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  • TOP 10 Affiliate Marketing Niches to Make Money in 2020
  • The first step for an affiliate marketer is choosing his own niche in the plurality of affiliate marketing niches.

     When you want to select your niches you can make two types of choices:

    1. Choose a proven niche that makes money for sure
    2. Choose an Affiliate niche that you hope it makes money

    Usually, when you choose a proven niche you're more likely to earn money.

    Therefore, you can try reinventing the wheel, or you could follow many guides and do what works better by following the experience of other affiliate marketers.

    Especially, if you are not an expert marketer it is very important to follow some guides or "affiliate guru" who can help you to find the right strategy and make money online. 

    Of course, if you choose to start your business in a proven niche you can find guides and experts to make each step with the right knowledge and avoiding affiliate mistakes which could compromise your business.

    Many people fail because they sell products that have not a market. The majority of these start their own online business, first by creating a product and after that by developing each part of their whole business around this one. 

    This is a perfect and proven strategy if not for the fact that they miss the first step: figuring out if there's a market for that product.

    When you want to start a business, the first question you need to make to yourself is: How much demand is out there for the product I want to market? This is the most important factor to be determined. A mistake will affect the whole business.

    In fact, you can have a great idea that nobody has come up with yet but if you have not a big amount of money to spend in promoting it, you will never build a reasonable audience of first users who can help you do conquer a slice of the market, while by selling a product that already exists you just need to present it in the best way and attract an audience who already know your product on your offers. 

    Therefore, there are more chances to make success by choosing to sell products of an existing and proven niche rather than a new product that nobody knows. These because it's a good idea for a newbie to start by selling products of existing affiliate marketing niches. 

    This does not mean that there is no more space for new ideas and new products, in reverse, new technologies have multiplied the chances of constantly seeing new products on the market. This is amazing!

    Anyway, if you are a beginner and your goal is just to create a passive income without spending a lot of money, it will be easier to have success choosing products in proven niches rather then new products that nobody knows.

     This is because, before starting an affiliate marketing business is highly recommended to know which are the best selling affiliate marketing niches. Profitable doesn't mean trendy. A profitable niche is the one that registers a high number of sales for a long time. 

    In fact, when you start a business in a big market as a fitness and weight loss market, you are sure to have a big audience to market constantly new products. For instance, You can promote the hot trendy products of the day, but when those go away you can easily move onto the next products.

    Therefore, if you want to have the best chances to succeed with your business, you need to promote products of an already proven and profitable niche.

     The 10 most profitable affiliate marketing niches 

    Fitness and Weight Loss

    This is one of the most profitable niches for 50 years. This is because from century people have been obsessed with losing weight and keep a beautiful body. This is also because this sector is constantly updated with new products for diet, exercise programs, or magical pills to lose kg and make muscles. 

    Indeed, staying fit has always been part of living a healthy life as well as an important part of our tradition. This is true for 4 thousand years since the cult for the strong and mighty warrior until the current love for physical fitness.

    Especially considering that a frightening percentage of people are now classified as pathologically obese,  There is a great demand for health and new diets.

    This makes this niche one of the most profitable for a very long time. This also means that anybody can grab their piece of the pie. The fitness and weight loss market is so big that despite the competition there are plenty of profits to be made yet. 

    You can truly make a fortune in this market.

    For instance, helping people with their weight loss can be one of the best ways to make money online and build a passive income.

    Usually, Fitness and Weight Loss are separated and profitable niches. Anyway, in the last years, something is changed. Indeed, most people are now skeptical of diets and drinks that promise magical weight loss figures and they are looking for a real program to lose weight. This comprises fitness and exercise. 

    For those who want to sell these products, it can be a good idea to combine weight loss products and fitness programs or sports tools.

    This is just one of the most profitable affiliate marketing niches. In the next paragraphs, we will cover the other nine in the top ten niches. 

    Online Dating

    Another niche which is in Affiliate Marketing since the beginning, It's Online Dating. People are always looking for love and passionate encounters, and where there is interest there are a lot of opportunities for business.

    In the last two decades the sector growth a lot. In fact, the last prejudices have fallen, and now online dating isn’t just acceptable – it’s cool!

    This makes this niche as one f the more profitable. The market has reached a value of US$2 billion per year by growing 6% per year. 

    In consideration that at least 24% of people use online dating sites, or have used them in the past, this explains why this industry has become so profitable. You can really find now dating websites and apps for any taste. There are apps specialized in dating for straight couples, or for gay couples, or for certain religious groups, etc... 

    This niche can be really profitable if you find the right affiliate marketing program to promote. The most popular programs offer commissions to marketers who send them new sign-ups. Other products regard guides, books, and more. 

    This is a huge market with so many profit possibilities.


    We could include this niche into  Fitness and Weight Loss but it's so big and have enough differences to merit entry into the top 10 list.

     Never as before, health is acquiring primary importance for people. Due to the internet, there is available plenty of info and people do not automatically trust what the government and their doctor say. In the same way, you can really find online each type of product into this niche such as gluten-free products, supplements, healing, herbal remedies, and any type of product.

    A big part of this market belongs to alternative medicine. Cures and alternative treatments find online that diffusion that they cannot find in the traditional market.

     In addition to all the products we mentioned before, there is a good market for info products such as books, supplements, informational products, coaching, and course.

    Moreover, this niche is really vital and there are always new growing areas to market. Thinks about the fast-growing medical marijuana ane CBD oils had in the last years. Of course, this niche requires major expertise in respect of the other affiliate marketing niches.


    Also known as self-help or personal development.  this is a huge niche with programs, courses, books, videos, online training, and coaching. This niche had a huge benefit for the whole online world and affiliate marketing in particular.

    And that’s why the personal development niche is worth an estimated US$13 billion per year.

     You sure know some of these big names like Jack Canfield or Tony Robbins or big brand as The Secret. All of them built their own fortune by creating a product and promoting their own service in this Niche. 

    Of course, you do not need to become Tony Robbins to make money online in this niche. 

     Again, you don't have to be a big name like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, or have a big brand like The Secret. A small piece of this big market can provide for a very successful online business.

    This is a very large area that offers opportunities to make business to everyone. 


    Pets are our best friends. Personally, I love dogs and cats and like me, there are millions of people. Just think in the U.S. alone there are 180 million dogs and cats. These are just a small part of the entire market that includes many other animals as exotic creatures, parrots, snakes. guinea pigs etc.. 

    Right now in the United States this market worth at least US$70 billion per year.  Pet toys, food, healthy treats, heck, cat leashes are just some of the products you can find and sell in this market. Info products as ebook and or pet training are growing in importance in this market. This niche is becoming bigger each year. 

    So despite the competition, there's always space for new affiliates who really love pets.


    People want to grow their own wealth. They love to invest in financial products to make money. Those could be stocks, options, cryptocurrency, forex, futures, bonds, and each type of investment that can guarantee a good return. 

    Of course, investing you are accepting the risk to lose your money.  This is why people have to educate themselves and need advice on which investment to make. This is a huge field where you can choose to promote a lot of products or services related to investing money such as financial newsletters, trading systems, trading services, etc... 

    There are different way to show and teach to people how to make successful investments

    Let’s face it, people want to make money. And they know that stocks, bonds, options, forex (currency trading), futures, and other investment products are a way to do that. They’ve seen the news and all those hedge fund billionaires and super-successful investors cashing in. They want to get in on the action. 

