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  • A New Angle for Lawn Care
  • stripes

    The traditional idea of lawn care has changed in recent years. Instead of simply having a well-manicured lawn, many homeowners have been opting for the alluring styles of stripes for their property to stand out and offer engaging curb appeal.

  • Taking an ISA Certification Exam
  • Pursuing an ISA Certification is a worthy goal that will help you advance your career in the arboriculture industry. We encourage you to take a few moments to review the materials in this section. You will learn more about how to prepare for the exam and what is required during the application process….read more

  • Three Ways Leaf Blowers Benefit Your Home
  • lawn service in Wilmington

    When autumn arrives, it brings with it a plethora of gorgeous colors and tones. It also brings tons of falling leaves which can start taking up space on your lawn. Having someone take care of your lawn with a leaf blower is an excellent way to keep your lawn looking tidy for a number of reasons.

    1. Appearance

    The biggest reason to have someone use a leaf blower on your yard is for the appearance of your property. This is a simple service that can go a long way. When piles of leaves begin to accumulate, they can become unsightly. Hiring someone to keep your yard clean will reflect well on you, and give your house a great look.

    2. Speed

    In terms of speed, there are few methods as quick as leaf blowers. Rakes are a classic approach, but they can create a time-consuming situation. When you want your lawn cleared in a quick way, it is a smart idea to find those who can use leaf blowers on your property.

    3. Efficiency

    Most of all, leaf blowers are incredibly efficient. Not only will you have a great looking lawn in no time at all, but you will be able to rest comfortably knowing that no leaves have been left behind to cause more trouble.

    When you are tired of looking at all of the dead leaves on your property, do yourself a favor and contact trained professionals. Visit this website for information on affordable lawn service in Wilmington.

  • Prune In Winter For Optimal Tree Health And Growth
  • Winter is the best time to prune trees because it promotes growth, and gives the plant the best chance for health. Cool season trimming is also desirable for shaping trees beautifully.

    When the landscape seems to be sleeping, often under a blanket of snow, it’s time to start thinking about tree pruning. For the best results, consider caring for plants during the coldest season of the year. Trimming during the winter, while trees are dormant, is best for health, growth and shaping.

    A Gift of Health

    During the coldest part of the year, trees enter a period of dormancy similar to hibernation. Energy is stored and growth stops altogether. Pruning during this time has less chance of shocking the plant, and avoids interrupting its natural life cycle. Sap has not begun flowing through the circulatory system, ensuring that cuts to branches will “bleed” less and remain cleaner.

    Additionally, many diseases are not spread during low temperature periods. This means trees will stay healthier because cuts are allowed to heal without exposure to fungi and other contagious tree problems. By the time spring and summer arrive, wounds made during wintertime will be fully healed.

    Insects are another difficulty that can be avoided by trimming during the cooler season. Any slices on the bark surface are injuries that invite insects to take up residence. Therefore, it makes sense to allow the tree time to heal from thinning when the danger of insect damage is at its lowest point.

    Growth Spurts in Spring

    Trees complete nearly all of their growth during the spring months. Pruning in winter allows the plants to direct all their energy to desirable branches that will remain part of the mature structure. Conversely, when pruning occurs after the rush of spring development, some of the energy goes to waste, because new wood must be cut.

    Shaping a tree actually stimulates growth. This means that pruning after the deepest cold of winter has passed, but before spring arrives, gives the added benefit of invigorating the tree just as it is naturally beginning its own cycle of renewal.

    Perfecting Tree Shape

    Another consideration that encourages winter pruning is shaping. Most trees require a helping hand to reach a desirable and aesthetically pleasing form. When deciduous trees have dropped their leaves, the structure of the tree is completely visible and planning for a beautifully shaped mature plant is much easier and more successful.

    An arborist is an invaluable resource when considering the timing and technique of pruning saplings and mature specimens alike. Professionals have the equipment and know-how necessary to care for trees properly at the optimal time of the year. For more information about tree trimming in Vista, please visit this website.

  • Beautifully Trimmed Tree Hedge
  • Chelsea2012_New_Plants_SC_210512_072.tif


    This hedge of Copper Beech trees is the perfect example of how a little annual pruning attention can shape trees to fit any landscape criteria. Consider a tree hedge or screen to add privacy to your yard.

  • Certified Arborists Know Their Trees
  • Certified Arborist Vista

    Trees add beauty and value to any landscape. With proper care, they can live for many years providing shade, fruit and aesthetic value. Hiring a certified arborist ensures that trees are properly cared for, healthy and beautiful.

    Certified arborists are a great resource in many aspects of tree care such as:

    • Limb removal

    • Disease identification, prevention and treatment

    • Pest control

    • Aesthetic shaping

    • Planting and landscape planning

    • Safe removal

    An Ounce of Prevention

    One of the main advantages of using a professional is prevention. Certified arborists are trained in the diagnosis of tree problems and diseases. They are experienced in spotting problems before they spread or affect the health or longevity of a tree.

    Landscape Planning

    When considering a major landscape overhaul, a certified arborist will be able to give advice on tree species that will grow well in the climate and specific location. Additionally, certified arborists are able to envision mature tree growth and how it will affect the landscape in terms of tree height and root systems. Using a specialist to help plan tree choices and placement gives peace of mind and ensures a beautiful outcome.

    A tree is an investment that, if properly cared for, can last a lifetime. When it comes to tree care, certified arborists are the best choice for knowledgeable, effective service. For a qualified, certified arborist in Vista, visit this website.

  • Festival of Fruit 2015 “Year of the Drought-Tolerant Fruits”
  • The San Diego Chapter of the California Rare Fruit  Growers announced that they will be hosting the 2015 California Rare Fruit Growers (CRFG) statewide “ Festival of Fruit”. The timely theme of this year’s festival is the “Year of the Drought-Tolerant Fruits”….read more

  • Snow and Woody Plants
  • “Snow is both friend and foe to trees and shrubs,” says Tchukki Andersen, BCMA, CTSP, and staff arborist with the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)….read more

  • When To let The Tree go
  •  tree removal in San Antonio

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether or not you should remove certain trees on your property. They’ve weathered enough storms that you think they should be all right but you want to be safe. To help you decide if that tree needs to come down, here are a few things to take into consideration.

    1. The Trunk

    When you consider removing a tree, take a good look at the trunk. Vertical cracks might mean there’s internal decay. If at least a third of the trunk is either rotting or hollow, you should probably take it down. If less than a quarter of the tree’s circumference is damaged, though, the tree should make a full recovery.

    2. The Branches

    If dead branches are all on the same side of a tree, it will be crooked. This indicates that one side may be damaged. Small branches in the trunk are also a sign that something is wrong. In these cases, it’s usually recommended that you consult an arborist.

    3. The Environment

    The environment a tree grows in may be a factor to consider. Sudden changes, such as construction, often affect a tree’s soil grade and sun exposure. Also look at the soil around the tree. Mushrooms sometimes indicate root diseases.

    When in doubt about removing a tree, ask a professional to evaluate your tree. For more information about tree removal in San Antonio, visit this website.

  • A Sawed Off Tree Stump in an Urban Locale

    Cities often have to prevent tree growth by sawing branches down to prevent further growth. This can be necessitated by a number of reasons, and can be performed by a reliable tree company, who can do it safely and efficiently.

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