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  • When To let The Tree go

  • Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether or not you should remove certain trees on your property. They’ve weathered enough storms that you think they should be all right but you want to be safe. To help you decide if that tree needs to come down, here are a few things to take into consideration.

    1. The Trunk

    When you consider removing a tree, take a good look at the trunk. Vertical cracks might mean there’s internal decay. If at least a third of the trunk is either rotting or hollow, you should probably take it down. If less than a quarter of the tree’s circumference is damaged, though, the tree should make a full recovery.

    2. The Branches

    If dead branches are all on the same side of a tree, it will be crooked. This indicates that one side may be damaged. Small branches in the trunk are also a sign that something is wrong. In these cases, it’s usually recommended that you consult an arborist.

    3. The Environment

    The environment a tree grows in may be a factor to consider. Sudden changes, such as construction, often affect a tree’s soil grade and sun exposure. Also look at the soil around the tree. Mushrooms sometimes indicate root diseases.

    When in doubt about removing a tree, ask a professional to evaluate your tree. For more information about tree removal in San Antonio, visit this website.

  • An Old Tree Stump

  • When walking in nature, you’ll likely pass an old tree stump or two. These could have been created for a variety of reasons including tree disease, new construction, the growth of other plants in the surrounding environment, or something else.

  • Keep Your Office Trees At Their Best

  • Trees make your office building look more inviting. They require regular grooming, though, to maintain their visual appeal. Instead of trusting that a general landscaper will take care of everything your trees need, consider bringing in an arborist. Here are three reasons to consider professionally grooming your trees.

    1. Their Health

    Trees are subject to different kinds of diseases and pests. If untreated, a tree weakens and eventually dies. An arborist can inspect your trees to make sure they’re in good health and treat them if there’s a problem.

    2. Their Structure

    Your trees also need regular pruning for healthy growth. They grow best when broken or dead branches have been removed so that their structural integrity isn’t compromised. Pruning prevents more problems later on as well. When they have a stronger structure, trees are less likely to be harmed in storms, avoiding possible damage to your offices.

    3. Visual Appeal

    A properly groomed tree adds to the visual appeal of your office. Healthy trees grow fuller and larger than trees that aren’t taken care of. Flowering trees in particular produce vibrant blooms when they receive regular care.

    To keep your trees as healthy as possible and to keep them looking stunning, consider getting them professionally groomed. Visit this website to learn more about commercial tree service in San Antonio.

  • Arbor-tecture: The Understory of Trees
  • Share your expertise and experience by making one or more presentations at the Professional Tree Care Association of San Diego’s 27th Annual Seminar and Field more

  • Don’t Forget the Trees

  • When working in your yard, you usually make sure the plants get pruned. Do you give your trees the same attention, though? Trees need to be trimmed a few times a year just like the rest of your plants. Here are a few things to consider the next time you’re working outside.

    1. Your Tree’s Structure

    Regular trimming is essential especially when a tree is young, as this is the time to ensure its structural integrity. Rubbing or crossed branches should usually be cut and those growing at narrow angles may need correcting. Trimming also keeps branches from becoming weak.

    2. Your Tree’s Health

    When branches grow too close together, they start to block the sun. Removing a few limbs will allow the entire tree more sun exposure and will increase the air circulation as well. It’s also recommended that you cut diseased branches before the rest of the tree is infected.

    3. Your Tree’s Appearance

    When trimmed regularly, trees typically look fuller and healthier. Fruit trees produce more fruit and flowering trees have brighter flowers. You’ll find that some types of conifers need a bit of pruning to keep the shape that you love. Evergreens in particular are fuller after pruning.

    When you work outside, don’t forget to give your trees the care they need. For more information about tree trimming in San Antonio, visit this website.

  • Reclaim Your Yard By Removing Tree Stumps

  • Tree stumps remain long after a tree has been cut down. Unsightly, they can interfere with new landscape plans. You don’t have to live with tree stumps. They can be professionally removed.

    More Than Meets the Eye

    Along with the tree base visible above ground is a root system left buried in the dirt. Depending on the tree, this root system can be extensive. Stump removal gets rid of all those remains, freeing up that part of your property for new landscaping.

    Stumps Don’t Just Disappear

    Given enough time, stumps will biodegrade. This process, however, can take decades. Some people try to resolve the problem by burying the stump. Out of sight, however, is not out of mind. As the stump rots, it sinks, leaving a depression in the dirt where the stump was buried. These depressions can be especially problematic if the stump was a large one or if multiple stumps were buried.

    Depending on the tree species, new trees can grow out of the stumps left behind. If you do not want to be cutting down another tree in the same spot, get a professional to remove it with a stump grinder.
    Tree stumps can be unsightly and long lasting. Ignoring them will not make them go away. If you need to have a stump removed, find out more about stump grinding in Carlsbad by following this link.

  • Healthy And Shapely Trees Can Help Your Home Value

  • A properly maintained yard is an incredible asset to your home. Your property will receive multiple benefits when stray growth and dead limbs on your trees get pruned on a consistent basis over the years. Here are a few reasons why getting your trees trimmed could increase the value of your home:

    Healthy and Strong

    When extra unwieldy limbs are trimmed to keep a tree’s natural growth pattern at its optimal spread, the tree will be healthier for the long haul. Mature trees provide shade and curb appeal that can raise your property value.

    Dead Limbs Are Dangerous

    Dead or dying limbs can become a hazard to your home and potentially damage your roof or other parts of your home when they fall. Keeping your tree trimmed will increase its strength and prevent costly harm to your house from heavy limbs.

    Pretty Trees Are Appealing

    Trimming trees makes them look much nicer too. Landscapers can keep them in top form and leaf fullness, which is great for appraisals and very attractive to new home buyers.
    Trees that are in great physical health and ultimate appearance can add a lot of value to your home. For more information on tree trimming in Wilmington and to get a free estimate, visit this website.

  • Product Spotlight: Pruning & Trimming Equipment
  • Barnel USA’s new Z555P3 four-stage telescoping aluminum pole with Z555+S saw blade extends from 7 feet to 25 feet. Key features include a lightweight TPR handle grip for comfort and a double locking more

  • Three Ways Leaf Blowers Benefit Your Home

  • When autumn arrives, it brings with it a plethora of gorgeous colors and tones. It also brings tons of falling leaves which can start taking up space on your lawn. Having someone take care of your lawn with a leaf blower is an excellent way to keep your lawn looking tidy for a number of reasons.

    1. Appearance

    The biggest reason to have someone use a leaf blower on your yard is for the appearance of your property. This is a simple service that can go a long way. When piles of leaves begin to accumulate, they can become unsightly. Hiring someone to keep your yard clean will reflect well on you, and give your house a great look.

    2. Speed

    In terms of speed, there are few methods as quick as leaf blowers. Rakes are a classic approach, but they can create a time-consuming situation. When you want your lawn cleared in a quick way, it is a smart idea to find those who can use leaf blowers on your property.

    3. Efficiency

    Most of all, leaf blowers are incredibly efficient. Not only will you have a great looking lawn in no time at all, but you will be able to rest comfortably knowing that no leaves have been left behind to cause more trouble.

    When you are tired of looking at all of the dead leaves on your property, do yourself a favor and contact trained professionals. Visit this website for information on affordable lawn service in Wilmington.

  • How to Choose a Tree Care Service
  • Trees are magnificent eye candy and help the environment thrive. Proper tree care is an investment that can lead to substantial returns. Well-cared-for trees are attractive and can add considerable value to your more

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