, you will be able to go into that courtroom and come out all right. Visit this website to learn more about child custody in Palm Springs.

  • Introducing a Child to Technology

  • You may want your kid to spend time outdoors as opposed to sitting in front of a screen. However, it can be a good idea to introduce them to computers and the internet.

  • Considerations When Hiring A Lawyer For Your Custody Battle

  • Hiring a lawyer during your divorce can be overwhelming. You have a lot of options. So how do you choose? Here are some of the things that you can look for when choosing your lawyer.

    • Experience - Don’t look at how long the attorney has been licensed, but look at their experience in child custody cases.

    • Reputation - Will the judge listen to your lawyer based on past interactions? You want your attorney to be well-respected in the courtroom.

    • Resources - Does your attorney use evaluations and witnesses to help you prove your case? Strong custody battles can often turn into a he-said/she-said without documentation and witnesses.

    • The ability to work toward your goals - Your attorney should keep your goals and budget in mind when handling negotiations and mediation. Instead of finding a cheap lawyer, look for one who can work within your budget to get the job done.

    • Communication - What type of contact can you expect during your case? Ask them who will handling status reports. Who should you contact if something unexpected comes up?

    Ask your lawyer for their assessment of your case and their philosophy in managing your situation. You can also find out if they see any potential issues in your case. Get as much information as you can before you sign a contract to ensure they will manage your case effectively. Visit this website to get more information about child custody in Poway.

  • Military Divorce and the “20/20/20 Rule”
  • My first exposure to military divorce came not as an attorney, but rather as a child raised on a military base for most of my formative more

  • How To Tell If Your Relationship Is On The Rocks For Good

  • Every marriage has its struggles, and there may be times when one or both partners feel like giving up and breaking up. Divorce is a very serious step to take, so it’s important to know when your marriage is no longer fixable and a dissolution is the right thing to do. Here are some signs to look for:

    • You no longer communicate. This can mean not even talking about how your day went to avoiding serious conversations about the relationship.

    • You no longer spend time with each other. If you readily evade time together, you’ve already uncoupled.

    • One or both of you are unwilling to fulfill the other’s needs. A relationship cannot work if one or both of you are continually left unloved and uncared for. There needs to be effort and compromise.

    • One or both of you refuse to try to work it out. You can’t fix something that someone doesn’t want fixed.

    • Your spouse is a serial cheater. If your spouse won’t stop cheating on you, won’t break off friendships with past lovers or won’t seek counseling to address the issue, it’s time to move on. This also applies to other harmful actions and addictions.

    If these signs apply to your relationship, seek legal counsel right away. Visit this website to find a divorce attorney in Pacific Grove.

  • Things You Need to Know About Divorce

  • No matter how much you prepare for a divorce, there are some things you won’t realize or understand until you experience them for yourself. Here are a few of those things you need to know that no one tells you.

  • Get Child Support During Divorce

  • You’ve made one of the hardest decisions of your life and filed for divorce. Now comes the stressful time of working out the legalities. Life after separation, including finances, will not be the same. If there are children involved, you may be able obtain child support payments even before all the details are finalized.

    Your Kids Come First

    Ideally, in spite of your irreconcilable differences, both parents will still work together on behalf of the children. It is important for them to feel secure during the turmoil of divorce. As parents, negotiate a reasonable amount of money for a support payment, even if the judge hasn’t yet ordered one.

    Good Faith Gesture

    For the custodial parent, the money will help keep life as normal as possible for the kids. If the non-custodial parent balks, point out that such voluntary agreements look good to the judge. Child support payments aren’t about grudges and power plays; they are about providing for the needs of the children.

    Never use your children for leverage during the divorce. Of course, if your ex-to-be is willing to be reasonable about support, you will be more amenable to compromise over other contested areas in the divorce.

    Explore your legal options by visiting this website to find a child support lawyer in Palm Springs.

  • My Girl

  • Mothers and daughters share a special relationship. Evolving at each stage of development, it’s a bond that grows and deepens as the years pass.

  • Why it is Essential to Spend Time With Your Grandchildren During a Divorce

  • As grandparents with an adult child who is going through a divorce, it can be confusing to figure out what your relationship with your grandchild or grandchildren should be. When in doubt, remember that your grandchildren need you more than ever during a divorce. Here are three things that grandparents provide children whose parents are divorcing.

    1. Stability in an Unstable Time

    Divorce can be scary and confusing for children, especially young ones. With all of the changes that children experience during a divorce, it is important for grandparents to step in and provide a stable escape for them.

    2. Love, Affection and Reassurance

    Children may experience a lot of emotions during a divorce and may even start to feel unloved or uncared for. Grandparents can give their grandchildren much-needed affection during this hard time.

    3. Positive Role Models

    It is best not to take sides during your adult child’s divorce. Instead, try to remain neutral and act as a model for positive behavior for your grandchildren. You can do this by:

    • Speaking positively about both of the child’s parents

    • Not openly favoring one parent or the other

    • Spending time with children at your own home or in neutral locations

    Remember to be there for your grandchildren when they need it in the most. For more information about grandparent visitation in San Diego, visit this website.

  • What Are Some Signs That Could Point You Toward a Family Law Firm?
  • Dealing with any type of legal family issues can be physically, emotionally and monetarily draining on anybody. Without the help of a lawyer, you could be in over your head. While you may want to settle things on your own to avoid the costs of lawyers, there are some signs that would lead you in the direction of a family law firm.

    Dealing with children in a custody case after a divorce or separation is a clear sign that a family lawyer should be involved. Often times, the parents will conclude that they have the best interest of the child in mind, when they are subconsciously selfish about the custody arrangements. A lawyer can help each party to have a level head so the child truly does come first. Family law attorneys deal with these types of situations every day and see what effect the outcomes have on the children. They will seek to do what is the very best for the children, no matter the situation with the parents.

    Another sign that points toward a family law firm is when there is property ownership that needs to be settled. Some divorces are simple open and shut cases, but others involve assets that need to be split. This could include vehicles that the couple purchased together, a home, antiques, art, recreational vehicles and a variety of other costly assets. A lawyer will ensure that each party receives equal assets, or that the sale of the assets provides fair compensation for both.

    Criminal issues such as juvenile delinquencies and domestic violence cases are often handled by family law attorneys as well. If you have a child who is out of control or a spouse who abuses you, it is definitely a sign to turn to a lawyer for help. Some attorneys specialize in this area, and others specialize in the area of divorce and child support, so make sure you find one that will provide the very best representation for you.

    Whether you are getting a divorce, separating from a partner or dealing with an abusive situation, they are all signs that a family law firm can be an important part of the process. If you find yourself in such a situation, it’s probably time to contact a lawyer to represent you. Visit this site to find a family law firm in Newport Beach and to learn more about how an attorney will help you obtain what you deserve during tough circumstances.

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