    Do not be stressed, you do not need to be Warren Buffet to write content in this niche. You could simply teach people how to invest better their own budget in simple ways to create a huge passive income. 

    Moreover, the majority of people who look for financial advice and they just need to know how to get started.

    Many of them want to know how to save more money for retirement and they are looking for somebody who solves their own problems. 

    Another hot topic now regards Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. 

    This is one of the best affiliate marketing niches that offers many opportunities for profit to new affiliates.  

     Beauty Treatments

    Personal care and beauty is another topic which is best-selling for many years. 

    Cosmetics/beauty is a perfect example of this type of niche. Any sort of creams, formulas, products that can help people to be more radiant, erasing wrinkles or having smoother together skin, etc... are very popular.

    This is really huge business.

    Every anti-aging cosmetic treatments, hair care products or skincare products are just examples of hot products in this niche.

     Indeed, there are many ways to make business in this sector. For instance, just simply being an influencer in this market for someone is very profitable.

    This is a market that doesn't know a real crisis and stays golden during the good times and the bad.

    Make Money Online

     This is the one  I love. It's the best way to show your expertise in internet marketing. You could promote your own products, books, ebooks, or coaching programs or you could also promote software or products of other marketers and make money in affiliation. 

    You could also promote a network (take care and not fall in the scam of some multilevel marketing companies).

    You can try to make you an authority in the sector by creating guides and teaching strategies and techniques for people to build their own online business.

    Gadgets and Technology

    People want is passionate about technology. They are always looking for the last one. Tablet, smartphone, smart devices, mp3 players, cellphone cases, etc... are always hot products. 

    There are many Affiliate Networks where you can find products in this niche to sell as an affiliate marketer. Networks such as Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress offer a great choice of products. 

    We can comprise in this niche the software industry. This is one of the most dynamic in the market with new applications appearing on a daily basis. Applications for anything such as image manipulation, task management, and many others. 

    One of the most profitable parts of this niche regards the market of web hosting. There are many companies that offer web hosting services make it possible for anyone to earn with their own affiliate programs.  Some of them offer a high and recurring commission plan. 

    Once you choose the products you want to promote, you just need to focus on your marketing strategy. One of these includes making money blogging by writing articles and reviews about products on the category. 

    Indeed, in each content of those you can insert the affiliate link to sell the product you are promoting.

    You can also create a video tutorial on youtube for each product and some other informational product as well.  

    Each one of these affiliate marketing niches can be promoted with different marketing strategies.

    Personal Finance

    Many people don't know how to manage their money or securing money for important expenses.

    Maybe they need help to get a low-interest rate in paying their debts. They need somebody who helps them to solve legal questions.

    You will not offer them legal help but you could connect them with experts and promote information products as an affiliate, or products that can help them in credit monitoring.

    You can also create e-learning and education products to give these people the knowledge to improve their financial situation.

     This is a huge niche with a lot of opportunities.  

    A large number of people are carrying many debts which they have not been able to pay back. To give you an example, just in the United States there is $829 billion of credit card debt right now.

    For example, there is US$829 billion of credit card debt in the United States right now.

    Many people are really tired of this situation and are constantly looking for solutions to the problem.

    You can choose many affiliate programs to offer debt consolidation, social finance offers, and credit scores and make money online with these.

    How to Build Your First Online Business

    Fist of all chooses your favorite since in this list of 10 top-selling affiliate marketing niches and look for the best products in that niche. 

    Choose the best affiliate marketing program in your niche.

    Build your own marketing strategy that can include marketing funnels, paid ads, email marketing, social media, etc...

    Be inspired by the best marketers in your industry. Affiliate Marketing is a good way to start a business also because you can market your products by following proven models. This strategy also reduces the risk of failure.

    There are a lot of strategies you can apply to promote your products and you can also alternate several strategies together.

    The positive aspect of each one of this niche is that there's a lot of demand for products and might traffic you could attract to your website to monetize your offers. 

    Going for It

    Focusing your efforts on building a business none of this popular niche is the best way to get your online venture off the ground.

    The next step is to find a reliable affiliate network that can help you in building that avoiding mistakes and scams. If you are a beginner I suggest you start into a network that could help you with each step. Starting by choosing niche, products, and programs, helping you in building your website, and making you able to promote your products.

    Therefore, a reliable network has to offer you: 

    - free courses (from beginner to advanced);

    - Many products or suggestion for any niche;

    - Performing and easy to use website builder to make your first professional website;

    - Marketing materials;

    - Tools to build your marketing strategy;

    - large support.


    One of the best affiliate marketing network that offers each one of these services is Wealthy Affiliate

    Wealthy Affiliate was created as an initiative to help other people succeed online in the same way Kyle and Carson had already experienced success. Since 2005, the platform at WA has continued to evolve and innovate at a pace that is faster than the industry.

    Since 2005, Wealthy Affiliate helped 1,5 million people in starting their online business. Every single month  10000 new online businesses have built into Wealthy Affiliate.

    Join for free in Wealthy Affiliate and start your first successful online business.


  • The Financial Freedom Formula: 10 Steps To Your Happiness
  • Money doesn't buy happiness but anyway, with a financial freedom formula in your hands you could free your mind from a recurring nightmare.

    Financial freedom can seem like a chimera or a spring dream, overall after all the economic insecurities that this pandemic COVID-19 has created, with the fear or certainty of losing your job and a life to be reprogrammed.

    So we are not speaking about something abstract, but it a real status that everyone can get by following some simple rules. 

    But first of all, we need to understand what is financial freedom, from the definition it will be easier to create a financial freedom formula that can work for anybody.

    What is financial freedom?

    This term born from the general concept of freedom. So what is Freedom?

    “What then is freedom? The power to live as one wishes.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero

    A the same way, financial freedom doesn't mean just having money. Financial freedom is about taking ownership of your finances. It is the real freedom to be who you want to be and to do what you would like to do in life. You are no longer worried about having money to pay the bills and other sudden expenses at the end of the month or to accumulate debts. 

    Practically your choices are no longer influenced by your bank account and You can think about how to realize your passions.

    It's also realizing that you need more money to pay your debts and maybe some idea to develop an extra income. It's also the chance to plan a long-term financially wealthy status to prevent the next crisis or for your retirement.

    Naturally, if you didn't get this goal until now, it's time to change and find a working financial freedom formula for your happiness. 

    This presupposes a change of mentality and also an action plan to obtain the goal.

    The financial freedom formula: 10 key steps for your happiness

    1) Identify Your Starting Point

    You can not set up a plan for financial freedom if you have not a clear idea of your current situation. This means knowing the exact numbers. How much debt do you have? How much savings do you have? How much money do you need? 

    Answer to those questions can be hard and depressing bu you need this step to start your path toward happiness. 

    Put all the debts you have accumulated in a list, comprise not official ones as borrowing from family or friends.

    Take strength and be aware that you are doing that to improve your situation. So make a sum of all your debts. 

    This seems too big, do not be worried about your will receive every suggestion to pay all, in the opposite if it is a small number, fantastic! You are a step ahead for your financial freedom.

    Once you have a list of all your debts, you can make a list of all your savings: investments, retirement plans, saving accounts, etc...

    Now you can add to the list your salary and each kind of recurring income you receive.

    Write the numbers in a paper or keep these in mind. They will back useful in the next steps.

