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  • What Are Most Frequent Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents
  • The enthusiasm for bike riding is very common all around the globe because of its adventure nature. Thousands of people go on bike tours every year, which includes some world tours too. Besides adventure and thrill, there are some challenges and risks associated with motorcycle touring too, that causes most of the motorcycle accidents.

    The accidents on a bike are also more fatal because there is no enclosed structure around the rider with a motorbike. According to some statistics by traffic control authority, motorcyclists are, on average, 27 times more likely than a passenger of a car to die in a crash, and are over five times as likely to be injured.

    To minimize these dangers, you can use incredibly powerful brakes, obstruction-free vision, excellent handling, and very grippy tires. There are motorcycle riding gears(helmet, jacket, boots, pants, gloves, and guards) too that can be used to avoid any injuries in the event of fall. Here we will specify some of the most frequent reasons for motorcycle accidents; you can save yourself from accidents by avoiding those things while bike riding.

    1. Slippery Road or Other Dangerous Road Conditions

    Motorcycles don’t have a balance of four-wheeler this is why they are more vulnerable to poor road conditions. Slippery roads after rain(you can’t brake on slippery roads), crumbling pavement, open potholes in the center of a road, debris, uneven heights between lanes, and the absence of necessary signals and signs can all increase a motorcycle rider’s chances of meeting an accident.

    Moreover, freely moving animals near the road also become one of the causes of motorcycle accidents. Similarly, riding in extremely windy weather also causes a road accident for a bike. You should wear a raincoat and jacket, especially in bad weather conditions because they will protect you against unfavored conditions to some extent.

    dangerous road condition

    2. Speeding – Major Cause Of Motorcycle Accidents

    Over speeding is the leading cause of all types of auto accidents. When you are speeding you have less or no control over your vehicle and brakes. You also have less time to react after finding another driver in your way to prevent a collision.

    The higher your speed, the greater the impact, and the more severe consequences you will face. About thirty percent of motorcycle accidents are caused by speeding. Many people buy sports or heavy bikes for speeding. Statistics say that on these bikes the fatality rate is 4 times that of conventional motorcycles. Additionally, when you take a sharp turn while speeding you will surely fall and face some serious injuries.

    3. Driving Under The Influence

    Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is very common. All around the world, it is one of the most contributing factors to motorcycle accidents. Research highlights that about twenty-five percent of motorcycle accidents are due to drunk drivers. As motorcycles don’t have any kind of safety enclosure, driving while on drugs is an extremely dangerous and great risk to your life.

    Given the fact that motorcycle driving great presence of mind, you should never drive it when you are high. Moreover, causing an accident under the influence of alcohol or drugs may land you in trouble with civil and criminal liability.

    4. Unsafe Lane Changes

    Car drivers have a frequent habit of lane changing, they check their blind spot before turning their signal on and then try to move to the lane they want to without double-checking their blind spot. Motorcycles are smaller vehicles and car drivers may miss noticing them or the bike has just come in the way of their lane change, which results in a crash.

    5. Motorcycle Lane Splitting

    Driving between two lanes of traffic, normally motorcyclists do in a traffic jam, is called “lane splitting”. In the event of traffic jams, as motorcycles are smaller in size and can somehow move between lanes, bike drivers try to avoid long wait of traffic jams and start maneuvering between the lanes. But when a car moves suddenly to its left or right, a biker will likely to collide with it. This practice is not legal in many states and countries, and it is extremely dangerous for inexperienced riders.

    causes of motorcycle accidents

    6. Car Doors

    We have seen many a time that a car passenger opens the door without looking behind. As a result, closely following motorcyclist will hit the door. This accident can be easily avoided by little attention while opening the car door. 

    7. Sudden Stops

    If you are not keeping a safe distance from other vehicles or some other vehicle is tailgating(following you closely), you are most likely to meet an accident. When anyone of you applies sudden brakes for whatever reason, you will definitely collide with one another and this accident would be more fatal for motorcyclists.

    Rear-end accidents are very common nowadays. The only way we can avoid them is by keeping a safe distance from other vehicles. 

    8. Careless Driving or Inexperienced Drivers

    Careless driving results in around 30 percent of road accidents. The negligence driving could be because of distractions caused by eating, drinking, or using a mobile phone while driving. In other cases, it could be speeding without noticing or not paying attention to the other traffic moving around.

    On the other hand, inexperienced drivers on the road is also a major threat to other motorists because he will make unsafe moves. To avoid this kind of accident, you must pay full attention to the road. Assume all other drivers are inexperienced. So, you have to take every measure to save others and yourself from any accident.

    9. Motorcycle Defects

    The ride you are using could have a built-in defect or some of its parts could be defective. These defects can become one of the reasons for accidents. In another case, while you are on the road riding your bike, and a defect incur to your motorcycle like a tire may burst due to some reason and you will lose your control on the bike immediately. Resultantly, you will hit with some other vehicle or to a static object by the roadside. You can save yourself from this kind of situation by regularly examining your bike thoroughly.

    motorcycle crash

    To conclude, there can be numerous causes for motorcycle accidents. It is highly recommended that you ride within your and the bike’s limits. Always respect your motorcycle and ride it religiously. There can be unprecedented events, you have to be always prepared. It might not always be your fault, but you have to be vigilant all the time while riding on roads.

    We hope this article helped you in gaining knowledge about the frequent causes of motorcycle accidents. Do share this among your fellow rider friends and avoid these mistakes while on road.

    Till then, ride safe and remember, AGAT – All Gears All Time.

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  • Why Investing In Motorcycle Riding Gears Is Important?
  • Riding gears or kit usually consists of specialized pieces of equipment and clothing made purposefully to save you from many unwanted situations. It mainly includes gloves, helmet, jacket, motorcycle vest, elbow guards, knee guards, and boots. Unlike cars you don’t have the luxury of seat belts and airbags on a motorcycle, so, you have to wear all the necessary gear on your back. That is why motorcycle riding gears are so important.

    The question arises here, why do we travel on a bike even if we have to hear all these safety gears? All bike readers will have variant explanations to this question but one thing that all bikers agree on is that; motorcycle riding is more adventurous than touring in a car. It doesn’t cage you or filter the scenery around you, you will get more close and real-time experience of all the beautiful landscapes around you. You will feel like you have immersed yourself in the terrain. 

    Some Of The Rationales For Using The Riding Gears

    Crash Protection:

    riding gears crash protection

    The first and the most important merit of riding gears is the protection of the driver in case of any untoward accident and possible injury. When you are on the road, there is always a possibility of an accident, so, you should be in maximum protection of riding gears for your physical safety.

    Protection in Bad Weather:

    When you are on a long trip, the weather may change after around every 50 km. You should be fully prepared whether the weather is rainy, sunny, or snowy. Riding gears are designed with a purpose to save you from extreme weather conditions too.


    stylish motorcycle gear

    Although riding a motorcycle in itself is really cool, these riding gears are also made to enhance the outward appearance and look of a biker. The trend of fashion and style is very common in today’s society. People select their clothing and other gears while keeping in mind the current fashion along with its utility. 

    Other Purposes:

    There are some other connected reasons for using riding gear too. These include pockets on your jackets and trousers for holding frequently usable items like maps, GPS, smartphones(all other less frequently used items could be safely placed in your  Harley saddlebags; for mounting a camera onto your helmet for recording videos; and for communication purposes like the tech built-in Bluetooth helmets to communicate your partner and other bikers to pass or receive some information while riding.

    Division of Riding Gears

    On a broader sense riding gear, on the basis of their usage, can be divided into three main categories; street, tour, and track or race riding gears. The street-focussed gears are designed in a way to make them more comfortable with good ventilation while safety is not the main purpose behind their making.

    On the other hand, touring bikes are built for mainly safety purposes against accidents and bad weather. The track-focused are more professional and very protective riding gear. It can bear an impact better than the others discussed above. 

    Some Commonly Used Riding Gears And Their Core Purposes

    Motorcycle Helmet:

    When it comes to riding gears, helmets always come prior to anyone else. The reason behind its importance is mainly protection; the helmet saves you from the most fatal injury of the head.

    why riding helmets are important

    Its glass also has a safety wall against debris, dust, and sunlight for you. The visors are available in a variety of finishes. Some are light tint, others are dark tint, some are colored while others are transparent. You can breathe easily in helmets while keeping yourself safe from head injuries. It also allows you to hear the sounds of passing traffic.

    Helmets are built to destroy in a crash, this way it saves head from the impact and the thrust of the accident. Nowadays, a feature of communication is also installed in helmets which greatly helps riders especially i9n group tours.

    Riding Gloves:

    It’s quite natural that if by any chance you meet an accident, you will try to save your head and other body at the expense of your hands; you will try to put your hands first whenever you fall from a bike.

    Your hands are very fragile, so it is extremely painful when your flesh or knuckles have to face injuries. Moreover, if your hands got injured, you will not be able to continue riding and handling your ride which is also very undesirable.

    To avoid this agony, you need some fine pair of gloves having knuckle protection quality for your riding which can cover your complete hands. 

    Motorcycle Jackets & Pants: 

    There is a possibility of serious injuries if you’re riding a bike without a proper outfit. Motorcycle jackets are as important for your safety as helmets are because they can protect your arms, back, shoulders and chest.

    They come in leather or textile material. Motorcycle Jackets are designed in a way to resist maximum abrasion while keeping you dry during heavy rains. Leather jackets are although more affordable and long-lasting. They also have air vents for allowing some air to pass through.

    These jackets also have lots of pockets for keeping routinely used things. Motorcycle jackets add coolness to your bike riding. So there must also be a focus on fashion while buying a jacket.

    Now coming to the pants, your daily use pants are not designed to save you from injuries in case of accidents but motorcycle riding jackets do have this quality. Like jackets, you can find them in leather and textile material. Some of them do have built-in hip and knee protectors. You should also wear elbow cards, knee cards on your suit for even better protection. Because these parts are likely to touch the ground before than the rest of the body.

    Motorcycle Boots:

    Like your hands, your feet also need some protection while riding. Motorcycle boots are available in the market to serve this purpose. They secure your ankles and other parts of the foot against injuries.

    You can also keep your feet dry during rain or snow by wearing these shoes. Not to talk about safety in an accident, your normal sneakers can not even keep you dry from the rain.

    motorcycle boots importance

    Conclusively, touring on a motorcycle having a saddlebag to secure your belongings and all necessary gears for riding will not only protect you from almost all hazardous situations but adds too much for your adventurous soul.

    Hope you got a better idea of the importance of motorcycle riding gears. We always advise you to invest in high-quality motorcycle riding gear. Consider them as an insurance.

    Till then, ride safe and remember, AGAT – All Gear All Time.

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  • Motorcycle Helmets Safety Standards That Are Widely Used
  • Two-wheelers are less stable and safe than four-wheelers. They have fewer road grips and brakes control. Motorcycles don’t have the luxury of four-wheeler balance and they are also less visible especially during the night. On a bike, you don’t have the protection of an enclosed vehicle. This is why when you ride a motorcycle, without the necessary protective gear, you are at serious risk of injuries. Here in this article, we will shed some light on some of the widely used helmets safety standards.

    When you fall from a bike, your head is the most vulnerable part of your body, and injury on the head can be very fatal. A good quality motorcycle helmet is very important for your safe rides. Some other motorcycle gears include motorcycle jackets, vests, etc.  

    Why Helmets Saftey Standards Are Required?

    Study shows, wearing the helmet will reduce the risk of death by 42 percent. Besides securing you from injuries, helmets protect you from rain, dust, debris and some high-tech helmets also have communication and GPS tracking facilities installed in them.

    Motorcycle Helmets Safety Standards

    Wearing a helmet while riding a bike has become mandatory in almost the whole world. Although each country has slightly different traffic laws but using a helmet during a bike ride is always there on this traffic laws booklet. But these helmets you are wearing must also serve the purpose of safety otherwise the purpose of wearing the helmet and the law of the country would be just a formality. This is why helmets must undergo some safety standards for their reliability in case of an accident.

    There are many helmet safety standards around the globe but we will focus on some of the main safety standards that are followed by the helmet production companies in the US and Europe.

    In the USA, the DOT (Department of Transportation) and Snell helmet safety certifications are followed. The DOT standards are federally mandated, while the Snell safety certification is issued by a private testing organization.

    In Europe, the ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) standard, R 22.05, is followed which is the version of the DOT standard(of the US), though its tests are more rigorous. It is recognized by more than 50 countries, and by every renowned racing organization in the world. There are some other less known certifications including SHARP and CRASH too.

