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  • The Best Lesser-Known Attractions Of NYC
  • New York is an iconic city filled to the brim with many famous attractions, and whilst everyone should definitely take their time to see the likes of Times Square and the Statue of Liberty, there are many other quirks that the Big Apple has to offer that are worth visiting. Traveasy offers cheap tickets to New York from UK, so you can explore what this entire city has to offer. Below are the best lesser-known attractions of NYC.

    Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum

    A visit to this 1800’s mansion will be like stepping back in time… The Greek-revival style architecture of the Bartow-Pell is truly stunning; there’s a spiral staircase at the mansion’s entrance, floor-to-ceiling windows and a stunning garden outside. Visitors can tour the historic house and grounds either on their own or on guided tours, though the building has a haunted reputation with many reports of instrumental music and footsteps being heard as well as sightings of ghosts, so if you’re up for a spine-chilling experience, this is a must visit!

    Socrates Sculpture Park

    This 4.5 acre park was created by artists in 1986 over an abandoned landfill and now stands as a phenomenal outdoor museum hosting excellent sculpture exhibits throughout the year; it’s designated for artists to express their outdoor creativity. The space overlooks the stunning Manhattan skyline and is open every day with lots to do and see including a Greenmarket, outdoor movie screenings, historic landmarks, modern art collections, yoga and tai chi classes and free family programmes. Book New York flights from UK with Traveasy and look forward to exploring this quirky outdoor attraction.

    Strand Bookstore

    New York doesn’t have many bookstores and there aren’t really any famous ones, but the Strand Bookstore is definitely a secret gem of the city. This Greenwich Village store is lined with 18 miles of new and second hand books including vintages, classics and rare finds. It’s a treasure trove for booklovers and history enthusiasts with its cluttered aisles, step ladders and piles of hardbacks. The store also sells DVDs, CDs, records, souvenirs and gifts. Strand Bookstore is a literary paradise with some of the most diverse collections of literary books in the world.

    Browse our website for cheap flights to New York and don’t hesitate to explore the hidden gems of this city!

  • Top 5 Things To See And Do In Lahore
  • Lahore is a beautiful city in Pakistan, popular for its many amazing tourist attractions. From ancient monuments to world-class food quarters; there’s something to allure any traveller in this city and the activity options are endless. Traveasy offers a wide range of cheap flights to Lahore from UK, transporting you to this beautiful destination. Below are the city’s top 5 attractions…

    Lahore Fort

    Shahi Qila – Lahore Fort is a stunning Mughal-era structure and a UNESCO World Heritage Site built in the 11th century. Visitors will be in their element at this historical attraction as it features plenty of beautiful palaces, halls, gardens, mosques and architectural buildings – there are also three museums on site containing many impressive exhibits.

    Lahore Museum

    This fascinating museum is the best place to learn about Pakistan’s long and rich history. Built in the 18th century, Lahore Museum is Pakistan’s most impressive museum with 20 galleries which display Qurans, a Gandharan sculpture, paintings, carpets, Islamic artwork and other captivating artefacts. There’s also a famous bookstore on site selling all types of interesting novels.

    The Minar-e-Pakistan

    This soaring monument in Iqbal Park is an architectural masterpiece, created with a unique blend of modern and Mughal styles. The Minar-e-Pakistan was built in the 1960s to commemorate the Lahore resolution. The landmark tower is situated in a picturesque park and features an entertaining dancing fountain that lights up in the evenings.

    M. M. Alam Road

    Running from two markets, this major road is a renowned commercial hub of Pakistan, home to many high-end fashion boutiques as well as some of Lahore’s most excellent restaurants, beauty salons and shopping malls and outlets. M. M. Alam Road is the ultimate shopper’s and foodie’s paradise and a true must visit whilst in Lahore.

    Walled City

    Lahore’s magical Walled City is the perfect place to experience ancient Lahore. There are historical buildings dotted all around including temples, mosques and a sacred gurdwara. There are also bazaars surrounding the wall which you can barter at and an excellent food street with exquisite culinary options. You can choose to take a guided tour of Walled City or wander independently down its narrow winding alleys.

    With cheap air tickets to Lahore from UK from Traveasy, you can enjoy the ultimate-enriching getaway to this city.