    2) Money is not bad

    We live in a world in which money seems to buy everything. This transmits an image like having money is bad.

    Money can be responsible for many bad things for instance debts, addictions, and social differences. However, it's also the means to make many of our dreams come true. Thanks to the money you can buy your dream house or your favorite car, you can pay for university for your sons and many other positive things. 

    Therefore we can say that money is a good thing. According to Jen Sincero "We use it every day to enhance our lives, yet we always see to focus on the negative about it".

    So just need to change the idea you have about money, you need to look at money as a tool to help you to achieve your dreams and enjoy the life you want. 

    A bad idea about money about the tool to get your financial freedom, it will bring your subconscious to sabotage your intent. 

    3) Set up your Goals

    You can not get something if you have not idea about what you want to get. Effectively, goal setting is one of the most important steps to achieve financial freedom. You need to set up both short-term and long-term goals. 

    The first ones are useful to pursue steadily your long term goals. Moreover, those are important to understand if you in the right way or if you need to change something. These can be daily, weekly, or monthly.

    Long-term goals can be single-term or multi-terms. For instance, you can set-up the first term goal after one year and other terms after two years of five or seven or also ten years.

    These must be tied to a specific number which represents the amount of money you want to get. Also if it seems an esoteric remedy, you will unconsciously start to work toward these goals.

    4) Create Your Personal Business Plan 

    Once you set up your goal you need to create a kind of simple business plan. Practically you fix in a paper: where you are now, which are your goals, and how you are going to get there. It's easier than you think.

    You need to insert into your plan:

    - your current income (included extra income);

    - expenses (divide in necessary and not necessary);

    - goals;

    - what you need to get these goals;

    - how you intend to realize your goals (saving more money, building an extra income, etc...); 

    - expectations (these can be the progress you expect while trying to make your plans come true).

    In this way, you could put in front of your face all the data and understand which difference there is between what you have now from what you want, How much money you can save and how much you can do, how and why.

    This plan will help you in realizing the next steps of this financial freedom formula.

    5) Spend less and Avoid Harmful Debt

    If you are following this guide, thanks to your business plan you have now a clear idea of your economic situation. You know how much you earn and how much you spend. Overall this last one will be useful to make the next step.

    It will be really important to track your spending in the next months and years. Mobile technology gives you many tools to do it. For instance, you could use an app like Mint which will let you know much info about your expenditure such as: how much money you spend, for what you spend too much, how much money you collect in your account, and how much your debt is.  

    You can also set up your goal in the dashboard and know each month how much you are close or far to your goals. Mint can help you to cut your unnecessary expenditures and avoid harmful debt.

    In the panorama, you can find plenty of billionaires who don't look really like reach people. Zuckerberg by dressing every day the same t-shit doesn't give the idea to be one of the richest men in the world. If you spend less you can understand know two truths: your financial freedom is just a few blocks from you and you don't need a lot of stuff to make a satisfying existence. 

    Debt is another thing that keeps you furthest from your goals. However, some debt is necessary such as the loan to buy a house, college, or medical care. Anyway, the problem arises for unnecessary debt. These are harmful to your plan and could be debt such as excessive shopping, too expensive car for your budget, luxury items, etc...

    Debt is the opposite of wealth and unnecessary debt is limitations. If you spend all your income to pay the debt you will never accumulate wealth. For example, if you earn $3000 each month but you spend $2000 just for the debt you can not put money back. Indeed, you will need fo the other $1000 to necessary spent like food and bills.

    A good practice can be to do not spend so much money to promote your business as well. You need to make it sustainable and long-standing by avoiding unnecessary risks.

    6) Pay Off Your Current Debt

    Your freedom depends more on the debt you paid than on the money you accumulate in the bank.  If you have $30,000 in your bank account but you have to pay yet a $50,000 of debt you will never feel financially free. You are still missing $ 20,000.

    Many people consider wiser to invest money in stocks instead of paying off debt. While this can be true for expert investors, it can be a big mistake for beginners. you could wind up with more debt.

    By paying your debt you will keep yourself more motivated to get your goals. Once you are debt-free all that it will come in your bank account will be a step more toward financial freedom.

    Moreover, when you start to pay the small debt and you understand you can do it, you will be aware of your ability to save money and comply with payments. This means you will be able to pay even more demanding debt such as a student loan or a home equity loan. 

    7) Pay Yourself First

    This a famous expression "pay yourself first", that matches well our financial freedom formula. What does it mean? Simply, This means to save an amount of money in your account before paying other things, each as bills. 

    For instance, if you decide that whatever happens, you will save $1000 every single month into your account, you will need all the rest to pay your bills, and if it's not sufficient you will need to find an extra income to pay your bills.

    if you can make your financial freedom a prerogative on your mental scale you will get it in the time you were expected in the opposite case if you can't sacrifice something, like vices and luxuries, you will be forced to chase your goals for life.

    you can also agree with your company or subscribe to a saving plan to directly withdraw the money every single month from your income for your retirement. 

    8) Keep your focus on the Goal, not the Circumstances

    No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, keep your focus on your goals. You need to deal with your business slow times. Indeed every business has ups and downs. Do not give up in front of the difficulties and you can be sure that the busy times are bound to be much better than ever. Your income will grow fast and your financial freedom is just behind the corner.

    It will not grow out of anything but it will be the result of your commitment towards the goal and the strategy your make.

    There are rules you need to respect to realize your dream, two of those are: focus and commitment. 

    This financial freedom formula is giving you all the rest you need to succeed

    9) Build an extra income

    Maybe your business plan highlights a difficult situation in which your debt is more than your income. In this case, if you want to conquer your financial freedom you need to sacrifice yourself for this goal. 

    It's time to understand that your daily job is no longer enough. Maybe you should look further and think to make money outside of your current job.

    Once you are aware of it, it's time to choose how you want to get it. Two are  the options (you could choose both)

    - active income (another work where you sacrifice your time to get money)

    - passive income (make money while your sleep)

    In the first option, we can consider freelancer job, occasional job on craigslist,  household tasks on Task Rabbit, Become an Uber or a Lyft driver, Airbnb, and many others.

    On the other hand, you could be busy and have no time to devote to earning income. In this case, you can try to develop a passive income. For instance, you could start an e-commerce end to sell physical or digital products; invest in stocks. Those are all businesses that require some skills. Indeed, if you want to start a passive income business with no experience you can start an affiliate marketing business. By joining an affiliate marketing network you could acquire the skills and get the tools you need to start a profitable online business from scratch with no investment. 

    In any of this business, you can create different incomes by selling different products or working on more channels. These are valid tips to make working your financial freedom formula.

    10) Invest for You Security

    This is the last suggestion to do not fall into a bad surprise. This COVID-19 crisis is unhinging all our securities. Indeed, we were sure that none of this could ever touch us, and anyway, the divinization of both our advanced technology and medicine made use sure that never could an illness destroy our beliefs with such simplicity. Yet it happened. 

    We were unprepared and we remained astonished from how this in a short time we threw ourselves into a precarious situation. Many of us lost their job and unfortunately, we are experiencing hard times. 

    What can all this teach us? Have an emergency fund would surely help us to overcome these moments. 

    An emergency fund its what will help you to remain focus on your goal even when you have to face periods of crisis. Some experts say $10,000 can be a good sum, but for someone can be not enough while for others it's too much. You need to make a plan and consider every essential expenditure you will need to cover with the emergency fund. 