    Most Widely Used Helmets Safety Standards

    1. DOT (Department of Transportation FMVSS 218)

    DOT FMVSS 218 is a technical standard that defines the minimum criteria that a helmet manufacturer must fulfill to certify against in the US. They doesn’t test the helmets themselves, instead, the manufacturing companies must test their helmets by themselves on the DOT set standards. DOT has relatively less tough criteria to pass than SNELL. The few tests for DOT certification include impact test, penetration test, retention test, and field of vision.

    The impact tests are carried out by placing a dummy head inside the helmet to measure speed and g-forces as the helmet is dropped onto the spherical anvil and flat anvil surfaces from a height of around 1.83m. On the basis of energy and impact transferred to the dummy head, the helmet is declared to pass or fail.

    The test is carried out two times to make it withstandable against multiple impacts in a single crash. Weight is applied for the retention test (up to 300 pounds of weight for 120 seconds) and for a penetration test involves dropping a piercing test striker onto the helmet from 118n inches at different parts of the helmet.

    Although this test is simple and easy to pass then snell, still it is qualified enough to keep you safe. And if a company’s test doesn’t pass, it will incur heavy fines.

    what is snell safety standard

    2. Snell

    Snell is better, more reliable, and rigorous than DOT and ECE(discussed below). They are most commonly used and recommended on race tracks. It is a private organization that tests each piece of helmet giving certification to a helmet.

    Snell keeps on updating its standards and the latest one is Snell M2015. It allows the minimum transfer of g-force through a helmet and it focuses on features like stability, ease of removal in an accident, and low energy transfer in high impact situations.

    Here are some of the safety features they focus during the test:

    Impact Testing – The helmet passes the test if its peak acceleration in any test doesn’t exceed the test value. In this test, controlled impacts are used to simulate different impact surfaces.

    Shell Penetration Test – The helmet undergoing the test is attached to a base. A sharp-pointed heavy object is dropped from a fixed height. The striker must not penetrate through the helmet and not even have a momentary contact with the head. 

    Face Shield Penetration Test – The face shield (or a visor) is attached to a helmet undergoing test and shot along the centerline at three different places with an air rifle. The pellets used in the rifle must not penetrate through the visor for passing the test.

    3. ECE(Economic Commission for Europe)

    ECE is the European standards of DOT testing. ECE helmets go through some more thorough tests(more complex testing system) than the DOT certified helmets and it’s the required standard 50-plus European countries allow for safe motorcycle helmets. The test is carried out with a different shaped dummy head. In many ways, ECE is the combination of both DOT and snell.

    Mentioned below are some tests that ECE helmets undergo:

    Chinstrap Test – The chinstrap is tested to ensure that it won’t slip loose, stretch, or break under an applied load. They connect the helmet to a test rig that tries to pull the helmet off the head from the back to make sure the chinstrap does its job effectively.

    Faceshield / Visor – While the same as most helmets the ECE tests for scratch and abrasion resistance, refraction, light transmission, opening angle, defects, and field of vision. If the manufacturer claims that the face shield is anti-fog, then they test for that, too.

    Shell Penetration –  ECE tests for impact resistance at various points around the helmet including the side, front, rear, crown, and chin guard too. A sharp instrument is used in this test. ECE even goes as far as to test the reflective properties of colorful safety stickers too.

    safety standards for bike helmets

    So you must have understood by now why helmets safety standards are so important and must go rigorous testing. It is always a mandate to invest in a high-quality motorcycle helmet that is either certified by the above organizations or a reputed organization in your country.

    We hope you liked this piece of information on helmets safety standards. Stay tuned as we bring in more awesome stuff your way.

    Till then, ride safe and remember, AGAT – All Gear All Time.

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  • How To Choose A Good Quality Motorcycle Riding Jacket?
  • Some people ride a motorcycle because it is the only affordable form of transportation for them while for others motorcycling is an adventurous and thrilling experience; however, ignoring the road safeties may become very menacing for you. It is around twenty times riskier than traveling in a car or in some other 4 wheeler. We will in this article guide you on how to choose a good quality riding jacket.

    A motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle whose balance is dependent on the rider only. Moreover, its brakes are also not as reliable as that of a car. This is why safety gear is manufactured for motorcyclists to use them while riding because all the traffic shares the same road. These motorcycle gears don’t guarantee cent percent safety of a biker, rather it could save you only to a certain level of accident.

    Therefore, the driving skills of riders should also be very refined along with strictly following the traffic rules for maneuvring on the road. These motorcycle gears include a helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, etc.

    What is the riding jacket?

    In experts’ opinion, if you can’t afford a full set of good-quality protective gear, you can’t afford motorcycling. Motorcycle jackets are not like normal jackets, rather it has some protective quality.

    Most of these jackets have armor on the elbow, shoulder, and foam padding or armor on the spine region. It can protect your body against some impact by providing cushioning on areas that are most likely to hit the ground in a fall. The textile or mesh will not tear off in case of the slide because it is abrasion-resistant. Similarly, adjusters at the waist, elbow, etc. would keep the jacket in its place so the injury can be minimized.

    In typical hot weather of summer, mesh jackets provide great ventilation so you won’t drown in heavy sweating. You can put these jackets in your motorcycle luggage bag or tail bag when not using them.

    What is Riding Jacket

    Things to consider while choosing a riding jacket:

    • Material
    • Fit/Style
    • Liners
    • Armor
    • Visibility
    • Venting

    The material the riding jacket is made of:

    Leather: Nothing beats leather jackets if you’re riding on open roads. A leather jacket can last the whole lifetime if taken good care. The abrasion resistance quality of leather far surpasses that of a textile jacket. They are less expensive and are a better fit than textile jackets. 

    Synthetic (Cordura) jackets:  A waterproof textile jacket will likely be a safe, practical choice for bad weather and it also has bright stripping that can help while riding in low light or during the night. If riding in hot days is unavoidable, due to its special ‘airflow’ fabrics such as mesh, that allow the moving air to penetrate through the textile jacket to keep the rider cool, the textile jacket is going to be your go-to choice. They are also very light-weight and easy to carry kind of jackets.

    Riding Jacket Fit/Style:

    Fit/Style of jackets mostly depends upon their usage. On the basis of motorcycle riding jackets can be divided into four major categories: Sport/Street fit and touring fit are commonly available and most widely used. Cruiser and Adventure Touring/Dual Sport jackets less common and slow becoming popular among the rider. These jackets are tailored while keeping in mind the needs of each style of riding. They can be found in both leather and textile material.

    Riding Jacket Fit Style

    Motorcycle jacket liners:

    Jacket liners come in full sleeves or as vests which are removable from your jacket. There are mainly two types of liners rain liners and winter/thermal liners. Rain liners provide you with greater protection against rain by not allowing any drop of water to seep through. While the winter liners are attached to keep you warm in extremely cold weather. 

    You must consider the type of liners attached while selecting your riding jacket. Nowadays some manufacturers are also making linerless jackets to decrease the price. In that case, you have to buy a raincoat separately to serve the purpose of liner in rain. 


    Motorcycle jackets mostly have some unnoticeable armor at most vulnerable points like shoulders, elbows, and back. These parts are most likely to hit the ground first in case of a fall. And these armor or padding protects from major injuries in these parts when you meet an accident.

    These protectors do their work only when they remain in their place in case of a crash. If they are free in their position, there is a great chance they will not be able to protect you from injuries.

    Some jackets also have very hard sliders on the outer side of the jacket at shoulder and elbow to slide on the pavement and reduce tumbling during an accident.


    Being visible to other riders is very important for the safety of both. Therefore the jackets you wear must have visibility during the night. You should always choose a riding jacket with florescent colors and reflective elements on the back and front. This is why many companies are now manufacturing jackets having high visibility factor. There is also an option of high tech solution called the night eye which makes you visible while riding in the night.

    Being so bright with fluorescent colors isn’t for everyone though. For these riders, the latest innovative advancements in reflective technology can be highly beneficial. There are some stylish jackets coming in the market that have small, inconspicuous reflective piping in the most visible areas. This piping goes unnoticed during the day but becomes very prominent once a headlight hits it.

    Motorcycle Riding Jacket Piping


    Riding in hot weather is really killing if your jacket doesn’t have proper venting. It can prevent excessive sweating and even heat exhaustion during warm weather riding. People mostly go on summer trips, so, there must be good venting in every jacket.

    The jackets made by mesh material are most useful in these circumstances because they have exhaust vents in the form of zippers to promote airflow. These zipped openings are on the chest, back, and underarms for these places need more ventilation.  If you are not wearing mesh jackets, you should make sure your jacket has ample ventilation quality.

    We hope this article was useful for you and hope you got the answer to –how to choose a riding jacket? In case you have any thoughts or questions do let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more awesome content like this.

    Till then, ride safe and always remember, AGAT – All Gear All Time.

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  • Best Bike Seat Cover For Jawa & Royal Enfield [2020]
  • It’s the second decade of the 2000 millennium and motorcycles have become very sleek and pleasing to the eyes along with greater performance. But with the sleek designs, the comfort is sometimes compromised. Consider the case of recently launched Jawa Motorcycles, many people have complained of the seat to be on the stiffer side. Well, no worries we always have the option to get aftermarket seats for our bike. And, today we are going to list some of the best bike seat cover available online.

    This list contains aftermarket seats and seat covers for both Jawa 42 and Royal Enfield bikes. We have taken into consideration the comfort and looks of these seat covers before shortlisting them. Installing a badly designed seat cover might hamper the look and feel of your bike. So, without any further ado let’s just jump right into the list.

    Best Seat Covers For Royal Enfield Classic / Signals / Pegasus Bikes

    1. Generic’s Artificial Leather Seat Cover

    Seat Covers For Royal Enfield Bikes

    This seat cover is made up of artificial leather but the feel and look of it wouldn’t make anyone believe it to be an artificial leather. The Matt and leather finish of the materials looks amazing and blends perfectly with the bike.

    Stitching is very finely done on this seat cover and fits perfectly to the Royal Enfield spit seats. The material provides a good grip and is very well air-ventilated.

    • Unique design.
    • Fits perfectly to the seats.
    • Provides soft extra cushioning.
    • Grips your bottom pretty well.
    • Good air ventilatioon.
    • N/A

    2. SaharaSeats Coffee Brown Seat Cover

    Best Bike Seat Cover For RE

    The seats on the Royal Enfield Bikes are great but, not the best. This aftermarket seat is the perfect seat cover for someone looking for some different color. This Coffee Brown colored Royal Enfield seat cover is definitely gonna improve the looks and comfort of your bike.

    If you own a Royal Enfield Gunmetal Classic 350, then this is the best bike seat cover color combination that you can get. You can also experiment with different colors. The cushioning, fittings and material is of great quality. Trust me you won’t regret it.

    • Amazing looks and color.
    • Perfect fitting with the stock seats.
    • Increases the aesthetics of the bike.
    • Cushioning is good.
    • Stitching quality could be improved.

    3. SaharaSeats Royal Enfield Cushion Seat Cover Classic 350/500 (Black)

    RE Classic Seat Cover

    No matter what new color comes in, but black will always be there. This black seat cover is the perfect choice if you are looking for something simple. It comes with the RE Logo on both the seats and comes with white-colored stitching. If you own a white-colored RE bike that we would suggest you to go with this.

    This seat cover comes with extra soft half-inch cushioning for better comfort. The white stitching is properly done and gives a good contrast to the black seat covers. It is not waterproof but will resist water to some extent and can handle light showers easily without water gushing into the cushions.

    • Good quality material.
    • Snug fitting with the stock seats
    • Extra cushioning for comfort.
    • Stitching quality is good.
    • N/A

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    Best Bike Seat Covers For Thunderbird and Thunderbird X

    1. SaharaSeats Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350/500 Brown Seat Cover With Backrest Cover

    Thunderbird seat cover

    Brown covers really change the look and feel of the bike. There are some colors that very well complements the bike looks and this brown color is one of them. This bike seat cover is specifically made for Thunderbird 350 and 500 CC motorcycles.

    The great thing about this seat cover for a bike is that it also offers a cover for the backrest. So, you don’t have to worry about the color mismatch and uniformity. With little extra padding, this seat cover provides ample cushioning if compared to the stock seats on the thunderbird.

    • Fits perfectly with the stock seats.
    • High contrasting looks suit the bike.
    • Good quality material.
    • Backrest covers also provided.
    • Leatherette Material used.
    • The surface is quite smooth and doesn’t provide the best grip.