  • Top 3 Exciting Attractions In Abu Dhabi
  • If you like the sound of Abu Dhabi as a holiday destination and are looking for something fun to experience then read on! Abu Dhabi has a whirlwind of amusement and excitement for the whole family to discover and we have shortlisted three brilliant attractions that we think you’ll love. Secure some tickets to Abu Dhabi from UK with Traveasy so that you can enjoy what the city has to offer.

    Ferrari World

    This branded amusement park brings reality to Formula One racing and is ideal for families and children of all ages. Younger children can learn to drive at the junior GT track, and major thrill seekers can climb aboard the Flying Aces rollercoaster which reaches a speed of 120kms per hour on the tallest loop in the world! The theme park also boasts a go kart race, state-of-the-art simulator, Ferrari factory tour and creative shows inspired by Ferrari.

    Yas Water World

    Look forward to an immense adrenaline rush here with an abundance of waterslides to experience including a free-fall water slide and the world’s first and largest hydro magnetic-powered tornado waterslide. There’s also an exciting interactive water rollercoaster where riders can shoot jets of water at targets, use special effects and drop water bombs. There are water play areas for small children as well as a lazy river and wave river. After a long day of family fun, there are plenty of sit down restaurants for food and refreshments.

    Emirates Park Zoo

    Emirates Park Zoo makes a perfect day out for families with children and couples looking for an insightful experience. The wildlife park homes many fascinating wildlife species including rare white tigers, elephants, zebras, giraffes and even a Siberian bear. There’s also a primate area where you will encounter monkeys as well as a flamingo park, sea lion enclosure, snake alley and a petting zoo where children can feed and touch the animals. There are so many fun and educational activities on offer at Emirates Park Zoo.

    What are you waiting for? Book your cheap flights to Abu Dhabi now and prepare for an overload of fun!

  • When In Dubai – The City’s Best Family Attractions
  • Dubai has a whirlwind of exciting attractions to choose from and there’s so much fun on offer for the whole family. If you’re looking for cheap air tickets to Dubai from UK, then you’re in the right place. There are some exceptional must-visits that we recommend to you and your family whilst in Dubai.
    Wonderland Amusement Park
    This is the largest amusement park in the UAE which is open every day of the year. The park is an oasis of fun consisting of Splashland, an epic 22 acre water park and Wonderland, which has over 30 fun rides and attractions for the whole family including a log flume, carousel, high swing ride and go karts.


    Jumeirah Beach Park


    This is an ideal place to come and enjoy a family picnic as there’s 12 hectares of lush green grassland with picnic tables, a swimming pool, sports court, children’s play areas, a barbeque area and of course the beach, with its long stretches of golden sands. Palm Strip Mall is near to Jumeirah Beach Park which has many more quirky cafés and restaurants.


    Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo


    This spectacular Aquarium tank is one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world, housing over 140 fascinating marine species. Visitors can get a great insight into the marine life with some exciting experiences including the chance to feed stingrays and sharks in the Underwater Observatory; learning about shark breeding and development, swimming with sharks in the oxygen tanks & glass bottom boat tours.


    Kite Beach


    This is a great place to take the kids as it offers lots of super-fun activities. Here you can enjoy a skate park, outdoor trampolines, a kite surf show, beach and water sports and an amazing inflatable assault course on the sea. Just imagine how much the kids will enjoy themselves here! There any many food trucks on Kite Beach serving the likes of ice-cream, pizza, frozen yoghurts, iced coffee and many more scrumptious foods and drinks.


    Traveasy offers cheap flights to Dubai from UK, helping you to get to this destination.

  • Top 5 Things To Do In Delhi
  • There’s honestly never a dull moment in Delhi. The list of exciting experiences that the city offers could go on forever. Whether you plan on visiting for a weekend or even a fortnight, Traveasy offers cheap flight to Delhi from UK, so you can save a bit of extra cash for your travels. So you don’t miss out on the best parts of Delhi, here are our top recommendations of things to do in this wonderful city.

    Explore Old Delhi

    Visiting Old Delhi will take you on a historical journey back to the era of the Mughal emperors. There are many sights and experiences to enjoy here including the beautiful Jama Masjid, Asia’s largest jewellery market and the famous Chandni Chowk market. You can opt to take a guided tour of Old Delhi to get a real feel of the place.

