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  • 3 Common Mercedes Problems and What to Do About Them
  • Though Mercedes-Benz has a reputation for quality and reliability, this luxury vehicle is not without a few issues. Mercedes car models may experience some common problems, including instrument failure, leaky gas tanks and difficult shifting due to internal component failure. It is good to know about these possible issues so that you can quickly get them diagnosed and fixed by experienced luxury car mechanics.

    For Mercedes models equipped with a seven-speed transmission, one common problem is the failure of internal components, which in turn leads to rough and inhibited shifting. While this transmission normally works very well, it can experience major problems when not working correctly. For example, you may start to notice a shuddering feeling or other difficulties while shifting. This can signal internal component failure and should be addressed quickly to avoid further damage. The best way to quickly fix these issues is to have a certified mechanic who is experienced in Mercedes repair diagnose and fix this potentially harmful problem fast.

    The instrument cluster in your Mercedes helps keep you safe by monitoring fuel levels, speed, mileage, oil levels and more. Some vehicle owners have reported instrument cluster failure, specifically in the E320 model made in 1994 and 1996 to 2005. Failure of these instruments can leave you without important information on how your car is running and may cause negative outcomes. Fixing this particular problem will likely require a replacement of the gauges. If you notice dimming of lights or glitches in measurement, start looking for a Mercedes mechanic who can successfully fix the problem and get you back in a safe car.

    Mercedes recently ran into quite a bit of trouble for this next big issue. Some car owners found that leaks occurred when their gas tank was full, posing potentially dangerous scenarios and sometimes resulting in a strong, unpleasant gas odor in the interior of the car. Mercedes reacted by extending the warranty of all E-class vehicles made from 2003 to 2009 and CLS-class vehiclesmade from 2006 to 2011. If you are still experiencing leaks or odors that interfere with the experience of driving your car, try contacting a local dealer or mechanic to find out your repair options.

    Your Mercedes is an investment and a testament to your love of stylish, high-performing cars. Do the responsible thing and stay on top of automobile maintenance. Be on the lookout for rough shifting, leaky gas tanks and other problematic symptoms. If you experience any of these issues, visit this website to learn more about luxury car services in Los Altos.

  • Paintless Dent Removal Companies Could Benefit from Mercedes Program
  • Paintless dent removal is one of the productsMercedes-Benz is offering in their First Class Appearance Package. Companies that offer this service and are authorized to work on Mercedes cars could benefit from the training.

  • Restore Your Luxury Car Through a Professional Auto Repair Company
  • Half the fun of owning a luxury car is keeping it in tip-top shape and wowing every other driver on the road. A luxury car is an investment. Treat it as such by getting your vehicle serviced by a professional auto repair company that is experienced in repairing high-end cars. A good repair business can totally refresh the look of your car. Here are a few key things that a professional mechanic can provide.

    1.     In-depth Experience and Knowledge

    Repair shops that are experts in high-end car maintenance generally have a great deal of knowledge. When you have your car worked on at such a shop, you should expect to benefit from their focused experience and learn more about your vehicle.

    2.    Great Work at Reasonable Prices

    While you may need to pay a little extra to spruce up your high-end vehicle, the best repair shops will likely be respectful of your budget and offer a competitive price for luxury work. All in all, the price for luxury car maintenance should be worth it considering the wide range of services that are provided.

    3.    Other Perks

    Many professional auto repair companies offer other benefits to the proud owners of luxury vehicles. Imagine some of the great perks a business might offer:

    • Free rental car during repairs
    • Quick repairs because of well-stocked inventory
    • Exemplary customer service

    For luxury auto repair and maintenance it makes a lot of sense to go to a company that specializes in high-end cars. Visit this website to learn all about auto repair in Mountain View.

  • Ohio Car Dealerships Scammed out of More Than $800,000
  • Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Warren County Prosecutor David P. Fornshell announced….read more

  • Why You Should Get a Second Opinion Before Repairing Your Car
  • Your car is one of the most important things you own. Without it, you might not be able to get to work, school or any of the other important places in your life. When considering work of any type, it is always smart to get a second opinion on price and diagnosis. Here are a few questions to consider.

    1. Are you being overcharged?

    Many car-owners are not necessarily experts. Because of this, not everyone knows if a price quote is reasonable or too high. Do research before getting a quote, then get a second opinion from a mechanic or knowledgeable friend that you trust to tell you whether the quoted price is fair.

    2. Are you fixing the right problem?

    Especially if a repair is costly, you will want to know whether a mechanic is diagnosing the problem correctly. Wrong diagnoses can mean more problems and possibly a higher bill for you.

    3. How important is the repair?

    While repairs that cost only $20 may not be worth a second opinion, it is smart to get additional advice if the repair features a few characteristics:

    • You cannot drive your car without getting the work done.
    • This is a recurring problem that was not successfully fixed the first time.
    • The initial quote is a considerable sum of money.