    2. SaharaSeats Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X and 500X Cushion Seat Cover (350x, Black)

    Thunderbird X Seat Cover

    Another great addition to the Royal Enfield family, which is the modern edition of the old Thunderbird bikes, is the THUNDERBIRD X. This is one great motorcycle with better comfort and much cooler aesthetics (well that’s a topic of debate). But an extra cushioning never really hurt anyone and on top of that, a seat cover provides protection to the stock seats which can be costlier to repair if not taken care of very well.

    So this is the best seat cover for THUNDERBIRD X that we could find out online. It has the basic stock design and red stitching to match the looks of your bike. There is one black stitched option as well to choose from. The best part about this seat cover is it is completely waterproof. So, no need to worry about the water accumulation on the seat cushions.

    • Provides Stock looks of Thunderbird X Seat.
    • Waterproof.
    • Anti-slip surface texture that provides a great grip.
    • Piping for durable stitching.
    • Perfectly fits the stock seats.
    • High-quality Leatherette Material used.
    • It can be a little sweaty while riding in summer.

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    Best Bike Seat Cover For RE Interceptor 650

    1. SaharaSeats Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Leatherette Cushion Seat Cover (Cafe Racer, Brown)

    bike seat cover for interceptor

    We had to include this in the list just because of the amazing looks of this bike seat cover. ‘Brown Is The New Black’. Brown color is a go-to color when it comes to the best seat covers colors. It perfectly suit dark-colored bikes and provides a beautiful contrast that complements the bike looks immensely.

    This bike seat cover is a perfect seat cover for your Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. We know, the cafe racer styled Interceptor don’t provide the best of the comforts when it comes to its seats. This seat cover won’t much increase the comfort but will provide a little extra comfort and improve the looks of the bike drastically. Anyways the Interceptor’s seat isn’t designed for long rides but definitely for good looks and this seat cover will definitely improve the looks for sure.

    • Unique brown textured seat cover.
    • Fits perfectly to the stock seats.
    • The grip is quite good.
    • Material is of good quality.
    • Stitching quality is great.
    • No waterproofing.

    Best Seat Covers For Jawa 42

    If you own a Jawa Classic or Jawa 42 or if you have read Jawa Bike Reviews you must know how hard is the Jawa bike seat. They aren’t the best and gives fatigue on longer rides. But considering the bikes performance and features we cannot just neglect it just because of its stock seats. Well, there is always an option to choose from the aftermarket bike seats. Below we have listed some of the best bike seat covers for Jawa 42 that we could find online. This will fit the Jawa Classic bike as well as the seat sizes are the same in both.

    1. SaharaSeats Jawa Classic & 42 Seat Cover with Better Comfort And Added Rubber

    seat cover for jawa 42

    The stock seats on Jawa 42 offers little to no grip. The rider might have some cushioning, but the pillion is literally sitting on a ply-wood. This Jawa seat cover offers moderate cushioning and comfort that the Jawa motorcycles lack.

    This seat cover is linear-shaped just like the stock seat and offers the much needed extra 1 inch of cushioning. The outer material is made of rubber. Rubber will provide good gripping while being seated. It offers perfect comfort to both the pillion and the rider. Since the material is rubber it might provide light water resistance but don’t expect it to be completely waterproof.

    Video Source : Sahara Seats
    • Nice cushioning.
    • Fits perfectly.
    • Perfect for longer rides.
    • Rests and grips your bottom perfectly.
    • Anti-slip rubber material is good.
    • Stitching could be more better.

    2. SaharaSeats Jawa (42) Complete Seat Assembly Model

    best bike seat cover for jawa

    If 1 inch of cushioning isn’t suitable for you and you really want to make a sofa out of your Jawa Seats then this is the best bike seat cover for your Jawa. It offers an additional 3 inches of cushioning that is very much comfortable and will be your best companion for longer rides.

    This seat cover for bike offers a unique styling and the rider is definitely gonna be in love with this seat. The unique design of the rider seats protrudes a little at the end providing extra grip and comfort to the rider. If you are someone who cannot compromise on the comfort that we would highly recommend this bike seat cover. A bang for the buck for sure.

    • Extra 3 inch cushioning.
    • Excellent comfort.
    • Blends perfectly with the sleek Jawa Motorcycle designs.
    • Great quality materials used.
    • Provides the perfect grip to rider.
    • Little inclination of the pillion seat, might need backrest compulsorily.

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    In this modern era of motorcycling, there are millions of choices to choose from. With an increase in performance and compact designing of the bikes sometimes the comfort is compromised. Seat comfort is one of the main components which manufacturers consider while compromising.

    The above listed are some of the best bike seat covers that you can get right away on amazon. There are multiple seat covers available online and we know it can be really hard for you to choose. So, we hope the above-mentioned ones will do the job for you.

    One thing you have to keep in mind is to select moderate cushioning while selecting a seat cover for a bike. It can drastically increase the height of the motorcycle and might be difficult for short riders. If you are tall enough it won’t matter whether you go with softer or 5 inch extra cushioning. If you can easily rest your feet on the ground then it is always better.

    We hope this article helped you in choosing the best bike seat cover that you can get online on amazon. If you have something that you want us to include in here do drop a comment below. We would be happy to listen to your suggestions.

    Till then, happy riding and remember ‘All Gears All Time’. Cheers!

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  • Best Motorcycle Riding Boots In India [2020]
  • Riding a motorbike can be a risky task without a proper motorcycle riding boots. The joy of riding is an unmatched experience that one won’t find while driving any other vehicle. But all these may not last if we aren’t well prepared with the right protective gear while riding a motorcycle.

    Motorcycle Riding Boots must always be worn when riding your two-wheeler. The riding boots are designed to protect your feet and ankle while riding. There may be situations when you are riding on a bad patch of road and a piece of gravel might hit your feet. As your feet are at the lowest level with reference to the ground and are more prone to injuries.

    There are many bike riding boots available in the market these days to suit everyone’s riding needs. Following are a few important things that you can keep in mind while buying a pair of riding boots:

    • Motorcycle boots must have a snug-fitting.
    • It should provide ample protection to the knees as well.
    • The heels should be flat.
    • They should be waterproof or water-resistant at least to some extent.
    • Must provide high-abrasion resistance.
    • Should have high-traction soles.

    We have shortlisted some of the best budget motorcycle riding boots, keeping in mind the above factors. So, folks, without any further ado let’s just jump right into the list.

    Best Budget Motorcycle Riding Boots

    1. ORAZO Picus – Bike Riding Boots

    Best Motorcycle Riding Boots

    Orazo is known for producing high-quality budget motorcycle riding boots in India. The Orazo Picus is a very sturdy boot ideal for any condition and a perfect companion for motorcycle riding. For fastening the boots it offers high-quality velcro system. The upper part of the body is made up of leather.

    These riding boots aren’t waterproof but they provide water-resistant to some extent. It will protect you from water splashes and small water crossings. But being exposed to water for a longer duration might wet your feet.

    In terms of safety, it offers a high degree anti-slip dual density sole that provides very good traction even with wet surfaces. These boots are quite snug in fitting and protects ankle twists. For the shins, it doesn’t have the best protection but it will protect you against loose flying objects.

    • Sturdy build and design.
    • Water-resistant.
    • Steel toe insert.
    • Antifungal In-socks which keep your feet dry.
    • Snug-fitting.
    • Provides great traction even in wet surfaces.
    • Initially, the ankle movement felt a bit restrictive.

    Our Verdict:

    Considering the budget these riding boots are offered in they are a great choice. They can be used not just while motorcycle riding but also during hiking. Be advised they aren’t waterproof but water-resistant only, so it will only protect you from light showers or feet level depth waters only. Overall these boots are a great value for money. If you are looking for something for your weekend getaways then these ones would definitely suit your needs.

    2. Bond Street by (Red Tape) Men’s Motorcycle Riding Boots

    Budget Motorcycle Riding Boot

    If you are really looking for something stylish that complements your outfit then this is for you. This Tan colored Red Tape boots are made up of synthetic material that is ideal for a day to day use. The lace-up closure type adds up to the aesthetics of this motorcycle riding boots.

    These Red Tape Biker Boots are quite snug in fitting and quite easily cover the ankle parts as well. The outer synthetic material is quite hard and it will protect your feet and ankle from minor impacts. There is nothing mentioned about the water-resistant capability of the product but we feel it will help you from splashes of water.

    • Great looks and design.
    • Snug fitting.
    • Ankle length protection.
    • Good quality soles.
    • Soles’ grip is good.
    • Prone to scratches.
    • Needs regular polishing.

    Our Verdict:

    This motorcycle riding boots are the perfect companion that you can get right now, if you are looking something for city commutes. As these biker boots are ankle length they provide ample protection at this price range. If you are looking for something for your weekend getaways stay away from this, rather go for the Orazo riding boots that we mentioned above.

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    3. Red Chief Men’s Footwear Boots

    Men Biker Boots

    This Red Chief is not officially a riding boot as per the description of the product. But it fits all the basic necessities of a riding boot. These riding shoes are made up of high-quality leather and provides good ankle length support. The build and fitting of this shoe is quite amazing. They stick to the feet very firmly and won’t come off easily.

    The outer genuine leather will provide you some water-resistant capabilities and the sole provides very good grip and traction with all kinds of surfaces.

    • Sturdy build and design.
    • Complements your casual outfits.
    • Provides superior grip to surfaces.
    • Leather thickness is good to protect from abrasion.
    • Fits firmly to the feet with ankle support.
    • A little heavy.
    • Not waterproof.

    Our Verdict:

    This Red Chief boots may not officially be a riding boot, but they are one of the best pairs to go with for your office or college commute. They are really nice looking and will match any outfit that you wear. As far as safety is concerned these boots quite cover the feet and ankle perfectly to save them from minor mishaps. The added advantage with this kind of boots is they are ‘take it anywhere boots’. May it be hiking, riding, or even just a regular day at your office/college, this one will suit all occasions.

    4. Bacca Bucci Men’s Grain Leather Outdoor Laceup Boots

    Casual Riding Boots

    This one is another great option that can be used as a casual riding boots. These boots mare made of high-quality leather and has a Steel Toe Cap. The soles provide superior grip to the surface and offer quite a firm grip.

    These aren’t waterproof, it can survive splashes of water and light rains. But since it is made of genuine leather it isn’t advisable to take it in water. It also offers high ankle boots that protect quite good protection to your ankles as well but it doesn’t grip the feet quite well.

    • Nice design and looks.
    • High-quality leather.
    • Great for daily usage.
    • Steel Toe Cap.
    • Soles provide a firm grip to the surface.
    • The lace tightening holes are scratchy and might fret away the lace easily.

    Our Verdict:

    These motorcycle riding boots are really amazing if you looking for something for daily usage. It will also help you with some of your weekend highway rides, considering you are riding within your limits. If safety is to be considered these boots will provide you enough protection from small objects and gravels. Someone who is looking for casual riding boots well within the budget then these are definitely a great value for money.

    6. Bacca Bucci® Street Fighter Chukka Derby Boot for Men

    Riding Boots For Bike

    These boots have definitely leveled up the budget motorcycle riding boots game. The boots are made of top-grade leather and sport air-cushioned rubber sole. That means you get superior comfort to your feet while walking and riding.

    The boots are well designed to keep make them water-resistant. It can easily handle the occasional drizzles and splash of water. The outer part of the soles is quite good and gives a good grip on any kind of surface. These riding boots fit perfectly and offers lace-up closure for extra tightening.

    • Good design and looks.
    • Feel comfortable on the legs.
    • Water-resistant to some extent.
    • Soles provide firm grip.
    • Snug fitting holds the ankle from twisting.
    • Cotton thread stitched, might tear easily.
    • Rubber sole is quite thick and high

    Our Verdict:

    These boots are definitely the best option for getting your daily office commutes. The build is quite sturdy enough and durable. You can rely on it even for your weekend getaways or highway rides. The selling point of this motorcycle riding boot is its style quotient, it will match any of your outfits and complete your style.

    5. Royal Enfield Men’s Olive Leather Outdoor Boots

    Royal Enfield Riding Boots

    How can we not include Royal Enfield products when writing about motorcycle riding boots. Well, these boots are a little higher on the budget but they are the only budget ones that we could find from this brand.

    We have to admit these are one of the nicest looking riding boots out there. The outer material is made up of leather and for tightening the shoelaces are provided. The boots feel quite light on the foot and are very comfortable to wear. These aren’t best in terms of water resistance but the sole is quite thick that provides good grip and protection from water.

    • Unique design and looks.
    • Perfect for daily rides.
    • Great soles grip.
    • High-quality outer leather covering.
    • Soft and comfortable inner materials.
    • Best casual riding boots.
    • Waterproofing and water-resistance not provided.
    • Price a bit high.