    Anyway, when you make your plan, consider establishing a sufficient monthly fee to save into your account. For instance, you could start at $100 for your first month and grow regularly until $1,000 every single month. 

    The emergency fund can be the solution in any bad situation. 


    Financial freedom is not just about making money but it requires a change in your way of seeing life. For a while, you need to establish new prerogatives, become a bit frugal, and spend your money just for what you need. By following the suggestions in this financial freedom formula you could achieve it in a shorter time.


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    and: What a Lucrative Online Business to Make $10.000 In a Day


  • How To Build a Sales Funnel For Your Business
  • Learning how to build a sales funnel for your business can be a powerful skill to bring your products to the top.

    Your business success depends on how much you are useful for your customers and if you really solve their problems. People use the internet in search of solutions. 

    Google is so powerful in respect of other search engines because it reaches to give people what they exactly are asking by offering them different solutions. Other search engines fail in this.

    In the same way, you can measure the success of a business on how many and in which ways this business solves the people's problems.

    In this modern age, many businesses can solve people's problems in the same way. It's truly difficult to find a sector where the competition is low.

    So, the ability of a business to promote his own service better than another with the same services decrees the victory of the first over the second. Anyway, maneuvering spaces are tight and high competition means much supply and less demand. How could you convey this demand to customers?

    The answer is easy, through sales funnels you not only connect with your ideal customer at every stage within their buying journey but one nurtures through that journey until they are convinced to spend their money on your product or service.

    So, How can you create a sales funnel? This requires a completed strategy that comprises different aspects and requires full commitment.

    This guide will lead you through any stage of the process which will bring you to create a full strategy to get the best results. 

    We can divide this strategy into 5 different stages:

    1. Establish a connection with your ideal audience
    2. Creating your customized sales funnel
    3. Build your sales funnel with Clickfunnels
    4. Automate your sales funnel with Getresponse
    5. Attract quality leads through paid ads

    In this way, we will create a comprehensive framework that will lead your marketing journey into success.

    Now we have every motivation to pursue our work until the end.

    What is a Sales Funnel?

    You can not create your best one if you don't understand what is a Sales Funnel and the importance of a sales funnel within your business. 

    So What is a Sales Funnel? 

    We can define sales funnels as the buying process companies build to turns a target audience into customers.

    Sales funnels exist since when the business is born.  For instance, a person stops in front of a physical store to look at a product and then he/she enter to buy this. This person enters in a sales funnel that involves different actors as the customer service. Today's sales funnels are 100% digital and this makes it possible for any business to go online and promote his products.

    But, Will a Sales Funnel Work well with My Business?

    A Sales funnel work for any business or service which match these particular conditions:

    . your service provides more value than it costs; 

    - you provide a free give away for new prospects; 

    - you have a range of products that fit well your customers' interest (the main goal of a well-formed sales funnel is to get a higher value from each customer than a normal single transaction);

    - You can provide an up-sell for a little cost;

    - You need to provide promotional materials for a life cycle of 10 to 60 days. In fact, you need to take care of each stage of the marketing journey from awareness to conversion.

    - You should consider a small budget to invest in paid ads or you need to work on providing free organic traffic for your site (with blogs, social media, etc..) 

    If you already match all of these criteria, you can start to build your sales funnels if it's not, first work on those conditions.

    Which tools you can use to build your sales funnel

    The Market is full of tools you could use to build sales funnels, here we will suggest some that we already use for Empire Marketing Proof and for other Businesses. These are all reliable tools that really matches our purposes. 

    if you follow this step by step guide you could see results in a short time. If you want to use my same tool I suggest you sign up and learn to use these tools during you are reading this guide. 

    This is the list of tools we will use: 


    Answer the Public - Completely Free

    Ubersuggest - Free

    Clickfunnels Free for 14 days then $97 per month

    GetresponseFree for 30 days then $14 per month until 1,000 subscribers 

    Facebook Ads – $300+ budget for Ad Spend per moth

    Of course, you can find other tools to create a sales funnel, we just suggest you High-quality tools we tried before and we consider to be reliable, completed, and user friendly. Those can generate a positive return on investment in front of a low expenditure.

    This marketing strategy will make it easy to collect prospect leads and turn those in loyal customers. This is a key step forward to your next success. 

    It's time to talk about how to build a sales funnel.

    How to Build a Sales Funnel That Converts

    Each tool we suggested will help us to build any stage of our funnel.

    1) Establish a connection with your ideal audience

    The success of a marketing strategy ca me measured by how much it can connect your business with your ideal customers.

    iI can be hard to explain and direct your audience to the targeted audience, this is because a sales funnel work well to securing high value leads for your business.

    And how do you do that..?

    To capture the attention of your ideal customers you will pack a custom offer that specifically targets them. How can you do that? How we said above, you need to solve the problems of your ideal buyers to attract them to your services or products. That's it. You will build a super-targeted sales funnel that guarantee to attract your ideal customers into. 

    You need to build each stage in perfect harmony with the others. If you think at the buyer's journey as an entire and not as linking of different stages, it's much likely you will build a well-optimized sales funnel that perfectly serves to your intent to attract as targeted visitors as possible.

    These are usually the main stages of your funnel:

    • Awareness
    • Interest
    • Consideration
    • Conversion

    A well-built sales funnel is a coherent pack to market an ideal customer at every stage. A weapon to capture the largest market share

    Create Awareness

    Awareness is the first stage when your targeted audience discovers your brand. This is the first meeting with your prospect, and it will likely be online. He/she was typing on the search engine a keyword linked to your brand and he found you.

    We directly log into the world of keywords. These are very important to be found online on the search engine. 

    You need to list from 10 to 15 keywords strictly related to your brand and the solutions you provide for your customers. Avoid short keywords because those are too many competitiveness and it's truly difficult to rank short keywords. Your keywords are just the representation of your business. If your business has a physical store it is very good if you insert your location into some keywords. 

    This one of the factor which influences your local ranking. Moreover, your keywords, like any other part of your strategy should serve the purpose to provide solutions for your customers.

    Answer to the Public for a map about any keyword. 

    Answer to the Public can be your secret weapon to give you a visual mind map of the common phrase people look on google, yahoo, and being around a specific keyword. 

    The map show questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical, and keywords related to the main keyword you insert into the search.

    For instance, this is an example of the questions created around the main keyword "affiliate marketing".

    Mapped the list of keywords you were thinking to use for your On-Page SEO, it's time to determine which are the most popular in terms of search volume. Any keyword search tool gives results on a monthly basis. In this case, we will use Ubersuggest but you can use the keyword search tool you like. 

    You enter a keyword and launch a search. 

    Ubersuggest shows you different data as the search volume and the keyword difficulty. Moreover, it will show you the keyword linked to your and competitor that uses the keyword in content.

    Once you have a clear image of the keywords search volume you need to look to the competition for any of those. This means that if a keyword has a huge competitivity you will need to invest a small fortune to rank your website to the first page of google for this keyword. 

    This is because we need to focus on specific keywords with a good amount of search volume but with a lower competitivity.

    This job has to be done for each keyword.

    2) Creating your customized sales funnel

    Now you are a clear idea about your keywords, search phrase, and questions that really interest your target audience, you are the main ingredients to create a super targeted sales funnel.

    In the first step, you can create and highly optimized piece of content for free which is a lead magnet for your audience. it will create interest because it will solve the problem of your customers. 