    Take a peaceful stroll around Lodhi Gardens

    These beautiful and tranquil gardens temporarily take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. There are a great number of lawns and picnic areas to sit back and relax on, famous tombs to visit, wild birds to spot and many delicious eateries in the area serving local delicacies. 

    Go Paragliding in Gurgaon

    For the ultimate adrenaline boost, embark on Gurgaon’s great Air Safari and prepare for a flying tour around Delhi’s suburbs. Witness phenomenal aerial views of the city’s lush countryside whilst gliding in the air at your heart’s content. This is a fun-packed experience that will leave you feeling super elated.

    Spend the Evening in Hauz Khas Village

    Once a tiny Mughal village, Hauz Khas has transformed into a haven for night life seekers. The village is lined with a range of trendy bars and pubs which are renowned for their great ambiance and warm spirit.  Hauz Khas is buzzing; not a weekend goes by without drinking, dancing and partying.

    Visit the People Tree Shop

    This quirky store sells many unique goods including t-shirts with independent designs, artistic accessories, handmade jewellery and Indian-god cushions. The real gem of this store, though, is its small and cozy bookshop which showcases an eclectic collection of interesting reads.

    This enticing capital city has a lot to offer, and we hope that this list has inspired you to visit Delhi. With our activity recommendations and cheap air tickets to Delhi, you can truly experience the best that this city to offer.

  • 3 Reasons Why You Must Visit New York City
  • So, why should you jet set off to this iconic city? We all know that New York is one of the world’s best tourist destinations, and if you haven’t been there yet, then you definitely need to go. Traveasy offers cheap flights to New York from UK, and below are our top 3 reasons to come along and explore the Big Apple.


    Visitors are sure to soak up a whole lot of art, history and culture in NYC’s world-class museums. Every hobby and interest is covered here with well-curated exhibits, interactive displays and tour programs to enjoy inside the venues. Some of the city’s best museums include the Metropolitan Museum of Art which is a famous landmark of NYC and the Museum of Modern Art which offers visitors an eye opening experience.  Other must-visits include the Museum of Natural History, the New York Hall of Science and the Guggenheim Museum.


    New York City is a shopper’s paradise boasting some of the world’s best shopping experiences. Look forward to browsing world-class department stores as well as chic boutiques and open air markets.  5th Avenue is the city’s largest shopping district renowned for its internationally celebrated stores including the famous FAO Schwarz toy store. Whatever you shop for in New York, you’re sure to find it. Vintage clothes, jewellery, designer labels, knock-off goods and handmade items, the options are endless.


    New York is renowned as the City that Never Sleeps for its endless amount of energy, even after the sun sets. The city is also known for its excellent entertainment industry with its famous Rockefeller Plaza studios and theatre district, which by the way is one of the world’s best. Catching a Broadway show is an unmissable experience! There are many other night time activities to enjoy in NYC; comedy clubs are a popular experience and Times Square is dazzling at night with its flashing lights and billboards, as well as the Lower East Side with its many excellent cocktail bars.

    Above are just 3 in about a million reasons to visit and fall in love with this city – Book flights to New York from UK and secure yourself a world-class city break.