    Our Verdict:

    Royal Enfield Riding Boots are a little higher if we take into account the budget segment. But literally the only budget boots from this brand. The boots are quite sturdy in build. It can be used for daily purposes as well as your long rides. The boots are really comfortable and have firm fitting. If you can shed some extra money then we would definitely recommend this one. A great value for money.

    7. PARATROOPER Men’s Leather Combat Boots

    Motorcycle riding boots

    If you are looking for some heavy-duty riding boots then this one is just for you. It is made up of high-quality leather. These boots are high in length and covers some area of the shin as well. These motorcycle riding boots are quite bulky in size and the soles are quite thick.

    The comfort level is good and the feet don’t feel numb even after wearing it for a longer duration. These boots maintain the inner temperature pretty well and keep your feet warm even at very low outside temperatures.

    • Sturdy Design.
    • Snug-fitting.
    • Comfortable inner materials.
    • High Thickness Soles.
    • Perfect for winter rides in chilly winds.
    • Looks bulky.
    • Little difficult to wear and remove it from the feet.

    Our Verdict:

    Para Trooper Motorcycle riding boots are the best in the budget boots you can get right now. If you are planning a trip to the mountains then you definitely need something to withstand the chilly mountain winds. These boots will surely be your best companion in those conditions. These aren’t suitable to wear to office/college as they are quite bulky in looks and would make you stand out in the crowd easily. But a must buy if you are planning a long ride on your motorcycle. A bang for the buck.

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    There are a variety of motorcycle riding boots available in the market these days. Finding the best one for your needs can be a difficult task. But you can make the right choice if you fixate your riding style and needs.

    For your daily commute need, you can go ahead with any casual riding boots that will help you blend in with the office/college attire. These ones are designed to make you feel comfortable and at the same time provide ample protection than regular formal shoes.

    In case you are planning to go for a long trip and want something durable, then choose some higher-end riding boots. As you would be changing places and the weather can change in an instant. It is advisable you get waterproof or at least water-resistant boots. You never know what the road holds next for you, so, always be prepared.

    We hope we have covered the best motorcycle riding boots that are available in India. If you find something that you want us to add here, feel free to comment down below. Do let us know what you think and if you liked it then do share it among your friends.

    Till then, ride safe and always wear All Gears All Time. Cheers!

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  • Jawa Bike Review And Jawa 42 Bike Purchase Guide
  • Ever since Jawa Bikes were launched again in India it has made a huge fan following among the youths. Jawa which is basically a Czechoslovakian motorcycle brand that was founded by Frantisek Janecek. He bought the motorcycle division of a German motorcycle manufacturer brand Wanderer. In this article, I will give a comprehensive Jawa Bike Review mostly with the perspective of Jawa 42 as I myself own a Jawa 42 Dual Channel ABS. Also, apart from aesthetics both Jawa Classic and Jawa 42 have the same specifications so the performance won’t differ.

    Jawa bikes were introduced in India way back in the early 1960s by the company named Ideal Jawa (India) Ltd. This company was based in Mysore (Karnataka). The manufacturing factory was inaugurated in 1961 by the then Maharaja of Mysore, H.H Sri Jayachamaraja Wadiyar. Later in 1973, the Jawa bikes were sold under the brand name Yezdi – Forever bike, Forever value. In the year 1996, the company had to shut down its operations due to labor issues and strict pollution norms which really impacted the heavy two-stroked engines of the Jawa Bikes.

    Forward to 2018, thanks to Mahindra for resurrecting Jawa Bikes in India. The company that is handling Jawa motorcycles manufacturing in India is a company owned by Mahindra and is named Classic Legends. Initially, there were three Jawa bikes launched namely – Jawa Classic, Jawa 42, and Jawa Perak. These Motorcycles have given a tough competition to its rival company Royal Enfield which had a monopoly in the segment of retro motorcycles for over two decades.

    The Jawa Classic motorcycle is the main motorcycle by Classic Legends which keeps the legacy design of the old Jawa Yezdi Bikes. Jawa 42 bike is the real game-changer here, with its sporty stance while keeping the original looks of the old Jawa. Classic Legends have really done a great job out here. While the third bike, the Jawa Perak is a Bobber Styled bike that just has one seat. Jawa Perak gets its name from the old Jawa Perak bike which was launched after the war-torn Czechoslovakia. As per the company website, it is said that the Jawa Perak was built in secrecy by the then Jawa engineers under the nose of the Nazis. Jawa Perak was then applauded as a historical marvel, post the European war, and played a great role in Jawa’s success story.

    That was a brief history of the Jawa Bikes, how they came into existence and what made them shut their operations in India. Now let’s jump right into the article where we will first cover the aspects involved and my experience of buying a Jawa 42 bike and then I’ll jump to a comprehensive Jawa Bike Review. We will cover all the aspects of Jawa 42 bike like its mileage, handling, and everything involved when you buy a Jawa. So, folks, if you want to grab your coffee/tea this is the right time because this is going to be a long post. Read on.

    Jawa Bikes Purchase And Delivery Guide.

    So, friends, you have read about the Jawa Bike Review all over the internet and watched all the videos of the bikes and have concluded to buy one. You have now officially inducted yourself on this amazing journey of Jawa Community that has a cult fan following ever since Jawa first emerged in India in the 1960s.

    Fast forward a bit, assuming now you’ve made a booking. Brace yourself, my friend, because you’ve booked your favorite Jawa and now your real patience level will be tested. The usual wait time for a Jawa bike is somewhere around 3-6 months. If you are lucky enough you can sometimes get the bike within a month as well. Especially, when someone ahead of you in the queue cancels or delays his delivery. I had booked a Jawa 42 Bike in October 2019 and it was delivered to me in February 2020.

    1. Booking Process

    Initially when the Jawa Bikes were launched the booking process was only online. Once there were multiple dealerships inaugurated all over India the booking process has now completely moved offline. However, at the time of writing this post, for the Jawa Perak, you can still book it online. There you need to put the address of your nearest dealership in the online form for handling the delivery process. Only the booking amount is to be paid online and the reaming amount of the bike and other charges including the GST is to be given the time of delivery only.

    Once you’ve paid the booking amount whether online or at your nearest dealership you’ll receive a booking certificate like the one shown below in your email inbox. It will have all your booking details like the model of your Jawa Bike, the color you choose, and the booking date.

    Jawa Bike Booking Certificate
    Jawa Bike Booking Certificate

    Important Note: If you notice in the certificate above, it mentions the model as Comet Red. I later got it changed to Nebula Blue. So, it doesn’t matter if you booked a particular color and later changed your mind to some other color the dealership should do this for you.

    2. Delivery Process

    I know how gruesome it is to wait for something you love so much and want to have it so badly. But trust me guys the wait is worth every second. Once you see your new beast in all its glory in front of your eyes you will be flabbergasted just by its sheer beauty and power.

    A week before the delivery is done, the dealership at which you had booked your bike will call and send out an SMS to you for the payment and documentation procedures. Below are the valid documents that you can produce:

    • Aadhar Card or
    • Passport or
    • Pan Card with Electricity Bill and
    • Passport Sized Photographs

    You can either make the payment with a credit card or any other payment service like UPI or Paytm. Generally, dealerships prefer cash payments but I won’t recommend that as in case you’ve some disputes in the future and if you have made an online or card payment you will always have a history of the transaction amount you made to the company or dealership. Online/card payment will definitely help you in the long run. Sometimes there are minimal charges when buying through credit card.

    I myself bought my Jawa 42 with my credit card and I was charged 2% of the amount I paid through the card. But this charge is minimal and if you are using a good credit card that offers higher rewards you will always get great cashback and other deals from the credit card company. However, when you make payment through Debit Card, NEFT, or UPI / Paytm there isn’t any charge and you just have to pay the on-road price of the bike.

    The final bill can vary drastically based on the state you are buying the bike. As the road taxes and other charges are different for every state. Below are some charges that are included in the final billing amount:

    • Ex-showroom price of the bike
    • State Road Tax
    • Insurance Amount.
    • Handling and Transportation Charges.
    • SGST + CGST

    For the Jawa 42 Dual Channel ABS, it cost me around 1,94,000 Indian Rupees. I had purchased the bike in Mumbai and took the delivery in February 2020. The total cost can drastically change based on the insurance you are opting for. I had two options at my dealership, either to go with 5 years of comprehensive insurance or 1 year comprehensive + 4 years only third party.

    These days it is mandatory to get an insurance right from the dealership as it is illegal to drive on the Indian roads without having insurance. The difference between the comprehensive and third-party is that in comprehensive the insurance is for both you and someone getting injured by your bike. But in third-party insurance, only the person hit by your bike is insured and not you.

    So, if you could shed some extra money it is always advisable to go with the comprehensive insurance. The comprehensive insurance that my dealership was offering for 5 years, it raised the ex-showroom price of my Jawa 42 Dual Channel ABS to somewhere around 2,02,000 Rupees.

    Finally, after all the payments, insurance, and months of waiting you will now be handed over two pairs of keys of your very own Jawa bike. And you bet my friend, that indeed will be one of the most exhilarating moments of your life.

    The warmth of the new seats, the feel of the handlebars, the roar of the bike after the first crank, man you will feel content of your decision for waiting all these months. Everything will feel worthwhile.

    3. Pre Delivery Inspection Checklist For Your Jawa Bike

    Well, now you’ve got the keys of your Jawa Bike and can’t resist taking it for a spin. But before that, the most major part is to do a Pre-Delivery checkup of your bike. It is the most vital thing that you should do in order to avoid any hassles at a later stage. Following is a checklist that I’ve compiled that will help you do some basic checkup.

    • The engine should crank up in the first self-start. Well considering the battery is new it should be well charged to fire up the engine.
    • Check the paint job. If you see any scratches out-rightly ask the dealership to get it fixed.
    • Check for any rusting in the joints were nut bolts are affixed.
    • Keep the engine on and investigate for any oil leaks or loose screws because of the vibrations.
    • Once you turn on the bike make sure the needle inside the instrument cluster touches the end measurement and comes back to zero. This is to make sure the ECU is operating properly.
    • Sound the horn and check if it is audible properly.
    • Check the indicator lamps and the headlamp both in dipper mode and normal mode. There is one small lamp (as per AHO regulation norms) that is always on, make sure of that as well.
    • Check the odometer it shouldn’t be more than 0-10 km, considering some factory testing and transportation distance.
    • Give a little rev and check the sound coming from the silencers are proper and there’s no dust accumulated.
    • Don’t hesitate to take it for a small spin to check the handlebars response and alignment while riding.
    • Check the tire pressure.
    • Ensure the dealer has given adequate fuel in the bike to at least ride the bike to the nearest petrol pump.

    So, friends, these are a few points that will ensure a safer and timely delivery. It will also help you avoid any issues at later stages. I hope you enjoy the ride on your new Jawa Bike for years to come and make the most of it.

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    Jawa Bike Review – Jawa 42 Bike Owner’s Review

    Jawa 42 Bike Review
    Jawa 42 Review

    In January 2019, I had made a goal to buy a motorcycle anyhow by the end of the year. But after watching hundreds of videos on YouTube and reading reviews of multiple motorcycles I narrowed down my choice to KTM 250. I kinda had made 90% of my mind that I’ll go with this bike only, but wasn’t still 100% sure. I had seen Jawa 42 bike reviews as well but it didn’t entice me much.

    One fine day I was walking along with my friends near my home in Pune, and we saw a Lumos Lime Jawa 42 right there in front of us. It was during June 2019, back when the first batch of Jawa was getting delivered to its owners. I was so fascinated by its design and build that I decided to go for a test ride ASAP. I still hadn’t made my mind on buying a motorcycle but I just had an urge to get a test ride.

    A month later finally I lifted my lazy butt and just went over to the nearest Jawa Bike Showroom in Pune, Baner. This bike showroom is built right next to a Royal Enfield Showroom, a great marketing strategy by Classic Legends. I filled up a form with my details and submitted my license for a test ride and they gave me a key of Jawa 42 Lumos Lime. The moment I cranked up the engine it came to life. Man, I was so amazed, minimal vibrations, the throttle response was fabulous. The bike religiously took all your commands, I was so enthralled that I just wanted to blast off with it. I was now 100 percent sure, that I will buy a Jawa 42 bike.

    Fast forward four months, it was October 2019, I had saved some money to book the Jawa 42 Dual Channel ABS. I didn’t want to take it on finance that’s why I waited for some time. Then the time started were your patience level is tested. All I used to do, while waiting for the delivery of my Jawa 42 bike, was going over Jawa Bike groups on Facebook and liking, commenting on posts of people sharing their Jawa Bikes delivery pictures and videos. These posts only kept my patience level intact, as I also wanted to feel the same. I also wanted to experience taking the delivery of this beast and giving my perspective by doing a Jawa Bike Review.