    We’ll keep the affiliate marketing example. 

    In this phase keywords and phrases, you obtained by Answer the Public become very important. Indeed, to attract your ideal customers you need to create content that answers your customers' questions. 

    It could be:

    5 ways to …

    How to …

    Improving my affiliate commissions by …

    So, your lead magnet will be attractive for any buyer persona looking for ways ... to improve their affiliate business (for instance).

    You can easily understand as a careful reflection about the keywords you use to create your lead magnet content can be really the secret to create "hot" interest on your products in your visitors. 

    Here’s a quick lead magnet checklist to be sure you nail it:

    •  highlight it in a landing page 
    • be short, informative, simple and make it has big value for your customers' questions
    • Offer the solutions for a specific problem and do not lose your target 
    • Make your content evergreen 
    • Give much attention to your logo and website design (pay a professional if it is necessary)
    • Build Consideration

    Once that your visitors will download your free content they will be aware of your brands. Now, you have really the potential to solve your customers' problems with your service or products. To make that they trust you and your brand you need to establish authority and trust with your audience and turn them into qualified prospects and then new customers. 

    Naturally, you have to incentivize them by offering some asset that is directly related to your service or product. At this point, you can choose to provide this asset for free or in exchange for a small fee (no more than $100). Maybe it is better to give the chance to your customers to know your product for free. It can be through a free trial, a demo, or a free version.

    Moreover, it is a very good idea to establish trust in your brand through social proofs as reviews, testimonial, and case studies. These real-life examples can help you, customers, to better understand if your product can solve their problems. Those will be an incentive to buy your product as well. 

    In this phase, you are asking to your lead to really choose your brand and services. So cover well every relevant aspect which can serve your purpose.

    We are now at the critical point on this guide about how to build a sales funnel, the conversion. 

    Converting Your Prospect

    It's now time to convert a prospect into your customer. 

    Make it easy. You have to remove any friction into the sales process which can compromise the sale

    For instance:

    - Provide online platform payments that support different payment methods like credit cards, Paypal, Stripe, etc... 

    - build trust: be contactable in several points into the process

    - use web-based contracts and online invoicing platforms

    Ask just the necessary information to complete the transaction. 

    Finally, you created an optimized and automated funnel for your marketing journey.

    Once we answer the question, how to build a sales funnels, we carry on by covering some technical aspect to make it easy to use each tool that can help in optimizing our sales funnel journey. 

    The next tool is Clickfunnels, the best tool to create a sales funnel that really converts. 

    3) How to Build a sales funnel with Clickfunnels

    You could use Clickfunnels to create a sales funnel. In this case with sales funnel we intend a digital product that could dramatically increase the conversions into your sales funnel journey. 

    Website vs Sales Funnel

    An ordinary website contains many pages with different content and call to action, this can be a distraction for visitors. In fact, each marketer relies on a single page to close a sale. Websites tend to lose many potential buyers because of the many options that distract the user from taking the first action. 

    Thanks to Sales funnels you can guide a user to a specific action. Sales funnel eliminate distractions and will make sure you control the action taken 

    With this, you eliminate distractions and make sure you control what users see on each page of your funnel. In fact,  each funnel step is designed to automatically bring a buyer to visit the next page and on. This convoy the visitors into a funnel created for a specific action. Usually, sales funnel increases sales. 

    How a beginner can easily build a sales funnel with Clickfunnels

    There are several programs you may use to build a funnel. Anyway, Clikcfunnels is undoubtedly the best.  This software is designed to make great online marketing funnels with a few clicks. 

    Before we start to learn how to build a sales funnel I would recommend getting a 14 day free trial of ClickFunnels. IIn this way you could create your first funnels while you read this guide. 

    Get a free 14-day trial here and start in building your first funnel.

    - First step: Surf into the  ClickFunnels dashboard and click on  the + New Funnel button 

     You may also build a new funnel by Clicking on ClickFunnels and click on Build Funnel from the dropdown menu).

    Now you could choose between the following two options:

    - The Classic Funnel Builder

    - The Funnel Cookbook

    There are differences between the to option. 

    In the Classic Funnel Builder, you could choose a goal for your funnel, the type, and select a template for your funnel steps. In Funnel Cookbook you have more advanced options to shape your funnel to your marketing needs and targeted customers. In Funnel Cookbook you could also choose an industry, the type of funnel, and which goal you want to get with your funnel. Moreover, you can choose a template in a list (free and paid templates).

     Classic Funnel Builder

     Selected the classic funnel builder you can now choose the goal for your funnel between three types: 

    • Collect Emails
    • Sell Your Product
    • Host Webinar

     Choose a funnel Type.  After that, you type the name of your funnel and you select your group tag, that is a way to organize your dashboard. 

    Selected the group tag you could choose your favorite template. If you prefer you could look an explainer video which explains the basics of the funnel you choose.

    After that: 

    • Click on Build Funnel and add the funnel to your account.
    • Choose templates to use on your pages for your optimized funnel.
    • Click the Opt-In page from the Funnel Steps menu and choose your custom template for the Email Landing Page.
    • Click Thank You and make the same choice for your thank you page.

    Once you choose the template for every step it's time to customize your funnel.

    By clicking  The Launch Checklist button you will get additional options to customize your funnel.

    If you want you can add and choose a custom domain in  "Register a Custom Web Address".

    If you prefer, you could integrate your third-party email integration platform such as GetResponse.

    Now you are ready! Click Launch and share your funnel with the world.

    The Funnel Cookbook

    Through the funnel cookbook option, you could your funnel template by starting from your industry.

    This is the list of the industries:

    • Author/Speaker/ Coach/Consultant
    • Professional services
    • Retail
    • Ecommerce
    • B2B
    • Network Marketing
    • Other

    Selected your industry its's time to choose the goal you want to get with your funnels.

    You can build a Sales Funnel to:

    • Generate Leads
    • Sell a Product
    • Create an Event
    • Other

    You could choose one from different kinds of funnel directory made to get your goal, as for instance the Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel.

    Selected your directory, you could look at a video tutorial that explains the functionalities of the funnel. You can look at the funnel map. 

    Once inside one of the funnel directory, you could choose the template you prefer into a list of free and paid templates and start to adapt it to your brand.

    Adding A Product To Your Funnel

    A sales funnel is a powerful tool to sell a product. So you need to learn how to add a product to your funnel and set a payment gateway integration with Clickfunnels. Both processes are very easy.

    First of all, click on add a new step, enter the name od this an and click on "Create Funnel Step". Drag the new page you create and place it between the Opt-in Page and the Thank you page. Choose the type of page, "sales", and select order form from the dropdown menu. Choose the template you prefer for your page and add the order form. Finally, create the product.

    You need to add a supported payment integration. To do that open the product setting page and in payment options click on "add payment integration" and choose the one you prefer.


    BONUS: I want to help you to get the best from Clickfunnels in a short time. I will give you 5 made funnel bouns for free. Open your Clickfunnels account and click each one of this link, it will automatically update those into your Clickfunnels dashboard. These are the funnels:

    Funnel #1 - Affiliate Share Funnel

    Funnel #2 - Affiliate Bridge Funnel

    Funnel #3 - Application Funnel

    Funnel #4 - Mentor Box Billion Dollar Funnel

    Funnel #5 - Free Plus Shipping Funnel


    4) Automate your sales funnel with Getresponse

    In your marketing journey, a prominent place belongs to the email marketing strategy. In 2020, email remains the most powerful tool to sell online. This is fundamental. We will choose Getresponse, easy to integrate, and one of the best email marketing platforms in the world. By using Getresponse you could collect a list of your prospects and develop a profitable relationship with them. Getresponse has a deliverability rate of 99,5%. So, you can be sure your message will reach the destination. 

