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  • 5 Maintenance Repairs to Extend Your Car’s Life
  • There are some maintenance repairs you should stay on top of if you are hoping to extend the life of your car. Not all problems are readily detectable, but if you follow these five guidelines, it will greatly reduce the chance of an issue arising in the first place.

    Making sure your oil is always new and clean should be one of the top priorities of a car owner. If you don’t change your oil often enough, harmful deposits will build up, lowering your vehicle’s fuel economy and power. Also, oil lubricates your engine and keeps it cool by reducing friction. If the oil becomes too gummy or watery, both of which can happen from the continual exposure to the engine heat, then it won’t be able to do its job properly. This means that your car will be working hotter and harder, thus reducing its lifespan.

    Following the recommended service intervals from the manufacturer’s manual is an important part to keeping your car running smoothly. The recommended time between each service will be different depending on what car you own, but whatever it is, make sure to stick to it. Regular maintenance will tend to involve rotating your car tires, replacing your air filter and changing your oil. The rotation of your tires and the changing of your air filter will both help fuel efficiency and lengthen your engine’s life.

    Most cars call for a timing belt replacement at 60 thousand miles. Even though you may be tempted to put it off, when your timing belt is past due for replacement, in most modern cars, it becomes a real hazard. At best, if your timing belt breaks, your pistons and valves will collide, bending your valves. At worst, your piston and cylinder wall will be damaged.

    Having your brake pads checked is important not only for your car, but also for your own safety. Brake pads have a metal strip in them so that when they are too worn, you will hear a screeching sound. If your brakes screech at normal braking pressures, take them in to be replaced as soon as possible.

    Generally, power steering fluid, brake fluid and coolant should be replaced every two years. Make sure, though, to check your owner’s manual for specific instructions regarding your specific make and model.

    Most people will not be able to do the vast majority of the repairs listed here by themselves. When you need repairs or maintenance, it would be wise to go to a mechanic. Click here if you’re looking for car repair in San Diego.

  • Restore Your Luxury Car Through a Professional Auto Repair Company
  • Restore Your Luxury Car Through a Professional Auto Repair Company

    Half the fun of owning a luxury car is keeping it in tip-top shape and wowing every other driver on the road. A luxury car is an investment. Treat it as such by getting your vehicle serviced by a professional auto repair company that is experienced in repairing high-end cars. A good repair business can totally refresh the look of your car. Here are a few key things that a professional mechanic can provide.

    1.     In-depth Experience and Knowledge


    Repair shops that are experts in high-end car maintenance generally have a great deal of knowledge. When you have your car worked on at such a shop, you should expect to benefit from their focused experience and learn more about your vehicle.

    2.    Great Work at Reasonable Prices


    While you may need to pay a little extra to spruce up your high-end vehicle, the best repair shops will likely be respectful of your budget and offer a competitive price for luxury work. All in all, the price for luxury car maintenance should be worth it considering the wide range of services that are provided.


    3.    Other Perks


    Many professional auto repair companies offer other benefits to the proud owners of luxury vehicles. Imagine some of the great perks a business might offer:

    • Free rental car during repairs
    • Quick repairs because of well-stocked inventory
    • Exemplary customer service


    For luxury auto repair and maintenance it makes a lot of sense to go to a company that specializes in high-end cars. Visit this website to learn all about auto repair in Mountain View.

  • How to Fix Faulty Drum Brakes
  • Are you faced with the challenge of fixing drum brakes? Though now overshadowed by the more widely used disc brakes, these parts can cause problems if not handled correctly. Learn how they work and how to fix them.

    2007 Honda Civic Sedan.

  • Why You Should Get a Second Opinion Before Repairing Your Car
  • Why You Should Get a Second Opinion Before Repairing Your Car

    Your car is one of the most important things you own. Without it, you might not be able to get to work, school or any of the other important places in your life. When considering work of any type, it is always smart to get a second opinion on price and diagnosis. Here are a few questions to consider.

    1. Are you being overcharged?


    Many car-owners are not necessarily experts. Because of this, not everyone knows if a price quote is reasonable or too high. Do research before getting a quote, then get a second opinion from a mechanic or knowledgeable friend that you trust to tell you whether the quoted price is fair.


    2. Are you fixing the right problem?


    Especially if a repair is costly, you will want to know whether a mechanic is diagnosing the problem correctly. Wrong diagnoses can mean more problems and possibly a higher bill for you.


    3. How important is the repair?

    While repairs that cost only $20 may not be worth a second opinion, it is smart to get additional advice if the repair features a few characteristics:

    • You cannot drive your car without getting the work done.
    • This is a recurring problem that was not successfully fixed the first time.
    • The initial quote is a considerable sum of money.