    Finally, its February 2020, I receive a call from my dealership saying that ‘your bike is here, you can come and take the delivery’. I was at cloud nine. My patience level was about to break but this call was a blessing. I did all the formalities and made the payment through credit card and the bike was delivered to me the same day. While riding the bike to my home, there were many eyes batting at my new Jawa 42 Bike, that feeling was something else in itself.

    So, folks, this is how I bought a Jawa 42 Bike. I’m sure you will relate to it If you are a Jawa Bike owner or if you are going to be one. Well, the most awaited thing that you’ve been waiting to know is here. Now I’m going to share a detailed Jawa Bike Review of Jawa 42 Dual Channel ABS.

    1. Build and Design

    As I have mentioned earlier, it was a love at first sight. The moment I saw a Jawa 42 with my naked eyes I had made up my mind of owning one. This bike is quite sturdy and most part of its body is made up of metal. It weighs around 170 Kg which helps it stick to the ground more firmly and doesn’t feel heavier while riding and cornering. I’m 5 feet 6 inches tall and I can easily rest both my feet on the ground. So, this would be an ideal choice for short riders like me.

    The Jawa 42 bike features wide handlebars that I felt very comfortable with while riding. It gives you high maneuverability capabilities, even a slight lean or turn of the handlebars will help you glide through traffic very easily. The wide handlebars also give you a sporty stance while riding. Your back is leaned at some angle towards the front of the motorcycle and this weight is supported by the arms. This can cause fatigue during long rides but I cannot comment as I haven’t rode that long enough yet.

    2. Paint Job – Jawa 42 Bike Review

    I have to say the Jawa 42 bike has some of the nicest color options to choose from. I bought the Nebula Blue variant. The paint job done is of top-notch quality especially the Jawa Logo on the tank gives a great sense of pride. I personally feel the Nebula Blue and the Jawa Logo color perfectly contrast each other and is the best combination. The paint job done on Jawa 42 is amazing but it attracts a lot of dust. It is better if you do a ceramic coating for a long-lasting shine.

    3. Engine

    The Jawa Classic and Jawa 42 Bike both are equipped with a 293 CC engine that produces a max torque of 28NM. I have to say while riding this beast you’ll feel its power. The initial power is somewhat lower but the mid-range power of the engine just wants you to pull it harder and harder. It can be a cumbersome task to glide through city traffic. I myself was tired once pressing the clutch again and again in a heavy traffic situation. I’ve to admit this engine is not made for the city traffics. It is made to roar on the highways.

    With great power comes great responsibilities. To maintain the cool of the engine the Jawa bike is also powered by a liquid coolant radiator. It kicks in every time the engine loses its cool and produces more power. This is the most important equipment in the bike and it prevents engine stalling. The radiator is designed in such a way that even if you have turned off your bike after a long ride, it keeps cooling the engine for a few minutes. So, don’t worry about that it is very normal.

    4. Gear Box

    The Jawa Bikes comes equipped with a 6-speed transmission box. It gives enough capabilities to ride the bike in multiple conditions. When the bike is on first and second gear it does need some extra rev to pull the bike in motion. I felt the engine thumping and stalling in low gears if adequate rev isn’t given. In the mid gears when I was cruising at 60-90 KMPH this bike felt like a hot knife on butter. It felt so smooth and there was hardly any vibration that I could feel. Riding on the 6th gear I didn’t felt any extra power. I feel it is just there to loosen some tension on the gearbox without losing the power.

    5. Exhaust – Jawa 42 Bike Review

    The Jawa Classic and Jawa 42 bike both have a dual silencer even though the engine is a single cylinder. The dual silencers are just to maintain the aesthetics and looks of the old Jawa. In any way, they don’t hinder the performance or mileage of the motorcycle from my point of view. The exhaust note of the Jawa Bikes is one of its kind. It produces a unique sound that isn’t so loud and thumping and at the same time gives a unique identity to Jawa. Obviously we won’t get the original sound of the old 2 stroked engines, but it is different in its own way.

    Jawa 42 Review – Exhaust Note

    One nice feature we get with the Jawa bikes exhaust is that they come with a dB Killer. This dB killer can be adjusted to up to 5 levels to achieve different sound levels of the exhaust. Isn’t that great?

    6. Seats

    Well, the seat design on the Jawa Classic and Jawa 42 bike really complements the looks of the motorcycles. But, I’ve to admit the comfort is not the best. It is even worse for the pillion. I myself was sitting on the pillion seat for about an hour while my brother was riding. My butt ached like I was sitting on a plywood. As far as the rider’s seat is confirmed I once rode for about 40 Kms continuously and I didn’t really feel the hardness. But many people have complained that it is not suitable for long rides. So, it is advisable you add some extra cushioning while going for long rides. Also, there’s no backrest for pillion safety so you might need an additional backrest separately.

    7. Suspension

    The front suspension is a Telescopic Hydraulic Fork and the rear is a Gas Canister – Twin Shock Hydraulic. While riding the bike on the highway I didn’t felt much and the suspensions worked flawlessly. However, the rear suspension I feel is a little on the stiffer end. Because when I was taking over some hump heads I felt the jerk on my back most of the time. Whereas the front suspension is quite responsive. I did some cornering at high speeds and rode on some off-road patches and it handled them perfectly maintaining the wheel positions and not jerking your hands off the handlebars.

    8. Braking Power

    If you are purchasing a Dual Channel ABS variant then you’ll get Dia 280mm Disc With Floating Caliper ABS in both the front and rear wheel. If you are opting for a Single Channel ABS then in the rear wheel you’ll get a 153 mm Drum Brakes. I’ve a Dual Channel ABS Variant and I have to say the brakes are of top-notch quality. They are very responsive and give you enough confidence while riding at high speed. If you can shed some extra money I would suggest you to go with Dual Channel ABS only. Drum Brakes are not the most efficient braking systems. Due to friction they easily burn out and can stop working in situations when excessively used.

    9. Tyres – Jawa Bike Review

    The Jawa Classic and Jawa 42 features a 90/90 – 18 Front Tyre and 120/80 – 17 Rear Tyre. Both the front and rear are tube tyres and are supported by aluminum spokes. The tyres perform quite good enough on asphalt but I couldn’t test them on wet surfaces. The aluminum spokes highly complement the Jawa bikes’ aesthetics. It perfectly matches the chrome finishing of the bike and gives the bike an amazing retro look. The spoke wheels are also more shock absorbent than alloy wheels and will help you better in off-road rides. That is why you’ll see many ATV motorcycles are equipped with spoked rims.

    10. Mileage – Kitna Dete Hai Bhai?

    The last and foremost thing and also the most important aspect of the Jawa bike review – The Mileage. I had once done the check, this was before first servicing, I had topped up fuel for 500 rupees and did a round trip of around 90 km easily. I mostly drove on a freeway while a few km in traffic (around 10-15 km). Later on, the next day, while I was doing the measurements, I checked the tank and there was enough fuel left to do the same trip again. After doing some math I came to a magical number 31 km/l. Which I feel will definitely improve after first servicing.

    Unfortunately, my Jawa 42 Bike’s first servicing is pending because of the Lockdown. I’ll definitely update this article with the latest numbers once the lockdown is over.

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    Conclusion – Jawa 42 Bike Review

    After ruling the retro motorcycle segment for more than two decades, now I can say Royal Enfield has finally got some competition. I have rode a Royal Enfield Classic as well and I’ve to say in terms of modern features, performance, and aesthetics, Jawa is way more better. Trust me I’m not saying this because I own it but I’ve experienced it. I would suggest you too take a test ride of bikes from both brands if you are in a dilemma and then only jump to any conclusions.

    Overall the Jawa Classic and Jawa 42 bikes are a true masterpiece in the retro segment. Jawa has definitely disrupted the Indian motorcycle market. Considering the issues which people have reported in online forums like rusting issues, battery problems, lambda sensor issues, etc., fortunately, I didn’t face any such issue, touch wood. These might be the issues with the first batch of Jawa delivered in the market. I’ve hardly seen people who recently got there Jawa bikes complaining about it. This signifies that the company is really listening to the Jawa community and rectifying issues with the upcoming batches.

    So, folks, I think I’ve covered enough aspects regarding the purchase process involved in Jawa Bikes and a comprehensive Jawa Bike Review from my perspective. I have jotted down everything that I know and have experienced. I hope this information will be useful to you.

    Till next time. Enjoy your ride and always wear All Gears All Time. Cheers!

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  • Best Mobile Holder For Bike And Scooty In India [2020]
  • With the advent of GPS technology and its culmination with the smartphone devices people can navigate wherever the want. You won’t be lost this days easily if you have a mobile phone. Google maps and other navigation services have made it easier for the user to travel to any destination that they wish. Because of this we always need to keep a mobile holder for bike always handy, in order to be on the right path always.

    A bike mobile holder is the most crucial thing these days if you are touring or just running some errands on some unknown roads. There are many phone holders for bikes, some are basic ones and some are quipped with charging facility as well. So, you won’t have to worry about the mobile phones’ battery running out.

    So, folks, today we’ve handpicked and reviewed some of the best mobile holder for bike that you can buy online right away. Without any further ado, let’s just jump right into the list.

    Best Mobile Holders For Bike With Charger

    1. BOBO Jaw-Grip Aluminium Waterproof

    best phone holder for bike in India

    This bike mobile holder is a beast. It is sturdy in build, provides a great grip to your mobile phone even in the hardest of the vibrations. It can easily hold a smartphone ranging from a screen size of 4.0 inches to 6.5 inches. So you don’t have to worry about the mobile’s screen size that you own. It can easily grip almost any phone that is available in the market these days.

    The most salient feature of this mobile holder for bike is its ability to charge your phone while you are riding. You don’t ever have to worry running out of juice ever. You can even use this charging port to charge your GoPro on the go.

    For installation, it comes along with a rear-view mirror mount which can be affixed along with the rearview mirror. This bike mobile holder is also provided with a metal buckle that can be used to install on bike handlebars as easily. As per the waterproof feature is concerned, this mobile holder can withstand light rains without its components being damaged.

    • Sturdy build and design.
    • It can hold all sizes of mobile phones.
    • Provides 360-degree rotation.
    • Waterproof.
    • Fast charging capability.
    • 6 Months warranty provided.
    • Self-installation could be difficult.

    2. BOBO Claw-Grip Aluminium Waterproof

    best bike phone holder

    This is another great bike mobile holder from BOBO. It features a claw grip unlike the jaw grip in the previously mentioned mobile holder. There isn’t much difference as compared to the gripping capacity of both the mobile holders for bike. However, this claw gripped mobile holder for bike is made up of aluminum completely unlike the previous one which has some plastic components.

    Claw Grip provides a higher level of grip and sturdiness. It is more durable as it is completely made up of aluminum.

    The only short-come we can think of this bike mobile holder is that it doesn’t feature a mobile charging port. Otherwise, it is a great buy and supports all kinds of mobile sizes. It is also waterproof to some extent as the company claims.

    • Anti-slip silicone grip for sturdy grip.
    • Waterproof.
    • Full Aluminium metal body.
    • Easy to install.
    • Supports all major screen sizes.
    • No charging port.

    Our Verdict:

    Grip wise both are good. Claw Grip has better sturdiness as it made of aluminum, but the Jaw Grip mobile holder is the best mobile holder for bike in this category as it features fast charging capabilities as well. So we would recommend going with the Jaw Grip one as it features QC 3.0 fast charging technology which is first in its class and can charge your mobile in an instant. If you really want to save a few extra 100 bucks and mobile charging isn’t a deal-breaker for you, this is the best then.

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    3. Grand Pitstop Claw-Grip Mobile Holder Mount with Charger

    bike phone holder with charger

    The Grand Pitstop claw grip mobile holder mount is the best mobile holder for bike from our point of view for this price range. It has a sturdy claw grip and a rubber gasket pullover that grips the mobile very tightly, making you ride without worrying about your mobile falling even at higher speeds.

    It features a waterproof mobile charging port that offers a 5V/2A charging capability that can easily charge a 4000 mah battery within 2 hrs. This bike mobile holder is completely made of aluminum with silicon padded grips that will hold your mobile phone like lovers in each other’s arm.

