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  • Motorcycle Customization: A Hobby for Bike Lovers!
  • Motorcyclists know that owning and riding a bike is more than just a mode of transportation. Whether you have a growling hog or a buzzing rocket, your bike is a lifestyle, a culture, and a mode of self-expression. Customization is a great hobby that allows you to work with your hands and create a bike that is uniquely you.

    Construct Your Style

    When it zomes to your chariot, you want something that is an extension of yourself on the road. One thing to consider is how your alterations affect the performance, speed, and balance of your bike. You should also think about these things when purchasing a bike. Buying used allows you to find a motorcycle that is already close to your needs and won’t break the budget.

    Ways to Customize

    A used bike will also give you more cash left over for modifications. There are many elements of your bike that can be personalized, including, but not limited to:

    • Tires

    • Frames

    • Fuel Tanks

    • Handlebars

    • Exhaust

    • Wheels

    • Seats

    • Paint Job

    The best part of customization is that you can get exactly the look you want on a bike that runs beautifully. You don’t have to sacrifice performance for aesthetic.

    Getting Started

    First you must find the right bike for the right price, and then imagine what your dream bike looks like. With the right parts, advice, and elbow grease you can build a custom motorcycle that reflects your personal style. To gain inspiration check out this website about motorcycle customization in Santee.

  • 2016 Harley-Davidson Sportster Suspension Update Tested
  • The Sportster is vital to Harley-Davidson. As a gateway bike, the Sportster provides the first taste of the Harley elixir to many a rider. It’s a prime platform for customization, from street tracker to café racer to even scramblers….read more

  • Perfect for the Motorcycle Garage
  • Gifts for the motor-head in your home are not always easy to find. Sometimes a little creativity is necessary to find the perfect way to show how much you care. Try getting crafty and create shop-chic accessories for your road warrior.

  • Choosing the Best Motorcycle Accessories for Safety
  • Riding a motorcycle is fun and exhilarating. There’s little between a rider and the elements, and that’s part of what makes riding a thrill. However, that immediacy can be too much of a good thing if you ride without the right motorcycle accessories. Quality gear is essential to safety and can add to your enjoyment of riding.

    Helmets are among the most important pieces of safety gear. They save lives and can protect you from a head injury. Always buy a good quality helmet that fits properly. Look for decals that show your helmet meets DOT Snell standards. A full-face helmet offers you the greatest protection in a crash. Steer clear of used helmets because they may have already sustained damage in an accident.

    Choose footwear designed for riding. Riders often place a foot on the pavement and those comfortable canvas sneakers or sandals won’t hold up to the rigors of the road. Choose sturdy leather boots with thick rubber soles. A boot with a heel helps you keep your feet on the pedals, and the right soles will give you better traction in sand or dirt. In addition to sturdy leather, look for boots that are reinforced in stress areas. Durable boots will protect you for many years, and they look great, too.

    If you crash your bike, you’ll be happy you were smart enough to buy a thick, high-quality pair of gloves. Leather gloves protect you from the elements, improve your grip and save your skin if you have an accident. Choose a pair that fully covers your hands and wrists and that can stand up to any type of weather.

    Leather pants and jackets look cool, but they’re also very important pieces of safety equipment. Thick leather clothing is a rider’s first defense against abrasion injuries during a crash. If you crash, you’re more likely to slide on the pavement if you’re wearing leather than if you’re wearing a material that grabs the surface. While sliding on the road doesn’t sound fun, it’s less likely to cause injuries than bouncing or tumbling.

    Look for leather pants and jackets that are reinforced in stress areas. Some clothing comes with body armor built in. Armor comes in various materials from soft foam to hard plastic. Any armor adds more protection than leather alone.

    The right gear helps you stay safer when you’re riding your bike, so once you collect the essentials, make sure you wear them every time you throw your leg over your bike.

    Visit this website to learn more about quality motorcycle accessories in La Mesa.

  • Women’s High Racer Glove for Road and Track
  • The Women’s High Racer Glove is based on the very popular men’s High Racer Glove, but in a women’s specific pattern. The Women’s High Racer glove features a Kangaroo leather palm, carbon fiber palm …read more

  • Top 5 Reasons a Used Motorcycle Is an Excellent Buy
  • Scouting out the perfect used motorcycle can provide you with hours of pleasure. Beyond the fun of shopping for a ride, buying a used bike has other advantages. Here are the top five reasons to buy a used bike.

    When you pay less for your motorcycle, you can use the money you save on other gear or on customizations. Even if you don’t want to upgrade a bike, it’s nice to have extra cash in your pocket.

    It’s not news that a new motorcycle drops in value as soon as it’s purchased. If you find a bike that’s just a year or two old, you may be able to afford a higher quality than if you were buying new.

    Classic bikes are popular, and you can only buy them used. Retro styles are hot right now. Why not go for an original rather than a look-alike?

    One of the joys of owning a motorcycle is improving it with aftermarket parts. Used bikes sometimes give you a head start on enhancing your ride because the previous owner already installed premium parts.

    Used bikes are often less expensive to insure than new ones. While insurance is essential, is that really where you want to spend your cash?

    To learn more about buying used motorcycles in Santee, visit this website.

  • Old-School Cool
  • Vintage bikes never go out of style. They don’t make rides like they did in the old days, but you can still find used motorcycles loaded with great looking components.

  • The Motorcycle of the Future
  • With its futuristic design and adjustable riding modes, the Kawasaki J Three-Wheeler EV (electric vehicle) looks like it was taken straight out of a sci-fi comic book and proves that motorcyclists are creative, ambitious dreamers.

  • Five Styles of Handlebars for Your Dream Bike
  • Seeing your dream motorcycle become a reality is an exciting, unforgettable process. Every aspect of your custom bike will fulfill your needs and reflect your personality, from the engine to the handlebars. While the primary purpose of handlebars is to give you the right comfort and control, they can also be a statement of individual style. There are several designs to choose from, including these five popular models:

    1- Ape Hangers. Tall and wide, these handlebars are found on choppers and earned their name from the way your arms look when holding onto them. Smaller versions include mini apes and buckhorns.

    2- Clubman. This vintage style attaches to the triple tree and has a forward angle that gives you a more assertive riding position. Also known as Ace bars, they are common on café bikes.

    3- Cruisers. These bars are long and slant toward you, putting you in an upright position. Beach bars are similar but have a more swooping bend.

    4- Drag Bars. These aerodynamic handlebars are nearly straight across, with zero, low, or high height options.

    5- Z Bars. This type is named for its double-Z shape and comes in different heights and angle sharpness.

    These five are only the most common types. There are many more varieties, such as clip-ons and motocross bars. No matter which you choose, it is important to try out the style first before putting it on your bike to ensure it is the best fit for you. For finding the right motorcycle parts in Santee, visit this website

  • The Wild Ones: Dirt Quake USA 2015

  • A major Dirt Quake struck the Pacific Northwest last weekend and the small town of Castle Rock, Washington, is still reeling from the after effects. The rumblings started early Saturday evening with Mt. St Helens Motorcycle…read more

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