    Get the most out of your car repairs by asking around before making any costly decisions. If you are in need of a reliable second opinion, visit this website to learn more about VW repair in Mountain View.

  • Body Shop in Wisconsin Receives Certification from Assured Performance
  • Collision Masters of Wisconsin has been officially certified by Assured Performance, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization for maintaining….read more

  • Free Brake Repairs for Some Camry Owners
  • If you own a Toyota Camry Hybrid sedan manufactured from 2007 to 2011 make sure you know about Toyota’s brake repair campaigns. If you are experiencing braking problems, find out how you can get repairs at no cost.

    Free Brake Repairs for Some Camry Owners

  • 5 Signs That Your Car Needs a Repair Right Away
  • 5 Signs That Your Car Needs a Repair Right Away

    Taking care of your car is important to maintaining its value and usefulness over time. Here are 5 common indicators that you should bring your car in to an Auto Body repair Shop in Vista:

    • Chipped or Cracked Glass – Whether it is on your windshield or on any other window in your car, a small crack will continue to grow over time as the weather gets cold and then heats up again, causing the glass to expand and contract. Get these fixed before it becomes a major issue.
    • Dents – Dents can lower the property value of your car, and they can be unsightly. Most dents can easily be repaired.
    • Squeaking Brake Pads – If you experience a high-pitched squealing noise when you put on your brakes, you probably need to get the pads replaced. Over time they wear down, and the squeaking is an indicator that it’s time for a change.
    • Oil Light – Ideally, you should be checking your oil every few hundred miles and getting it changed at a certain rate depending what kind of vehicle you drive and what kind of oil is being used. If the indicator light is illuminated, it means it’s well past time to bring your car in for an oil change.
    • Puddles of Liquid – If there are drops of liquid on the pavement beneath your car wherever you go, there is some kind of fluid leaking. This can be serious as it might be your brake fluid or oil. Any leak needs to be patched up right away.

    If your car has any of these things happening with it, now is the time to get it repaired. Check out this great auto body repair shop in Vista, where all of these repairs and more can be made.

  • Finishing Touches on Amazing Paint Job
  • Any damage to a vehicle’s exterior, even a little worn paint, can easily be fixed at an auto repair shop. Here a trained professional uses blue tape to ensure the luminous new layer of paint precisely fits its borders.

    Finishing Touches on Amazing Paint Job

  • U.S. House Committee Passes the Federal Vehicle Repair Cost Savings Act
  • Before the traditional congressional August break, the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government……read more

  • Steering Wheel Vibration Might Mean You Should Replace Your Axles
  • If your steering wheel vibrates while you’re on the road, you might be a little freaked out. And rightfully so – steering wheel vibration is definitely not something you should ignore. One of the most common causes of this disturbing problem is your car’s axles, which could be out of alignment. Experts in CV axle replacement in Pacific Beach can take a look at your jittery vehicle and tell you whether the current axles need to go.

    Without axles, the wheels on your car would not rotate, and your car wouldn’t go anywhere. These crucial components of your vehicle must be carefully aligned so that your car can drive straight without jitters. Many cars today have what’s known as “CV axles”, which are narrow shafts that link the wheels to the transmission gears. These axles are so named because they contain constant-velocity (CV) joints, which aid in the transmission of power through changing angles without causing friction to increase. They are of particular importance in front wheel drive automobiles.

    Although CV joints are crucial to the power of many vehicles, they can sometimes malfunction and require replacement. This usually occurs as a result of wear and tear in the rubber boot (also known as a CV gaiter) that protects the joint. Any crack in this protection material could let outside substances contaminate the joint itself. If this happens, CV axle replacement in Pacific Beach will be the only way to make sure that your car is safe to drive.

    In addition to steering wheel vibration, other signs that you might need to have your CV axle replaced include a clicking noise that happens when you accelerate at a relatively low speed around a right hand turn. If you don’t get this checked out, your CV axle will eventually fail with a huge showdown of loud bangs and crunches. You’ll be left without any forward thrust whatsoever, and you’ll need to take your car to the CV axle replacement experts right away. It’s better not to let things get to this point.

    Any unexplained clicks or vibrations in your vehicle are a serious cause for concern. Unless you can definitively chalk that clicking noise up to a pebble that’s been temporarily caught in the lower part of your car, you should get things checked out. The consequences of letting such things run their course could be catastrophic, and your car will be significantly less safe to drive even if the ultimate breakdown doesn’t occur for some time. Click here for CV axle replacement in Pacific Beach as soon as those clicks and jitters show up.

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