    This mobile holder can support screen sizes ranging from 4 inches to 6.5 inches. Also, it comes with a dual USB cable that can either be used for a micro USB charger or an Apple iPhone lighting cable. For now, there’s no Type C cable provided, but you can always get one Type C cable easily online. (Checkout Type-C Cable on Amazon)

    • Full Aluminium Body.
    • Rubber gasket provided for extra grip.
    • Micro-USB + Lightning Port both provided.
    • Waterproof charging ports.
    • Fast charging mechanism.
    • Sturdy grips and padding.
    • Installation may require some help for newbies.
    • Type C cable not provided.

    Our Verdict:

    Considering the features this mobile holder is offering it definitely is one of the best mobile holder for bike in India. It is slightly on the higher budget but it offers all the features that a bike mobile holder should have. It tightly grips the mobile phone and will keep it still in the highest of the crosswinds when riding on a highway. This is a bang for the buck.

    4. Grand Pitstop Jaw-Grip Waterproof Bike Mobile Holder Mount with Charger

    best mobile phone holder with charger

    Another great bike mobile holder from Grand Pitstop, that is ideal for anyone who wants to save a few 100 bucks and is ready to compromise on the quality of the materials used.

    It has all the same features as the claw gripped mobile holder from Grand Pitstop. The only difference is it doesn’t sport an aluminum body. Apart from that, it has all the same features like waterproof charging port, 5V/2A charging port, and other stuffs.

    • Waterproof charging port.
    • Can support multiple sized devices.
    • Firm grip.
    • It can rotate 360 degrees.
    • Plastic body.
    • Micro-USB or lightning ports cable not provided.

    Our Verdict:

    If you really want to save like 100 rupees then only go for this bike mobile holder, because at 100 bucks more the claw gripped mobile holder from Grand Pitstop offers much better features like having an aluminum body, rubber gasket for tighter grips, much sturdy design and on top of all this there is a micro-USB to lightning port cable provided inside the box. This alone would cost a few extra hundred bucks.

    Mobile Holder For Bike X-GRIP Styled With Charger

    5. Autofy X-Grip Bike Mobile Charger & Phone Holder Bike Mobile Holder

    mobile phone holder for bike

    Well if you are looking for something in the budget segment then this one is the best mobile holder for bike. It offers an X shaped silicon padded grips that hold the mobile phone quite sturdily. There is a waterproof padding for the charging port that protects it in rain. This charging port provides a 5V/2A charging output that can easily charge a battery of 4000 mah within 2 hours.

    One great feature about this bike mobile holder we liked is its quick mounting and unmounting feature. The Autofy X-Grip comes with a double ball design so that you can detach the cradle and take it with you whenever you are parking your bike for a longer duration.

    • Waterproof.
    • Fast charging port.
    • Budget-friendly.
    • Easy to install.
    • On-Off charging switch with led indicator.
    • Not so firm grip.

    Our Verdict:

    Overall this is a great mobile holder at the price range it is offered at. It is highly affordable and provides all the basic requirements of a bike mobile holder like a waterproof charging port and silicon padded for firm gripping of the mobile. For a starter pack motorcycle accessories this the go-to option every motorcyclist should have.

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    6. Allxpert X-Grip Bike Mobile Charger & Phone Holder

    bike mobile holder with charger

    One more great addition in the best mobile holder for bike in the budget is this one from Allxpert. It offers the same amount of features as the previous mobile holder. This one also has an X-Grip styled holder that gives a good grip to the mobile. The major advantage of this design is that it can hold smaller phones as well starting from a screen size of 3.5 inches as well.

    It has a plastic base with waterproof casing for charging port and can be rotated in all 360-degree directions. The mobile charging gives the same output of 5V/2A power that is ample for charging any mobile phone easily.

    • Easy to install.
    • Waterproof charging ports.
    • It can be rotated 360 degrees.
    • Value for money.
    • Supports multiple sized phones.
    • Not recommended for high speeds.

    Our Verdict:

    Overall this Allxpert bike mobile holder has all the features for a budget mobile holder. It is equipped with a waterproof charging compartment and can be twisted in any direction as per our needs. This is definitely a bang for the buck at this budget.

    7. Chevik X-Grip Bike Phone Holder with Charger Waterproof

    bike mobile holder with charger

    Another X-Grip styled bike mobile holder that we are including in this list is one from the brand Chevik. It is slightly higher in terms of budget as compared to the above mentioned X-Grip mobile holders. But it highly justifies that because the Chevik X-GRIP is made of high strength composite and stainless steel with silicone rubber tips to hold the device firmly.

    Chevik also offers a 6 months warranty that gives you a peace of mind in case any malfunctioning happens with the device.

    Just like other mobile holder for bike it also offers a waterproof charging compartment, 360-degree rotation, silicon body for firm grips, etc.

    • Good quality material used.
    • Firm grip.
    • Supports multiple phone sizes.
    • 6 months warranty.
    • Waterproof charging case.
    • The price could be dropped a bit.

    Our Verdict:

    This is a great buy if you are looking for something in the mid-range as it offers all the basic features like waterproof casing, fast charging, and X-Grips for firm grips. Also, it provides a 6 months warranty that will give you some peace of mind. But if this warranty isn’t a deal-breaker for you and you want to save some money then definitely go for the X-Grip styles bike mobile holders mentioned above.

    Our Choice For The Best Bike Mobile Holder

    8. CHEVIK GET ADDICTED U-Grip Bike Mobile Mount Holder Waterproof

    best bike mobile holder

    This mobile holder is a must-have if you don’t care for the budget and is looking for something premium. It offers all the top-notch features and it made up of premium materials to keep your phone safe and sound in the harshest of the conditions. The bike mobile holder offers U-Grip styled holder which acts just like a regular mobile holder with a very firm grip. The design is so good that all the buttons are easily accessible.

    The best feature about this Chevik Bike Mobile Holder is that it is equipped with a waterproof and dustproof Qualcomm 3.0 Fast charging technology. Which provides a power output of 3 amps that can charge your mobile phone in a jiffy.

    • Sturdy design and looks.
    • Provides firm grip.
    • Waterproof casing.
    • Easy to install.
    • Premium materials used.
    • Comes with micro-USB and lightning cable.
    • 6 months warranty.
    • Super fast charging with 3 amps output.
    • Type C cable could be provided.
    • Price a bit higher.

    Our Verdict:

    If you want something once and for all without any second thoughts then this is the best mobile holder for bike in India that we could discover at this moment. The Qualcomm 3.0 fast charging capabilities with 3 amps power output is one of its kind and is hardly found in bike mobile holder. You should definitely go for this one if the budget isn’t a constraint for you. A bang for the buck.

    Waterproof Mobile Holder With Zip Pouch For Overall Protection

    9. Ceuta Retails® Waterproof Bike Rear View Mirror Mount Zip Pouch Stand 

    mobile holder for bike mobile pouch

    Most of the time you may need an overall protection that protects even your phone from rain and dust. Well, then you need to end your search right here. The Ceuta Retails Waterproof mobile pouch is the best mobile holder for bike with complete protection that is available right now.

    It comes with a complete mobile pouch that can hold a mobile phone up to 6 inches in size. It is completely waterproof so you can enjoy your rides on uncharted roads even in the rains.

    However, this bike mobile holder doesn’t feature mobile charging capability. But considering its price range that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for many. The main selling point of this bike mobile holder is that it can be used in heavy rains. It comes with only a rearview mirror mount holder, hence it is easy to install and it also provides an ability to rotate 360 degrees.

    • Waterproof pouch for mobile.
    • Easy to install.
    • Sturdy build.
    • Can support multiple phone size.
    • 360-degree rotatable mount.
    • Value for money.
    • No charging port.

    Our Verdict:

    Well, this is the only bike mobile holder we could find out that provides a mobile pouch for the overall protection of the phone. The touch sensitivity of the transparent cover on top is good and quite responsive. However, there might be a slight difficulty when viewing the screen in direct sunlight. But then this mobile holder is definitely made keeping in mind rains and if you were looking for one that can keep your phone dry, then just go for this one. It is well within the budget and won’t put a hole in your pocket.

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    There are hundreds of bike phone holders this day and we know choosing the right one could be very difficult. You must make a decision considering the riding conditions you are going to ride in. If you are mostly gonna ride for city commutes then a budget X-Grip styled would do the job for you. If you are looking for something that can accompany you for your long rides over the weekend or a trip in the mountains then go for the ones that provide a firm grip and has a good quality charging capability.

    We hope now you are in a better position to choose the best mobile holder for your bike as per your needs. In case you need any help please feel free to comment below and we would be happy to get your query resolved.

    Till then, ride safe and always wear All Gears All Time. Cheers!

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  • Top 9 Best Riding Jackets In India Review [2020 Edition]
  • Riding Jackets is one of the most important safety gear that a motorcyclist should always wear. As we keep on uttering our moto all the time, i.e. AGAT – All Gear All Time, you must wear a riding jacket doesn’t matter if you are going to your office, weekend ride and even when going for grocery shopping. Wearing a bike jacket should be made a habit like wearing a helmet. This article will cover most of the best riding jackets in India that you can purchase online.

    A bike-riding jacket should be well built and must be made of high abrasion-resistant materials. It should also have good quality absorption materials at high impact zones like shoulders, elbows, chest, and back. All these aspects are very important when choosing a riding jacket as it can really help in an unprecedented situation and help save us from injuries.

    So folks, keeping the above-mentioned aspects of riding jackets we’ll try to cover as much detail as possible. In this review, we will cover the Rynox riding jacket, some of the Royal Enfield Jackets, and other popular motorcycle riding jackets as well. We hope you enjoy this review and are in a better position, post-reading this article, to make a decision on buying the best riding jacket in India. Read on.

    In case you are in a hurry, we have summarized the best from our list in the below table.

    Our Pick From The Best Riding JacketsRatingAmazon Link
    1. Raida TourBine Riding Jacket★★★★★Check Price on Amazon
    2. MOTOTECH Trailblazer TourPro Jacket★★★Check Price on Amazon
    3. BIKING BROTHERHOOD Xplorer Grey Jacket★★★★★Check Price on Amazon
    4. Rynox Urban Designer Riding Jacket★★★★Check Price on Amazon
    5. Royal Enfield Khardung La Riding Jacket★★★★★Check Price on Amazon

    Rynox Riding Jackets In India

    1. Rynox Urban Designer Riding Jacket

    Best Rynox Riding Jackets India

    As the name suggests this Rynox riding jacket is made for the urban life. It is the most suitable biker jacket that is there which can be used as a riding jacket for daily commutes and your highway rides as well. It is made up of a high-quality 3D mesh technology that is highly abrasion resistant and provides ample air ventilation as well.

    This Rynox riding jacket comes equipped with the following three construction layers:

    Upper main mesh layer

    Rain Inner Liner (Detachable)

    Winter Inner Liner (Detachable)

    In terms of safety Rynox has taken utmost care with this jacket. It comes equipped with CE Level 2 protectors for Elbow, Shoulders, and Back, the most high impact zones. in case you love to ride in the dark then this Rynox Jacket has taken care of that as well it comes with retro-reflective panels on chest, arms, and back. This feature is really useful at night time when the visibility is low and help other drivers see you clearly.

    • Comes with rain and winter liners.
    • CE Level 2 protectors provided.
    • Mesh outer layer.
    • Reflector Panels for Night Riding.
    • Amazing Looks and Fitting.
    • Limited color options.

    Our Verdict:

    The Rynox Urban Riding Jacket is the best entry-level jacket that any biker could get. It provides all the basic necessitates of a riding jacket like Level 2 CE protectors at high impact zones and comes equipped with inner rain and winter liners so you don’t have to give a second thought when it’s raining or snowing. Just get into your jacket and ride on. This jacket is definitely a bang for the buck.

    2. Rynox Tornado Riding Jacket

    Rynox Riding Jacket

    Another great riding jacket from the Rynox family which is slightly higher in terms of both price and safety than the Urban Jacket. The higher price is justified by giving higher quality protectors for high impact zones and other small stuffs.

    The Rynox Tornado Riding Jacket is made up of superior quality 3D mesh that is very well ventilated. It is made up of INVISTA Cordura® panels with Rynox ImpacTech construction which the company claims provides higher abrasion resistance in case of sliding in a crash.

    Regarding Safety protectors, it comes with KNOX CE Level 2 Protectors for both Elbow and Shoulders. For back protection it is quipped with Safe-Tech CE level 2 protectors, an Italian brand. The Rynox Tornado Jacket comes with detachable inner winter and rain liners. It has 3 Cargo pockets to carry important stuff and can easily hold our mobile phones in it safely.

    • Comes with KNOX CE Level 2 Protectors.
    • Provides Chest Protector compartment.
    • Mesh outer layer in well ventilated.
    • Pants connection zipper provided.
    • Dual stitching on high impact zones.
    • Color options.
    • Chest Protector needs to be purchased separately.

