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  • What is the best advice and way to start looking into buying a house for a first time home buyer?
  • Buying a new home can be extremely exciting but at the same time comes with plenty of responsibilities. All first-time house buyers should be very cautious and actively check a few essential things before making a deal.
    Do check for the residence, its type, and locality. Every person has a different set of requirements and while you make a purchase, make sure you check all these things. To get more precise knowledge, you can even contact some estate dealers. Before you make a purchase, make sure you collect enough money and in case you are applying for a loan, you should have enough mortgage and a stable income to reduce further complications. decide your requirements. Determine the number of rooms and the facilities you need to make your place more functional. This will reduce your extra cost and will make your work easier. 

    The best way a first-time house buyer can save more is to plan things appropriately. This will make their work less and will also give them more space for thinking. To know more such hacks for a safer purchase, you can visit our youtube channel, ‘Ask Angela’. There you will get plenty of essential tips and tricks that can save your hard-earned money and will also assist you in finding the best property.

  • Condos vs. co-ops: Know the differences before buying
  • The difference between condos and co-ops is one of the few things that can confuse anyone. You can easily understand this difference and can make an addition to your current knowledge.

    There are very basic things that distinguish between these two, and when you understand the concept, you can quickly get to know more about these things. There are a few things that are very common in both these cases. Both these things are typically multi-unit, and you can find in-unit laundry, a guard, and pet-friendly policies. Also, you will get boards and other common facilities. If you are a first-time buyer, you need to be extremely cautious and a little ignorance can increase your expenses drastically.


    Condos are just like a residential home to you see with all the shared benefits. You will own this dedicated space with all related rights and the area that falls in these four walls. Condo owners are only responsible for their individual units and have to pay some monthly fees called common charges or HOA fees. These fees are usually lower than co-op and they are often easier to finance. 


    Co-op stands for a housing cooperative. In this case, instead of owning a specific place, you own shares in a corporation. There are at times not even considered as real property apart from taxation purposes. When you purchase a share in a co-op, you will get a big share in the decision marking of the building and can say your decisions. In this case, you will have to pay less as compared to a condo. This will reduce your expenses but you will have to follow all the rules made by the board of members.

    These are a few points to understand a brief about the difference between condos and co-ops. To know all these things in detail, you can check our youtube channel ‘Ask Angela’. There you will get all the potential information and details relating to real estate and property. This channel is purely dedicated to all the essentials of this sector. We also appreciate your views and will feel really honored if you can share your queries and suggestions with us. You can connect us through our channel and also through our social media handles. We assure you the best help we have in the best possible way.

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