    Get the most out of your car repairs by asking around before making any costly decisions. If you are in need of a reliable second opinion, visit this website to learn more about VW repair in Mountain View.

  • Body Shop in Wisconsin Receives Certification from Assured Performance
  • Collision Masters of Wisconsin has been officially certified by Assured Performance, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization for maintaining….read more

  • 5 Signs That Your Car Needs a Repair Right Away
  • Taking care of your car is important to maintaining its value and usefulness over time. Here are 5 common indicators that you should bring your car in to an Auto Body repair Shop in Vista:

    • Chipped or Cracked Glass – Whether it is on your windshield or on any other window in your car, a small crack will continue to grow over time as the weather gets cold and then heats up again, causing the glass to expand and contract. Get these fixed before it becomes a major issue.
    • Dents – Dents can lower the property value of your car, and they can be unsightly. Most dents can easily be repaired.
    • Squeaking Brake Pads – If you experience a high-pitched squealing noise when you put on your brakes, you probably need to get the pads replaced. Over time they wear down, and the squeaking is an indicator that it’s time for a change.
    • Oil Light – Ideally, you should be checking your oil every few hundred miles and getting it changed at a certain rate depending what kind of vehicle you drive and what kind of oil is being used. If the indicator light is illuminated, it means it’s well past time to bring your car in for an oil change.
    • Puddles of Liquid – If there are drops of liquid on the pavement beneath your car wherever you go, there is some kind of fluid leaking. This can be serious as it might be your brake fluid or oil. Any leak needs to be patched up right away.

    If your car has any of these things happening with it, now is the time to get it repaired. Check out this great auto body repair shop in Vista, where all of these repairs and more can be made.

  • Hot New Camaro Paint Job
  • This beautiful 1967 Camaro SS looks like it’s a brand new car. You wouldn’t have even thought that it had just had some major dents removed. Get your car repainted in its original color or go for something fresh!

  • What to do When Your Car is Leaking
  • Any driver can tell you that their car is a valuable resource. It makes getting things done so much easier no matter who you are. Owning a vehicle helps with everything from running errands to maintaining friendships and raising a family. Because of this, you want your car to work reliably whenever you need it. Perhaps the best way to ensure that this is the case every time you turn the key is to show your car the right care and maintenance. Keep up with your car’s needs and it will continue to be there for you whenever you need it. Be sure to watch out for signs that indicate a potential problem. Leaking fluid is one major hint that something might be wrong, and is one issue that should not go unchecked.

    If your car is leaking copious amounts of fluid, it could lead to a serious problem. You should look out for puddles that are larger than three inches. A large leak like this can mean that fluid is escaping from the engine and needs to be replaced. Whatever is causing the leak probably needs to be repaired as well. Engine fluid is an important component of your car and without it, the vehicle won’t work properly. This issue can lead to more expensive repairs and replacements if left unchecked.

    The three main types of liquids that could be leaking from your car are engine oil, brake fluid, or transmission fluid. All of these are necessary to help the car function properly. A loss of brake fluid can lead to serious and even fatal accidents on the road, and without it the engine could be destroyed. Replacing this liquid is much easier and cheaper than replacing engine parts or getting a new car entirely. When you notice that your car has a continuous leak, don’t ignore it. This problem can grow into something much larger, and a leak can indicate a bigger problem in the whole system.

    While it might be tempting to put this task off along with other chores, doing so can have serious consequences. You need you car for so many things in life, and reliable transportation is easy to take for granted. Once it’s out of commission, you will truly realize what a role your vehicle plays. Don’t let it get to this point. Keep an eye out for warning signs and give your car the maintenance it needs to keep working. It is sure to show its appreciation through multiple years of good use, taking you wherever you need to go. Click here to learn more about automotive repair in San Diego.

  • 5 Ways You and Your Car Benefit From Your AAA Membership
  • Membership in the American Automobile Association has many benefits, including discounts and services unrelated to transportation. However, automobile service remains the heart of the organization, and a membership can provide many benefits to you and your car.

    1. Roadside Assistance – This is the group’s most well-known service. Club members can call for help day and night for all kinds of emergencies, including a flat tire, empty tank or major accident.

    2. Battery Service – Whether you need a simple jump-start or a complete battery replacement, AAA has the equipment to help you get moving again.

    3. Auto Repairs – Finding a reputable auto mechanic can be a challenge, but AAA-recommended facilities are screened and inspected to ensure they are reliable and do quality work.

    4. Service Reminders – By completing an online form and signing up for Auto Manager, you can receive regular reminders to change your oil, rotate your tires or check your belts and hoses, keeping your car in good repair so you may not ever need that roadside assistance.

    5. Driver Training – Keep your car safe from your teen by signing them up for a course with an official AAA officer. They’ll learn important skills and can receive a free Auto Club Dependant Associate Membership when they graduate. Classes aren’t just for kids – the club offers traffic school and driver-improvement courses for adults as well.

    Membership with AAA can keep you safe on the road. Click here to learn more about AAA membership and automotive repair in San Diego.

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