    Our Verdict:

    If you have some extra budget and are ready to spend some extra bucks on your safety, then we would definitely recommend this Rynox Riding Jacket to you. It is the perfect companion for your adventure and weekend rides. This Jacket has the best protectors and durable material to protect you in the harshest of the situations. So if you are good with the budget and looking for something in the range of 9K … just go for it!!

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    Riding Jackets By Raida In India

    3. Raida TourBine Riding Jacket

    Best Riding Jackets India
    Best Raida Ridding Jackets In India

    Another top brand among the motorcycling community is Raida. Raida produces some of the most durable motorcycle riding accessories that people can rely on with utmost faith. The main highlight of this motorcycle riding jacket is its sheer design. It very well made with mesh outer later and provides reflective coating all around the jacket for night riding.

    This Raida Riding Jacket weighs around 1 kg and feels quite sturdy and lighter at the same time. For the elbow and the shoulders it CE level 2 SasTech (A German Company) protectors. It comes with a basic EVA Foam protector for back and chest which is like a rubber material but much softer and better. The EVA Foam does the job but isn’t that safe. But if you have some extra money to invest you can upgrade it to CE Level 2 protectors which is highly recommended.

    There is only one inner liner provided which can be reversed and used as a rain liner as well as a winter liner. Ain’t that innovative, well that’s how you save money. 🙂

    • Amazing Design.
    • Reflective Panels at major areas.
    • CE Level 2 Protectors for elbows and shoulders.
    • Reversible inner liner.
    • Comes with chest protector out of the box
    • Back and Chest protectors could be better.

    Our Verdict:

    Considering the price range it is offered at, if compared to Rynox Urban Riding Jacket it is 1000 Rupees less. And if few things are neglected like EVA foam for back protection compared to a CE Level 2 in Rynox Urban, then this bike Raida Riding Jacket is a great value for money. It even offers a chest protector at this price. Even though it isn’t of the best standards, but having something is better than nothing. If you want to save some bucks and invest it in other gears then go for this riding jacket for sure, will help you enjoy your weekday commutes to weekend-long rides.

    Riding Jackets By MOTOTECH in India

    4. MOTOTECH Trailblazer TourPro Jacket

    Best Riding Jackets In India Online

    You will be surprised what this Riding Jacket has to offer in the budget it is offered at. We ourselves were stunned after going through the details of MOTOTECH Trailblazer Riding Jacket. This is perfect for any adventure rider who is looking for something and want to explore the uncharted roads.

    When it comes to safety we shouldn’t compromise at this motorcycle riding jacket from MOTOTECH has taken care of that pretty well. It provides an overall CE Level 2 protectors of elbow, shoulders, and back as well. Isn’t that amazing.

    Some of the salient key features of this motorbike riding jackets are:

    Reflective Panels For High Visibility In Dark Conditions.

    6 Port Air Ventilation System – 2 Upper Chest, 2 Upper Arms, and 2 Upper Back.

    This riding jacket has taken care of the utmost things like air ventilation, reflective panels and also provides an outer rain protector that will help you in any riding conditions.

    • CE Level 2 Protectors at all impact zones.
    • Reflective Panels for Night Rides.
    • 6 Ports air vent system.
    • Perfect for adventure touring.
    • Durable and High-Quality material used.
    • Great value for money.
    • N/A

    Our Verdict:

    You must have seen we couldn’t think of any Cons as the price range in which this motorcycle riding jacket falls in, we cannot complain much. It offers quality and safety that is at par with premium motorcycle gears brand. If you want something that will withstand all the harsh conditions that mother nature has to offer you have it right here. Just go for this one blindly and you won’t regret your choice.

    5. MOTOTECH Scrambler Air Motorcycle Riding Jacket

    Best Riding Jackets In India

    The Scrambler Air motorcycle Riding Jacket from MOTOTECH is another great choice if you want to explore more from this brand. This jacket is a very compact one and has a sleek design. This will definitely attract the college youth who want some style and safety to carry along with them.

    Regarding safety it comes with CE Level 1 Certified armors for elbow and shoulder protection. For back it has EVA foam padding, which isn’t the safest option. It features reflective pipes all around the jacket for your visibility to other drivers on the road during night time.

    • Great design.
    • Snug Fitting.
    • Various color options.
    • Good for city commutes.
    • Detachable Inner Rain and Thermal Liner.
    • Basic protection level.
    • Mesh quality could be better.

    Our Verdict:

    This MOTOTECH riding jacket offers basic CE Level 1 certified armors and is only good for city commutes. We wouldn’t recommend this if you are planning to take this for highway rides. Considering the price it is listed at we would recommend you go with the Raida Turbine or if you got some extra bucks to spare, go with Rynox Urban Jacket. Well if you still have some fondness with colors you can definitely stick with this, not a bad option.

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    Riding Jackets By BBH In India

    6. BIKING BROTHERHOOD Xplorer Grey Jacket

    Best BBH Riding Jackets Review India

    How could one miss Biking Brotherhood Jackets when discussing about the best riding jackets in India. BBH has formed a great bond among the motorcycle community in India just by the sheer quality and top-notch safety of its products. BIKING BROTHERHOOD Xplorer Grey Jacket is a tiny missile. It features all the premium features at affordable price.

    This BBH Xplorer Riding Jacket Weighs around 2.75 Kg and has quite a sturdy build. It comes with mixed corduroy and mesh panels that make it an ideal choice of bikers for all seasons. It comes only with an inner rain liner and no thermal liner is provided, but that isn’t a deal-breaker considering the weather of India. The Adjustment strap at hips, adjustment tab at collar, upper arms, and cuffs help in snug fitting of the jacket and holds it properly.

    As far as safety is concerned this motorbike riding jacket offers basic CE Level 1 protectors for elbow, shoulders, and back as well. This Biking Brotherhood bike jacket also features a 3M reflective piping in front and back for high visibility while night riding.

    • Great Design.
    • Inner rain liner provided.
    • High-Quality Mesh Material used.
    • CE Level 1 protectors provided.
    • Great customer support.
    • Reflective piping.
    • Armors could be provided of a higher level.

    Our Verdict:

    The BBH Xplorer Jacket is a great choice to start with if you are new to riding. It is also good for a city commute or your office/college ride as it provides basic CE Level 1 armor and an inner rain liner. If you are considering it for your weekend rides you can also go ahead with it but in case you like to ride fast and mostly ride on highways we wouldn’t recommend it considering the safety level of armors it offers. Overall all it is a great product at this price range.

    7. Biking Brotherhood Ladakh All Season Riding Jacket

    Best Riding Jacket India

    Now we are talking, if there’s any Biking Brotherhood Jacket you should be considering if you really want to enjoy your rides carefree then this is the Best Riding Jacket in India for you. It is made up of 3D Mesh materials at the front and the back for unparalleled air ventilation. An Inner rain and thermal liner is also provided with the jacket to let you enjoy during all the beautiful seasons.

    Safety determines the major aspect of a riding jacket and this jacket has everything that you need in this price range. It has all the latest CE Certified Level 2 armors for both elbow and shoulders. But the back protectors could have been better it just comes with a lightweight Flexiform for back protection. There are external metal hard armors as well for extra protection.

    One salient feature of this riding jacket is that it offers a Hydration Back Pocket, which is definitely a feature any one would throw money for but it was a surprise for us too at this price range.

    • Great design and looks.
    • Snug fitting.
    • Hydration Pack pocket.
    • CE Level 2 Armors.
    • Detachable rain and winter liners provided.
    • Reflective panels for night ride safety.
    • Value for money.
    • Back armor could be of a higher level.

    Our Verdict:

    BBH Ladhak Riding Jacket is an overall masterpiece at the price range is sold at. It provides all the great safety features with level 2 CE Certified armors and external metal armors for shoulders. We would highly recommend this motorcycle riding jacket as it is a complete package. The main highlight being the hydration pack pocket, that could really be a lifesaver in certain situation and isn’t available in the majority of premium bike jackets. This is for sure a bang for the buck motorcycle jacket.

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    Royal Enfield Riding Jackets In India Review

    8. Royal Enfield Polyester Olive Riding Jacket

    Best Royal Enfield Jacket India

    Well this article would not have been complete without mentioning some of the Royal Enfield Jackets. There is a huge fan following of Royal Enfield bikes and it gives a great feeling owning one of the beasts. What better could it be than having a complete set of gears all from Royal Enfield only? Well then this motorcycle jacket is definitely for you.

    This Royal Enfield Jacket is widely made with a mesh and corduroy material than makes abrasion resistant to a much better extent but is not at par with the premium ones. However it will protect you from road rash in cases of minor skidding. It offers level 1 Certified armors at elbow and shoulders but an EVA foam only for the back armor.

    Considering the price range this Royal Enfield Jacket falls in, we cannot really complain about this but just for your information this riding jacket doesn’t offer either inner rain liner or warmer. But you can always have an outer raincoat to protect yourself in those situations and this really shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for you, as we see.

    • Great design and looks.
    • Good for summers and can withstand mild winter weather.
    • High-quality materials used.
    • Great for office and college rides.
    • Value for money.
    • Inner warmer liners could be an advantage.

    Our Verdict:

    It is always better if we could get all the highest level certified armors, both inner liners, the best high abrasion-resistant mesh materials but unfortunately that all comes at a cost. This Royal Enfield jacket doesn’t provide all these features but does have an ample amount of features required to be a good riding jacket. Considering the price it is offered at and the brand name that we get, we can really not complain that it doesn’t provide inner liners or has only Level 1 Certified Armors. It definitely one of the best riding jackets in India for your daily commutes to office or college. For sure a bang for the buck.

    9. Royal Enfield Khardung La Riding Jacket

    Best RE Riding Jacket in India

    If you are a die-hard Royal Enfield fan and is looking for some all-season, all-terrain, all-weather Royal Enfield riding jacket then this is the one. It is slightly on the higher price range but is one of the best riding jackets in India for touring.

    This Royal Enfield Jacket is made up of one of the most premium quality material like the PWR 500D Fabric, which is usually found in riding jackets worth or more than 20K. The PWR 500D Fabric is a highly abrasion-resistant material which has a very high melting point that increases its durability exponentially as compared to other materials that are used in other budget riding jackets.

    The elbow and shoulders are equipped with CE Level 1 certified armors and EVA foam for the back armor provides ample protection for all your rides to the hardest of the terrains. It comes along with detachable thermal and inner liners, has 9 water-resistant pockets to keep your bits and bobs safe all the time.

    • Amazing fit and design.
    • Inner Thermal and Rain Liner provided.
    • Huge 9 pocket sets.
    • Premium quality high-abrasion resistant material.
    • CE certified protectors.
    • Adjustable tabs for a personalized fit.
    • Great value for money.
    • Armors protection level could be of a higher level.
    • Less color options.

    Our Verdict:

    This Royal Enfield jacket will be a great companion for your adventurous rides. It offers all-round features of a premium riding jacket. If you are planning for an Overlanding trip and looking for something above budget jackets and below premium ones then this motorcycle riding jacket is for you. A bang for the buck.

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    When it comes to finding the best riding jackets in India it can be a cumbersome task. There are a plethora of brands selling all kinds of jacket and it can be really difficult to choose the one that best suits our needs.

    If you are looking for something for your daily commute to the office then you can easily choose the budget ones that have basic CE level 1 certified armors. An inner rain and thermal liner won’t be necessary for you as those shouldn’t really be a deal-breaker if you are just gonna use for daily rides and short weekend trips. Anyways an inner rain liner won’t keep you that much drier than an outer rain overcoat.

    To suffice the adventure seeker in you, you must shed some extra money to get the high level certified armors. After all, when you are prepping for an Overlanding trip safety should be the first priority.

    Some FAQs Regarding Riding Jackets

    Q. What kind of riding jacket should I buy?

    A. As mentioned in the above list there are numerous riding jackets available online you have to choose the best based on your riding environments and needs. For cold environments prefer a leather or jackets with rain and winter liners. For summer choose mesh jackets.

    Q. I am getting branded riding jackets in way cheaper price here in my local street market should I buy them?

    A. No, please avoid those riding jackets as they are duplicate first copy and won’t provide any protection, the sole purpose of any riding jacket.

    Q. Can I ride with a full-sleeve T-shirt or my hoodie instead of a riding jacket?

    A. Sorry my friend, but riding with a full sleeve t-shirt or hoodie is equivalent to riding without a proper riding jacket. A proper riding jacket is made up of armors and high-quality abrasion-resistant materials to protect you from crash and road-rash that a full-sleeve t-shirt lacks.