  • The Best Architectural Marvels Of Abu Dhabi
  • Abu Dhabi is home to some world-class buildings and the city’s skyline is a true sight to behold. Some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers tower over the city, wowing both visitors and tourists alike. Traveasy offers cheap flights to Abu Dhabi, allowing you to come and marvel at the city’s stunning architecture. There are 4 particular monuments that are not to be missed in Abu Dhabi; they will truly blow you away…
    Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
    This graceful and elegant monument was built with 100,000 tons of glistening white marble as well as semi-precious stones, so it’s a fine piece of work indeed. The Sheikh Zayed was ranked as the world’s second favourite landmark and we can see why; it has an overwhelming presence as it majestically rises over a mosaic courtyard. Its exterior is a true masterpiece of modern Islamic design and its interior is just as beautiful with contemporary architecture and Swarovski crystal chandeliers. Considered one of the world’s largest mosque, it has an amazing capacity and can accommodate 40,000 worshippers.  
    Emirates Palace
    This stunning palace resembles a fairy tale castle with its marble flooring and was designed by John Elliot, an international architect who specializes in luxury hotels. Though a relatively modern building, Emirates Palace also has a sensational façade design, traditional patterns that illustrate Arabian culture and over 1,000 crystal and gold chandeliers. Even if you don’t have the budget to stay here, it’s still definitely worth a visit.
    Yas Viceroy
    This 5-star hotel is an architectural masterpiece that was designed by important figures from Asymptote Architecture in New York. It’s situated above both water and land and its structural form really looks like something from the future. The grand monument comprises of two tall towers that are linked together by a steel and glass bridge. Yas Viceroy is a major highlight of Yas Island, so make sure you visit and take advantage of some excellent photo opportunities here.
    Capital Gate
    This unique skyscraper is certainly a sight for sore eyes. Architects were inspired by the great Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy when building this structure but ended up creating a bigger and better monument that leans four times as far. Capital Gate is officially the world’s furthest leaning manmade tower! The incredible building has a funnel shape which widens and also spirals outwards and upwards, creating an architectural wonder.
    Buy cheap tickets to Abu Dhabi from UK with Traveasy and look forward to witnessing these marvellous monuments.

  • Why Dubai Should Be Next On Your Travel Bucket List
  • The phenomenal skyline:


    With some of the most panoramic views that you will ever come across as well as fascinating architecture, this futuristic city will make you feel as though you’ve travelled forwards in time. Large glistening spires reach high into the sky and the world’s tallest manmade structure stands proud with a great top floor bar. The photos you can Instagram of Dubai’s outstanding skyline will leave your fellow followers feeling pretty envious.


    The year round sunshine:


    Dubai has a tropical desert climate and boasts over 300 days of sunshine each year, so whether you want some winter sun or a summer getaway, you’re guaranteed some great weather. Blue skies are a common occurrence in Dubai and their winters are warm and short lived. Are you in need of some guaranteed sunshine? Traveasy offer cheap air tickets to Dubai from UK.


    The 1,000km of coastline:


    In Dubai you’re never far from a decent beach. There’s an array of them to visit including the public beaches of Umm Suqeim and Jumeriah Beach Park. Whether you want to sunbathe, enjoy a picnic, go jet-skiing or swim in the Gulf waters, the beaches of Dubai cater for every type of traveler.


    The endless luxury:


    In Dubai you’ll feel like utter royalty with some of the world’s most extravagant hotels to stay in, including the Burj Al Arab, a 7 star phenomenon which has its own Rolls Royce fleet for guests. Lamborghini police cars cruise around town and the city is filled with grand houses. There are so many luxurious activities to embark on, from cruising along the Arabian Gulf on a private yacht to tasting 23-carat gold ice cream. The luxurious possibilities are endless!


    The rich history:


    Though Dubai is most famous for its futuristic qualities, the city has a rich history too . There are many historical gems in Dubai – the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood offers an interesting insight into Dubai’s past and the region houses towers built with materials such as stone, sandal wood, palm wood and teak, which really illustrate the city’s rich historical values.


    There are so many reasons to fall in love with Dubai ,so make it your next holiday destination. Contact Traveasy for cheap flight to Dubai from UK.

  • Kolkata: A Place For Sheer Indulgence
  • If you are an ardent traveller and still not visited the city of Kolkata, remember that you are missing something very special. This wonderful destination of India provides an authentic experience of indulgence and bliss. From colonial monuments to modern marvels and from traditional heritage to contemporary sophistication, it caters to all kinds of travellers with the same fervour and hospitality. Known as the pioneer centre for art and culture, Kolkata is a happening destination and cheap tickets to Kolkata from UK are the getaway to a fascinating time. Travellers can expect all kinds of things to see and do during their visit to Kolkata, as it has a spectacular range of attractions to enjoy and explore.

    Must do things in Kolkata

    Treat your taste buds: The Capital city of West Bengal is a delightful place to treat your taste buds. From fine-dine to street food and from Mughul to colonial flavours, the magical place serves an infinite range of delicacies. Some of the must try dishes includes the very famous Kathi rolls, Calcutta Biriyani, seafood, fresh water fishes and incredible desserts such as Mishti Doi and Rosogolla.