    First of all, you need to create an account and get the 30 days free trial from this link. After the trial, you will pay $14 per month for the basic plan, which is sufficient to start to make considerable money, and then if you need you could upgrade.

    Getresponse is pretty easy to set up. If you need you can follow the instructions in the Getresponse Help Centre. In the next paragraphs, you will learn how to build your first automated mail workflow. You can divide this workflow into 6 parts. In this campaign, we will build a follow-up mail that will be delivered across 10 days after the visitor subscribes to the list. 

    Once you learn the fundamentals you could adapt your sequence to match well with your business.

    This is the sequence example: 

    Email 1 – Thank You

    Delivery – Instantly after the subscription

    This is the moment to tanks your subscribers to completed your lead magnet form and give them some introductions on who you are and your brand. If your lead magnet is digital (as an ebook) it can be good enclose the link for download in the mail. Indeed, If it is a physical product (as a book) write detailed info about how and when they will receive the product. If you want to start a conversation or you want to have some info more about your prospects, you may add some questions about what they expect to get, or what they think about something, etc...

    Email 2 – Add Value

    Delivery – After 3 days

    It’s time to provide more value to your prospects. It will make a beneficial impact on their life or business. Thorugh this mail you could add something relevant to the first mail or give some other info which can avoid them from making some mistakes and lose much time. 

    Email 3 – Engage with your subscribers

    Delivery – After 5 Days

    This is the moment to engage with your prospects and make your first offer. Keep in mind that now you are asking for money and so you need to offer them something extraordinary that they find difficult to give up.

    Insert your offer into a landing page and put the link of the landing page into the mail. You can easily create a stunning landing page with Getresponse in a few minutes.

    Email 4 – Show them your social proof

    Delivery – After 7 Days

    Maybe, many of your subscribers have yet to take action. You can use this mail to solve their last doubts. This is the moment to use social proof to convince them they are doing the right choice. , You can use testimonials, success stories, or case studies. You provide them as much social proof you can. You are going to reassure them that the investment is good.

     you will insert a link to your Offer Landing Page as well.

    Email 5 – Win Back

    Delivery – After 10 Days

    This is your last opportunity.  They didn't buy your product or service yet but they are still subscribed and show interest in your products by opening and interacting with your mails ( you could see both the open rate and interaction rate in the Getresponse board).

    It's now you need to serve a strong proof that they are losing something that can really solve their problems.

    Also, in this case, you need to insert a link to your offer Landing Page

    Email 6 – Prospects who bought your product 

    Delivery – Instantly after the purchase

    Your strategy works well! You converted your prospects into Customers! It's time to congratulate them and provide them with an overview of what to expect.

    You need to create a professional and efficient follow-up to lead your customers through the next steps and turn them into loyal customers.

    5) Attract quality leads through paid ads

    Once you know how to build a sales funnel it is time to attract people into your funnel and through all the stage turn them in loyal customers.

    Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many others give the opportunity to any person to promote his own business through paid ads.  In 2020, more than 4 billion people are using the internet to find a solution to their questions. This means that the online world offers infinite opportunities for any business but at the same time there is a great competition. Paid ads are the best way to emerge from this competition. 

    You will use the sales funnel you create with Clickfunnels to promote your offer and attract the targeted audience. Practically, each of this great player with whom you can launch paid ads have advanced features to find exactly your target audience and don't waste your money. 

    Moreover, you could scale and optimize your ads by creating are-targeting and Lookalike audiences. Those are lists of people you can use to reach strictly target audiences interested in your products. 

    Anyway, in the beginning, it is very easy to create your ideal buyer persona, overall if you already have an idea who it is. There are several characteristics you can set up to reach your target audience, such as: 

    • Age
    • Sex
    • Location
    • Interests
    • Demographics
    • Study
    • Profession

    This gives you really the chance to identify your ideal customers and understand the dimension of your audience. Moreover, once you understand the precise characteristics of your audience, you could create a content strategy specifically directed to this one and get very good organic and free results.


    Finally, you know how to build a sales funnel thanks to you can start to build your success. You can adapt it to any business and it will work well in creating the brand and increase revenue. 



  • How To Become An Affiliate Marketer And Make Money In 2020
  • How to become an affiliate marketer was the first question I did to myself before to understand how much it was the answer simple: act! Of course, the first step to become an affiliate marketer online is to stop thinking and start acting.

    Affiliate Marketing is an easy business that doesn't require investment for production or holding products, and you can start to make money online a few times. 

    There are many strategies to apply which match the affiliate marketing trends in 2020

    Anyway do not depend on which approach you prefer to take to run your business and get your financial freedom, whereby writing blog posts or running paid ads, there are some steps you need to take to become an affiliate marketer and start a profitable online business. 

    This article will cover every one of these fundamental steps on how to become an affiliate marketer in 2020 and will provide you suggestions to start by avoiding scam and affiliate marketing mistakes which stop you from making money faster.

    Overall in these difficult times, many of us are looking for ways to diversify our incomes by working from home online. I think affiliate marketing can be the less expensive and easiest way to create a residual income. 

     So in the next paragraphs we will try to provide a completed guide on how to become an affiliate marketer in 2020.

    How to Become an Affiliate Marketer in 2020

    Before starting making money online you need to create a solid foundation. This means: find merchants that perfectly match with your needs, choose the best affiliate marketing programs, build your website and your marketing strategy.

    So to help you build your online audience and starting to make money online. You need to build the fundamental of your business, and in the next paragraph we will lead you in this wonderful path.

    Start By Choosing a Niche

    First, you need to know that affiliate marketing is a huge business world that practically covers each market you know.

    This makes it necessary to identify a particular niche of interest that you will work with.

    This is a crucial part oy your affiliate marketing journey, and remember, the right niche will make it easier to sell.

    These are the question you can ask yourself to find your perfect niche:

    What topics am I passionate about?

    Do people interest in my niche?

    Will demand for my niche products stay consistent?

    Is my niche too much competitive?

     Can I find Affiliate Programs that work well within my niche? 

    These questions will help you to turn something that you are passionate about in profitable business. Anyway passion is important but it can not the only reason to choose a niche.

    For instance,  KitchenFaucetDivas probably didn’t start as a project of passion, but it's the same as a profitable business.

    Anyway, you will work with your niche by writing reviews and content, creating ads, and analyzing results, and this can be sometimes fun sometimes boring. However, Affiliate Marketing is a business and like any other business is about to make more profit possible.

    The passion will help to make your job less heavy but keep in mind your goal: make money.

    Therefore the Better thing is to choose a niche in which the demand is constantly high or in growth. To find it you can use free tools like Google Trends.

    You insert a longtail keyword for instance "affiliate marketing" or "football shoes" and you look how much is consistent with the demand for your favorite products. A good niche is stable or growing in a long period and does not undergo sudden market changes.

    After that, you need to determine how much completion there's into your niche. 

    This is simple and you could use free keyword search tools as Keywordtool.io and you can easily see how much is competitive in ht major search engines a determined keyword.