    Q. What riding jackets safety standards should I look for?

    A. While testing a riding jacket there are numerous abrasion resistance, impact absorption, sharp object penetration, and burst strength of the jacket is considered. If you find a CE or AS level certification consider yourself in good hands.

    Q. I ride in low-visibility hilly areas and during night time, what feature should I consider in the riding jacket?

    A. Doesn’t matter if you ride in during night-time or in low visibility areas, choosing a riding jacket with reflectors is always recommended. A reflective pipe on the jacket helps identify motorcyclists by heavy vehicles easily from long distances as well and is a great safety feature.

    Motorcycle Riding Jacket Purchase Guide

    1. Choosing The Perfect Size

    Choosing the perfect size riding jacket is very important and vital. Always keep in mind a motorcycle riding jacket is not a fashion element but its sole purpose is to protect you from a crash.

    It shouldn’t be too loose that it goes up on sliding in case of a crash, exposing your skin to the road. A very tight jacket is also prone to bursting on impact.

    So, it is very important to get the perfect fit for yourself when choosing the best riding jackets in India. If you are in a dilemma always contact the supplier in order to verify the perfect size for your fit.

    2. Deciding The Correct Jacket As Per Requirement

    If you have a great high-end budget, then things can be very easier for you to choose the best quality riding jacket with all the great features. But if you are tight on budget, then it is essential that you put your money in the right places to get the maximum out of it.

    Choosing the perfect jacket under a tight budget is really important. You must decide first decide on the purpose of your riding environments and then look for the useful attributes in a jacket that will be helpful.

    Consider you are living in South India, the weather being typically hot you should choose a jacket that provides proper air ventilation. You can avoid going for a jacket with thermal and rain liner and instead invest that money in higher-level CE armors.

    So, you must fixate on a budget and choose the best possible features in a riding jacket that very well suits your riding needs and natural environment.

    3. Safety Is Paramount

    There are dozens of motorcycle jackets these days that you can find online and offline. With the increase in motorcycle owners, the knowledge about safety is also increasing among the riders and more people are getting aware of the importance of riding gears.

    But sometimes we may be lured by some really cool looking jackets that are just designed to look really good and are purely made for aesthetics and to make you look good on a bike. These kinds of jackets may entice a lot of newbie riders, which is very dangerous and you must be aware of it.

    While choosing a riding jacket, you must settle it in your mind that its sole purpose is to save your life. It is the only thing between your skin and the asphalt. So it better must save me when I fall.

    Don’t ever get lured by some fancy looking jackets which manufactures advertise by making people sit on motorcycles. Always go for a proper certified jacket from CE having multiple impact absorption armors for high impact zones like elbow, shoulder, back, and chest.

    So, folks, we hope you liked this comprehensive review of the best riding jackets in India and are now in a better position to make a decision. Do let us know in the comments section below what are your thoughts. Till then, Ride Safe and Always Wear All Gears All Time. Cheers!

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  • Tank Bag For Bike In India Best Bike Tank Bag Review [2020]
  • These days we travel a lot on our motorbikes and need to carry a lot of our gadgets and other related stuff with us. Carrying a backpack can be cumbersome as it increases backaches during longer rides and is not suitable every time. This is where a tank bag for bike comes in handy. The tank bags are designed in such a way that they can easily be placed on the tank of your bike for easy access to all the important stuff. Tank is the safest place on any bike to keep stuff. For e.g. when you are riding on a highway chances are you’ll need easy access for your money to pay at tolls. Also in unknown roads when you don’t know the way you can always place your map in it for easy navigation.

    There are many types of tank bag for bikes, however, the major ones are either magnetic or one with straps. The Magnetic tank bags are only compatible with bikes having metallic tanks. Whereas the tank bags with strap can easily be mounted either on a metallic tank or a non-metallic one like fiber body tanks. Most bikes in India offer a tank which is covered with fiber body. Fully Faired bikes also have fiber tanks. However some bikes like Royal Enfield, Jawa, and Jawa 42 offer metallic covering over their tanks. So, let us just jump right into the list of best tank bags in India that you can buy online.

    Best Tank Bag For Bike Reviews

    1. Rynox Magnapod Tank Bag For Bike

    Rynox is the best and the go-to brand for any motorbike rider. Rynox gears are one of the best in terms of quality and offer superior durability. This Rynox tank bag for bike weighs around 3.5 Kilograms. It is made up of polyester and comes in black color. The design of the bag is very rigid as it is made of up Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA).  EVA has rubber-like properties but tends to be softer than rubber, which means lesser padding and more flexibility. It really helps in maintaining the structure of the bag intact for months.

    When mounting a tank bag for the bike, you’ll always be skeptical that it will cause scratches. Yes if you’re buying a low-quality tank bag for your bike it’ll definitely attract scratches. Always ensure the part of the bag that comes in contact with the tank is made of anti-scratch materials. Lucky for you that this Rynox tank bag has taken care of that and offers an Anti-scratch and anti-skid fabric on the base of this tank bang that protects the tank and keeps it scratch-free.

    The main highlight of this tank bag for bike is its magnetic strap. It has 5 magnets preinstalled in it, four in the straps, and one in the middle that keeps it intact on the tank of the bike and moderate speeds. However it also has provided locks to strap it using your own bungee cords or other ropes to tie it up more securely. These strap locks are really useful if you have a non-metallic tank. Also it will give you an extra sense of confidence to enjoy your ride more.

    This tank bag offers a decent amount of size. It can easily fit a full-face helmet and an 11-inch laptop. So you can compare how spacious it is. It has a transparent compartment at the top. Here you can place your mobile phone or map for easy navigation also.

    • Easy to use.
    • Extremely durable materials.
    • Feel and look are premium.
    • Easy to install.
    • Powerful Magnets.
    • Can be used as a backpack.
    • Huge storage capacity.
    • It looks a bit bulky on the tank.
    • Price could be a bit lower.

    Our Verdict:

    This Rynox tank bag for bike offers a decent amount of capacity to place enough items for your bike rides. It also offers a transparent mobile compartment that we feel should be there in any tank bag for easy navigation these days. If you are looking for a bike tang bag for your daily commute then you can definitely go for this one as it offers magnets for plug and play installation on your bike. It also offers a strap to use it as a backpack which can definitely come handy in situations when you have to take the bag with you. So we would say this is definitely a bang for the buck for your daily as well as long rides.

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    2. Guardian Gears Shark Universal Tank Bag

    The Guardian Gears Tank Bag For Bikes is another great tank bag that we came across and has almost all great features as compared to the premium motorcycle tank bags. It has over a 25 Liters capacity that way enough to hold enough items. If we are to compare the volume, it can easily hold a half-face helmet in it or a 13-inch MacBook or laptop.

    The tank bag is made up of Nylon which is highly abrasion resistant and won’t tear of easily. It weighs around 1.16 KGs when empty so you can install without worrying about the weight. For now it only comes in black color variant, which is the most suitable color as it will attract dust while riding. So it is always advisable to go for black colored tank bags only.

    This tank bag only offers straps and no magnets are there on this tank bag. Hence it can easily be installed on any type of bike tanks either metallic or non-metallic with the help of straps.

    • Amazing build quality.
    • Size is perfect for any bike.
    • It comes with a rain cover.
    • Can be used as a backpack.
    • Transparent pocket for mobile.
    • No Magnets.
    • You may feel the straps during cornering.

    Our Verdict :

    The Guardian Tank Bag for bike offers humongous space and has quick access pockets for your mobile and other stuffs. It doesn’t have magnetic support so you won’t get the same plug and play feature as magnetic tank bags but it offers robust grip with its straps. For longer rides or highway rides straps are always advisable as they provide better grip. So if you want something for your long rides then go ahead with this. However if you want it for your city commutes this tank bag for bike is not advisable as it would be cumbersome to install and un-mount every time from your motorcycle.

    3. Gods Zeon Magnetic Tank Bag For Bike

    GODS – Gear Of Daring Spirits has really made a space among luggage and other gears among the Indian online consumers. Its unique are robust design makes it class apart and offers extreme comfort to the user. This GODS magnetic tank bag for bikes is definitely gonna bat some eyes when riding on the roads.

    The best thing we liked about this tank bag for bike is it is water repellent up to some extent. Which can easily protect the contents in it when it is drizzling. This tank bag can easily be converted into a sling bag as well. Very useful when you want to take a quick break and walk a few miles. This tank bag comes pre-equipped with magnets for easy plug and play installation and offers extra straps in case your bike’s tank is non-metallic. So you can easily go with this doesn’t matter what type of tank your bike has. In case you are worried about scratches then this bike tank bag offers a Soft faux leather at the bottom to prevent scratches on your tank.

    The transparent compartment at the top is touch-sensitive. It gives a clear view of your phone during navigation. Very useful on uncharted roads and even protects it from light rains and dust.

    • The build quality of the product is very good.
    • Touch-sensitive mobile pocket.
    • Huge Storage of 24 liters.
    • Multiple easy access small pockets.
    • Magnetic bottom provided.
    • The straps stretch when taking tight turns.
    • Looks bulky.

    Our Verdict:

    GODS tank bag is one great product and provides ample space with around 24 liters of capacity. We would suggest it’s a great buy just because of its sheer design and product quality. At this price range it also features a very strong magnetic base for tighter grips. These magnets are really useful for easy mounting and demounting during trips. However the only drawback we felt was of its bulkiness. Other than that it is perfect and you can go for it without any second thoughts.

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    4. Raida GPS Series Bike TankBag

    Another great tank bag for bike that we are featuring is by the brand Raida. Any biker must have heard of this brand as it has some of the most highly rated motorcycle accessories and gears that are loved by the motorcycling community. This bike tank bag has a volume of 24 liters and as most of the tank bags for bike this can also be converted to a sling bang easily.

    It doesn’t have a magnetic base but provides a 3 point strap anchoring system for snug-fitting over the tank of your bike. This tank bag mounts easily over the pillion seat making it act as a saddlebag. It’s that awesome.

    The Raida bike tank bag weighs around 1.24 KGs and at the same time provides a large volume to keep all your traveling companions like your laptop, cameras, GoPro, and everything very easily and in an organized way.

    Important Tip:
    No matter how better the bottom material the company provides to prevent scratches always make sure the tank bag doesn’t accumulate much dust. As these dust particles when comes in contact with the bikes’ tank they are ought to scratch them. So keep this in mind always in order to avoid scratches.

    • The bag is sturdy with padding on all 6 sides.
    • The height of the bag can be increased
    • The tank bag has long enough straps that can be used on any bike, Big or Small.
    • The bag has concealed backpacking straps
    • It Can hold a 14″ laptop along with a lunch box and 500ml water bottle.
    • Takes about 2-3 minutes to set up and remove.
    • Handy pouch to keep wallet,
    • Two side pockets on each side are great to carry small items like sunglasses, gloves, pens, and keys.
    • It does not get in your way of riding, turning the handle. Does not come between you and the leading edge of the tank.
    • The transparent mobile phone pocket has a greenhouse for the phone.
    • Any phone in this pocket facing direct sunlight will get so hot that it will be too hot to even touch.
    • It will heat up your phone even when it is not in use. I am talking about a One plus 6. When the phone is ON and running navigation, it will heat up in about 15 minutes and turn off.
    • No issues if this is used at night or in rain as water takes away the heat.
    • The straps come between your legs and tank. Can get a bit uncomfortable if you are accustom of hugging the tank with your legs
    • Need to carry a microfiber cloth to prevent the tank from getting scratched with the bag

    Our Verdict:

    This bike tang bag can easily store a big 14-inch laptop and other electronic accessories with utmost protection as it has padding all around the tank bag. It also comes packed with a rain and dust cover. But make sure to carry a microfiber cloth, may it be any tank bag, to place in between the tank bag and the bikes’ tank. Overall this product is a bang for the buck in this price range we would surely recommend it to you in this price range. Just go for it. Much better than the premium tank bag for bike out there.

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    Tank bags have become an integral part of any rider whenever they are going for long trips or even just an office commute. If you are using for daily commute purpose then make sure the tank bag for bike has a magnetic base for easy mounting and unmounting. Also if it can be converted into a sling bag then that is an added advantage because carrying it with your hands can be cumbersome and tiring.

    If your main purpose of riding is for long trips then do make sure to go with a strapped tank bag. Because straps tether the tank bag much safely and securely. Straps will also help the tank bag gripped properly to the tank when cruising at high speeds.

    So dear riders, we hope you enjoyed this post on bike tank bags. Do share it with your friends and family. Let us know what you feel in the comments section below.

    Till then, ride safe and enjoy. Cheers!

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