    Take a journey to colonial era: The historic city of Kolkata is paradise for explorer. The mega-town boasts some of the best known colonial heritage architecture and wondrous monuments to discover. Howrah Bridge, Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, National Library, Fort William Fort, St. Paul’s Cathedral and many more provides an exceptional insight of colonial era.

    Find solace in blissful religious sites: The city of joy has several prominent religious sites to explore. Belur Mutt, Birla Mandir, Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Kalighat Kali Temple and St. Paul’s Cathedral and many more worship places make Kolkata an ideal destination for a spiritual vacation. In addition to the divine value, these places are also a great source of inspiration.

    Explore the sporty side of yours: Kolkata is the hub of all kind of sports. From cricket to football and from tennis to golf, you can find several sports related iconic structures. Eden Gardens - the largest cricketing stadium of the worldis  located in the heart of city. Calcutta Golf Club is another important place for sports activities in the city.

    Get a dose of art and culture of the region: Kolkata is undoubtedly the most important art and cultural centre of India. The proud city has produced some of the best literary and artistic geniuses. The great blend of Eastern and Western cultural has created a diverse and interesting mix of culture. The thriving centre also features several art and fine arts academy including some universities and education centres.

    Take a tour of contemporary Kolkata: Kolkata is rapidly moving to the next level, especially the southern part of the city. It otherwise too, has great tourist facilities ranging from modern airports, top-class hotels, entertainment getaways, swanky malls, and much more to enjoy.

    A trip to Kolkata is an integral part of any wish-list. Here travellers can witness a combination of energetic and relaxed vacation at the same time. With cheap flights to Kolkata from UK, the dream destination is even more enjoyable and affordable.

  • A Fun-Filled Family Vacation In The United States
  • A refreshing vacation is what we all need for a break from our busy daily schedules and to release our worries and stress. The very idea of travel fills us with excitement and happiness and when it's a family holiday and a destination like the United States, the excitement truly knows no bounds.

    The country is vast and vivid and has a range of attractions that you can enjoy as a whole family. There are many destinations in the United States that offer a great fun-filled experience to those travelling with their kids. And as is well known that it is not very easy to make the little ones happy, you need to choose your destinations as well as chalk out your itinerary with great care. After all, it’s the smiles of your dear ones that give utmost satisfaction and delight.

    Here's a list of some of the top places for a family vacation. Go through them and book your cheap flights to USA from UK, pack your bags and turn your dream vacation into a real trip.

    Orlando-Walt Disney World: Whether you believe in fairy tales or not, this place will take you into a different world altogether with experiences like no other. It's certainly one of those attractions where the kids are the happiest when they come face to face with their favourite Disney characters. It is home to many theme parks, and with a world-class selection of rides, it offers loads of fun and adventure.

    Myrtle Beach: Kids can have loads of fun playing the ocean and indulging in beachside activities. You will find many family friendly hotels with on-site pools and slides for spending your time in absolute glee. Bigger water parks are also within reach for more adventure and excitement.

    Honolulu - Oahu: Oahu, with its wealth of activities, is the perfect island for a family vacation.  Kids can have a great time exploring the waters here in different ways. From underwater adventures to splashing in the pools from huge water slides, there is no end to fun here. Waimea Bay Beach Park, North Shore Shark Adventures, Hawaii Children's Discovery Centre, Sea Life Park, Polynesian Cultural Centre and Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve are the major highlights of the island.

    Yosemite: Yosemite is the ideal place for outdoor adventures that include hiking, mountain climbing, camping and rafting. Known for its picturesque landscapes, featuring waterfalls, cliffs, unique rock formations and millennia-old sequoias, Yosemite presents many interesting vistas and experiences.

    San Diego: A wide array of attractions and fabulous weather make San Diego a perfect destination for family friendly fun. The New Children’s Museum, Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, Carlsbad Flower Fields and Old Town California are a few of its places of interest.

    If you are in need of a refreshing trip with family, book your cheap air tickets to USA from UK. Thousands of travellers every here visit the destinations of this huge country and explore the amazing range of attractions they boasts, including a variety of adventure-filled activities for all age groups. So plan your family vacation soon and create the happiest memories of your life to last forever.

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