    As you can see, on the right side of the results you’ll see an indicator that says ‘Competition’. On Ubersuggest, this indicator ranges from 0-1, with 1 being the highest level of competition.

    So with just a few clicks, you can find out what you’re up against in your niche. You can also see a variety of suggested searches that are related to your niche, as well as how competitive they are.

    You can also sector's study and research to have a deeper idea of your niche competition.

    When you find your affiliate marketing products you are a step ahead on your business building journey but the process does not end there are other important steps to follow in this guide on how to become an affiliate marketer in 2020.

    2) Find the best affiliate program

    Many brand make available affiliate marketing programs to promote their products to a wider audience. Practically, they create their offer for affiliate marketers who will promote the Brand's products in exchange for commissions.

    This step has the same importance of choosing the right niche. You need to know the commission rates, the level of support (customer services and help), the quality of both products, and marketing materials.

    Those are the question you can make sure to yourself to proceed with a particular affiliate marketing program:

    How much commission could you get from the program (percentage)? Are these recurring or one-time commissions? 

    Do you want to be associated with an affiliate network, which can help you to start without mistakes?

    Is the company support good or nobody will help you?

    Your network is a bridge between the merchant and your customers, it practically fills the gap of knowledge and tools you need to get success. For these reasons is important to choose the right program.

    Build Your Website and Social Presence 

    Finding the right brands and businesses to partner, it's now time to build your online presence and create the tool to dominate the market and sell your products.

    Affiliate Marketers apply different strategies to make passive income. Anyway, almost any affiliate uses a website as a centerpiece of its strategy.

    This can be a funnel targeted on a specific offer or a more complex website with a blog and many other pages.

    Who prefers sales funnels is because they want to address the audience on a specific offer and collect their mail contact to build a huge mailing list. Sales funnels have a high conversion rate and match perfectly with an effective email marketing strategy which comprises a follow-up mail to send with an autoresponder to turn cold contacts (collected through the funnel) in warm costumers.

    Some software allows you to create a sales funnel in some minutes if you are a beginner as well.

    Indeed, who chooses a traditional website is because he/she wants to create a long-term strategy and conquer the SERP thought the blog. This means write keyword optimized articles to get high ranking in the major search engines like Google and attract organic traffic on the website. Build a website can be very expensive if you need to pay someone who builds it for you (A professional and SEO optimized website can be really expensive).

    Anyway, if you do not pretend a real professional website, many website builders make the affiliate website building process easy for everyone. When you start your online business into an affiliate marketing network the provide for course and tool to create a stunning website. 


    In the same process stage, we enclose the creation of a consistent social media presence. These remain good channels for building your following and share your promotional content and your blog post. Instagram allows you to sell your product directly.

    Choose not more than two social media platforms and focus your work on these. Too many social media can compromise the quality of your work. Better two managed very well than four of five with low-quality content. When you choose which focus your attention think about which one fits better with your audience. 

    Anyway, Facebook remains the most used social media, while Pinterest and Instagram are the most performings among affiliate marketers.

    You can also use a forum like Quora to attract visitors to your blog content.

    3) Content is the King

    "Content is King" is a famous phrase of Bill Gates. He said that in 1996 and after 24 years it remains true with an addition: "Quality is Queen".

    In fact, in 2020 the net is full of info while the human's attention is just 8 seconds. This means that you have less than 10 seconds to attract and keep a visitor on your website before then this scroll the phone to find other content! 

     What does it mean? you need to create quality content that is simple, informative, and engaging. 

    Well optimized and rich in information. Google loves informative and keyword-rich content. A very good practice is to put yourself in the place of your readers.

    Which solutions do you need? 

    How this product can solve your problem?

    Which other uses can I do with the same products?

    If you are useful for your reader they will trust you and likely the will buy from you. Post regularly new content is another good practice for both to scale organic search and keeps your audience captivated.

    Third good practice: answering always to your audience comment, and engage them so much possible on your social media. It has to be clear a human is being behind your website.

    Quality, Trust, and Engagement are all three synonyms of making money online with affiliate marketing.

    4) Track your performance

    Tracking your work can help you to save time and money and increase your sales. 

    Indeed, analytics is essential to know which are the most performing content on your campaign, which post get more readers and convert more in sales. This can help you to plan the approach for the future and on which affiliate products you can put more attention and in which you are doing mistakes.

    For instance, you can understand which Instagram post performs better, if you need to put more attention in writing text or in finding and make stunning images. By looking at the analytics you could have more info about your reader and your buyer person (age, sex, social status, study, work, etc...).

    In short, Analytics can help you to create a long term business strategy and boost your sales over time.


    Are you ready to start? W begin this article by writing that act is the key factor to start as an affiliate marketer and build a successful path. 

    If you are ready to start an online business and realize your dream to become an online entrepreneur it's now time to act.

    You could start by choosing your niche and products, creating your website and your social media presence, working on content, and make your first sales with Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the biggest affiliate marketing networks in the world. You can join for free and it provides new free subscribers: free course, thousands of products to choose in your favorite niche (if you prefer you could choose products outside the network), free website (and free guide to build it on your own), a free keyword search tool to write great content and a large community of expert marketer happy to help you for free. 

    Join for free in Wealthy Affiliate by clicking on this link.


    Affiliate Disclaimer: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. There are no extra costs to you (sometimes you even get a better deal than what's offered to the general public and some extra bonuses from us). However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you. View our full affiliate disclaimer here.


  • Top Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2020
  • Affiliate Marketing trends in 2020 confirm the fast growth of this extraordinary business. 

    During this COVID-19 quarantine, many companies that considered with suspect yet the internet business opportunities "have been forced" to change their opinion in front of the fact that the traditional way to do business became difficult to apply and in many cases, it's almost impossible. Of course, it was better to follow the normal growth of the online business, rather than face the consequences in terms of both human lives and the epochal economic crisis due to this damned COVID-19 pandemic.

    The use of the internet for business is in constant and rapid growth for more than 10 years and Affiliate marketing perfectly follows this trend.

    But, Why people love affiliate marketing? 

    Affiliate marketing is an extraordinary business with low entry barriers and which allows people to create a completed online business with no investment and without producing his products.

    Indeed, Affiliate focus on selling other companies' products. The business model is pretty easy. 

    However, fast market growth means also growing competition, that is year by year more difficult for an affiliate marketer to emerge and conquer the market.

    The next paragraphs start by covering the state of Affiliate Marketing in 2020 and after it will reveal detailed affiliate marketing trends in 2020. 

    Affiliate Marketing in 2020

    Affiliate Marketing in 2020 is revealing some important differences in respect of the previous years.

     There are a couple of main changes that take effect on the business.

    First, the growing number of affiliates. Everyday many people are coming into the market. This means that affiliate marketing works very well and many people develop a wealth full income by working as an affiliate. At the same time, this increases the competition between the affiliate and it's necessary to apply an effective marketing strategy to emerge from it. 

    The competition growth has effects on cost per click for paid digital advertising such as Google ads, Facebook ads, and Bing Ads.

    The large use of paid ads that affiliate marketers make every day is driving the cost per click higher.

    Anyway, this growing number of affiliates is driving merchants to release new products in 2020. In the perspective, this will help fight against the market saturation. Indeed, any affiliate will have available many more products to promote.

    In the next paragraphs, we will talk about some of the latest affiliate marketing trends destined to dominate the market in 2020.

    4 Top Affiliate Marketing trends in 2020

    Influencer marketing 

    In the last years is born a marketing phenomenon named influencer marketing. In a few words, some people with a large audience on social media, use his influence to promote other company's products, and make money. 

    Like other digital marketing trends, in the last year, influencer marketing has grown exponentially and there are no reasons why they will not use this model to make money with some kind of affiliate partnership.  It reveals to be one of the most important affiliate marketing trends in 2020

    We can assist in a win-win situation. Indeed, Influencers work in social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This last one is the most used and it is the second-largest in the world after Facebook. This means it can offer infinite potential profit and space fo advertising. 

    Many companies are using Instagram in their marketing campaign as one of the most important and strategic channels. Instagram could offer a huge return of investment also for a business like Affiliate Marketing.

    Through deep research, you could find the right influencer for your purpose. To make it easy you could use free tools to find the best influencers or paid and detailed tools like Mention that has many analytic tools to monitor your campaigns as well.

    Facebook Ads

    Facebook remains one of the best places where to launch affiliate marketing campaigns.Facebook is very efficient and guarantees a good return on investment. By spending just a few dollars, you could reach hundreds of thousands of people.

    Facebook ads are too much less expensive than traditional marketing and thousands of times more efficient. 

    Moreover, Facebook ads creation features are becoming always more detailed. This means you could easily choose the right target audience for your campaigns, you could create custom and lookalike audience. These features will allow you to create very effective Facebook ads by spending a few dollars. 

    Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is creating several unknowns and uncertainties for every kind of business including affiliate marketing. Anyway, also during this hard COVID-19 crisis you could find a lot of opportunities to be useful and make money ethically at the same time. If you want to know How this pandemic impact on affiliate marketing and what approach to take, you cand read this article of MaxBounty Blog.

    Visual content confirms the growth in Affiliate Marketing trends in 2020

    Visual contents are the favorite ones in the last years. The affiliate marketing trends in 2020 confirm the growth of this type of marketing.

    We are in an age where it's very easy to find a lot of information about any specific argument or niche, at the same time, the threshold of attention of people id quite low. Indeed, many of them want to avoid reading long articles and complicated sentences. The goal of everyone is looking for info is much amount of info in the least time if possible. 

    While it is not possible to give a lot of info in a brief article, you can do it with some minutes of video.  Many studies show, that most people prefer to watch a video to acquire info in less time than read an article to fifteen minutes.

    So, a good strategy for this 2020 could be to implement more visual and video content in your marketing strategy.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    An evergreen strategy that will never die and that indeed is becoming year by year more important, it's the SEO strategy. These means give a lot of attention to the quality and technical aspects of your website and brand strategy as well. Good of both On-Site and Off-Site SEO will give, in the long term, more results than paid ads and other strategies. The secret is to conquer the organic search by getting Hig ranking in the main search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The same strategy has to be applied to fo your social media channels and other marketing platforms. 

    First of all you need to start paying attention to keywords. This is true for any page of your website, for your social network profile and channels, and your blog post. An efficient keywords strategy will allow you to get your brand in the first pages of the search engines with obvious results in terms of views, click, and naturally sales.

    If you enclose a blog in your marketing strategy you need to prepare a keywords map of your content strategy which has to be coherent with your niche, cover every aspect of the market and in line with the trends

    Another very important trend you must follow in 2020 if you expect to have a successful business year, you will have to start paying a lot more attention to keywords. Aiming to get your brand or your products to show up as high as possible on search results pages is vital to modern-day success. The most effective way to do this is to start implementing keywords properly. Ensure that your affiliate partners and that everyone in your company follows all of the keyword trends in 2020.

    Affiliate marketing might indeed be one of the best ways to advertise your brand, products, or services, but without the right implementation, it won’t be effective at all. But, by following these trends we mentioned above, you will have success.

    How To Benefit from Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2020

     Affiliate marketing as other businesses changes and adapt themselves to the entire market. Any way we can act in the way to benefit from the new affiliate marketing industry trends. 

    Affiliate Marketing fast changes require to be humble and recognize when something is not working anymore and adapt it or adopt some completely different strategy as the top affiliates are doing.

    1. First, differentiate yourself from the crowd...

    Affiliate Marketing is a cruel and outspoken business. This means that it reveals very soon if you are working well or not to maximize your profit. This also because 97% of the affiliate marketers era less than $200 every single month.

    Anyway this not means that you cannot turn failure in success. Yes, you can and you would not be the first.

    You can change your strategy by using different content and approach. Find new ideas and products.

    Be sure, if you want you can have a lot of success with affiliate marketing


    2. Start working hard and well to create a long term passive income...

    If You work more and better than everyone else, of course, you can get more than them.

    You need to experiment continuously to understand what is working well and what it is not working.

    Moreover, don't be afraid to work more than the others, overall in the beginning.

    If your competitors are writing an article once per week, write one once per day.


    3. be consistent and never give up...

    Above we wrote that you need to recognize when you are doing some mistakes and change your strategy if it is not working. How this is true, it is also true that you don't have to give up. You cannot abandon your project after two weeks because you don't see results.

    For instance, if you decide to start a blog you cannot abandon if you don't increase your visitors after two weeks, 2 months etc.. You need to pursue your strategy by analyzing everyday it to understand what you can do to optimize it.

    Your method works just if you believe in it.

    4. Keep learning and be an open mind toward others advice

    Be humble. This means be open to someone's advice.

    There is no successful expert who is not in a continuous growth mindset.

    You can learn from everyone's experience and advice. These can just bring you something more.

    Read books, followed a discussion in an affiliate marketing forum, or chat with affiliate marketer experts. Each one of these experiences could reveal something extraordinary.  Learn is one of the most wonderful skills that was given to us.

    Following courses, be informed about new trends and methods or products can be one more powerful weapon in front of the competition.

    5. You Can Experiment  Alternative Traffic Generation

    Apart from the above-mentioned advertising network, you can experiment with other ways to generate traffic for your website, funnel, landing page, or blog. 

    One of these can be Solo Ads, or maybe guest posting on another blog or ads in forum and others. 

    Be creative.


    Affiliate Marketing trends in 2020 show this business is always changing.  

    This is good and it is a sign of vitality. Anyway, it requires important adaptability and an open mind.

    Many other people will join in the affiliate marketing industry in 2020, this means much more completion but many more opportunity as well.

    If you focus on your business and you constantly work to grow this, you have nothing to worry about, but rather you could use this trend for your advantage.

    If you are ready to start your affiliate marketing business I can suggest one of the most reliable and profitable worldwide methods.

    I'm talking about the Wealthy Affiliate Network, which is the biggest affiliate marketing network in the world. 

    Wealthy Affiliate was created as an initiative to help other people succeed online in the same way Kyle and Carson had already experienced success. Since 2005, the platform at WA has continued to evolve and innovate at a pace that is faster than the industry.

    Since when is born, Wealthy Affiliate helped over 1,5 million, internet entrepreneur to start a successful online business. 

    You can subscribe for free in Wealthy Affiliate and include in the free plan you have: free course to start your business, free website, you could choose the products you want to promote into a database of thousands of products in any niche, you have thousands of marketing material, you could use for free premium tools to find the best keywords to get high ranking in google. Finally, you will join a community of thousands of affiliate marketer experts very glad to help you for free to build your success.

    You can join for free in Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link.



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