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  • Picks: Dates Night Outfit For You!!
  • Ladies have you been really wondering what to wear to a date night with your lover, friend or closed one
    And then you had to pick out random outfits from your wardrobe but it didn't fits

    Don't worry cuz this post is about to show the different kinds of outfit to wear.

    The jumpsuit: Yes don't get it complicated here, cuz actually you can wear a jumpsuit to a date. Give your self the perfect look.

    Shades of black and Red: I actually had to put my photo here lol
    My look above is also perfect for a date
    A red high waist skirt with a black top and a heel to sum it up.

    Handless white top+black trouser
    Wear this to a date and you won't have to worry about anything.

    Offshoulder top+ nude skirt 

    This is my favorite though.

    With all these perfect outfits here, you sure know what to wear now.


  • Easter Look!!

  • Heyo blogfam, who is excited for today?? I am lol
    Yeah, we actually made it through this day, all thanks to God.

    So today I decided to talk about this my lovely Easter outfit... How you all see the look? Perfect right 

    You can actually get this outfits from any shop

    Outfit from my closet
    Slippers from moms closet.


  • OOTD..... Where you can actually wear this outfit to!!
  • Hello Blogfam.....
    Today am sharing my daily look, and I hope you guys are ready to follow me to the next level.

    OK so about my look, I have been looking forward to share this complete outfit with you all and am so excited right now.

    You all want to know where you can actually wear this outfit to??

    1. Work

    Yes.. You can wear this outfit to work
    Its a work wear outfit.. Its highly fashionable

    2. Interview

    You all will be asking, can someone really wear this outfit to an interview? Of course, Yes

    You can, slay yourself through the interview, no one is gonna stop you.

    3. Date

    You all shouldn't ask please lol

    Definitely, this outfit is suitable for a Date with your loved ones.

    So that's all... You know where you can actually slay this outfit to

    Go get the look ladies.

    Don't forget to leave a comment.


  • Workwear outfits you need this week!!

  • Work wear outfits aren't supposed to be boring
    You are supposed to look fashionable in it
    Look stylish 

    The Midi Dress As Seen on Ini Dima-Okojie is totally work wear outfit you need.

    The Statement black dress as seen on Tonto Dikeh is simple and trendy

    You can easily give yourself a fashionable look by wearing a jumpsuit to work... Yes you can.


  • Outfit of the Week!!
  • You might be wondering, is this an actual outfit of the week... Yes it is

    You don't have to wear all expensive clothes to make it an outfit of the week

    Just a simple will do.

    Me combining outfits to wear is really something, I can just take out random clothes and wear.. Trust me, you would think it won't fit.. But definitely it will

    I do this a lot though. You should try it too.


  • Becky's Fashion Talk !!!
  • You know you are a fashion blogger when you can combine outfit.

    Its not about you wearing them.... Its about you telling people, expressing yourself through it.

    Outfits from my closet.


  • 5 Ways Nigerians Relax Their Nerves.!!
  • There is no gainsaying the fact that the country is hard. Between an economy just recovering from recession, and a general state of hardship, considering the poor state of infrastructure, and the anger and frustrations everyone seems to be carrying around in their belly, Nigerians are in a perpetual state of being stressed.

    All of this certainly isn’t news to you.

    But then, how do Nigerians ease off? How do they let go some of the built up tension, and relax themselves, freshen up and get roaring to go again and surmount every odds in their way. I asked around, and found out a bit myself with some observation and I came up with the 5 Ways Nigerians Relax Their Nerves.

    1. Owambe. Turn Up
    All the party wey dem dey do for Lagos City. I guess you know the lyrics to the rest of the song. Essentially, partying and turning up is the number one stress reliever. Even though the way and manner Nigerians party, you wonder if it isn’t a different level of stress on its own. But where there is good music, great food, friends and family, alcoholic drinks of all sorts, you can’t blame the average Nigerian of temporarily forgetting everything else that is wrong with the world and thoroughly enjoy themselves while at it.

    2. Lodge in a Hotel
    Lodging in a hotel is also another way Nigerians relive stress. Of course depending on their budget and income, the class of hotel will surely differ. But hotels bring a degree of comfort and relaxation you can not get anywhere else, even if there is light at home. The overworked mom might consider dropping the kids off at their grandparents and check in to a hotel in Lekki for the weekend where all she has to do is lounge in her bathrobe, drink wine, order room service and watch cable television without her husband asking for the remote because Chelsea and Arsenal are playing. When you take a break to lodge in an hotel, you get the opportunity to take advantage of amenities such as the swimming pool, spa and gym. Even business travelers have been known to stay an extra night when they travel for business, the extra night is for them to cool off proper after all the work.

    3. Eat
    You cant separate food from the Nigerian. After all what is the point of all the hustle if not to eat and to eat big. Whether they are preparing the meals themselves, ordering online, or eating in their favourite restaurant or buka, eating is a great stress reliever. The sight of Amala and Abula, or Fufu and Afang soup with plenty of obstacles, or a simmering plate of Jollof rice with firewood flavour is enough to dissipate not just hunger, but any stress the Nigerian might be facing at the time.

    4. Spa/Yoga/Meditation/Exercise
    Another way many Nigerians relieve stress is through Spa, Yoga, Meditation or Exercise. Lots of upwardly mobile young people are increasingly engaging in these activities to achieve the ever elusive work-life balance. And the results are great too.

    5. Stay at Home
    When all has been said and done, staying at home is still a great option for when Nigerians want to relieve stress. It might actually mean turning down all of the above. And it works. When you think of the noise, the traffic, the interaction with people you might not necessarily want to interact with, staying home and shutting your window blinds right after you turn off your phone is also a valuable way to stay fresh and relax your nerves.

    What other means have you employed to relax your nerves?

    Share with us in the comments section and don’t forget to share this post if you loved it.


  • Hey Guy's.... I'm Back With My Slaying Outfit!!!
  • Hey guys.... I know OK..its been a while, and I'm sorry for being away for some time. Really been busy with stuffs but trust me.. Am back and I'm ready to give u all of my slaying outfits lol

    Ok, so the photo above is me on Ankara handless print and jean with a high heel

    You all should tell me how you guys have been styling your outfits and what's in your wardrobe this new week

    Cmon I wanna know .....


  • Shades Of Black And Red.!!
  • Hey Guys...  OMG How long has it been since this year...

    I've missed blogging and am so sorry about it😐😐😐

    Have been a little bit busy
    But am here now lol

    I know this year (2018) is gonna be a great year for all of us
    Trust me.  It's gonna Be ..  I already can't get enough of it😆😆😆

    With My Little Shades Of Black and Red Am ready for the day..

    I would like you all to follow me on my social media platforms

    Instagram @becky.ekika
    Twitter @beckyekika
    Facebook page @beckyekika0


  • I Cant Wait For 2018.
  • Hey guys 🤣🤣🤣
    Who else is feeling excited for tomorrow 😆😆

    I can't wait any longer
    2018 is already tomorrow and am all happy than ever lol😂😂

    I had to take this photo cuz of my excitement
    I'm stepping into the New Year like never before 😎😎

    My outfit are just casual
    Bagging trouser from mom's closet😁😗 Yes my mom.. I had to wear it.. Dammnnnn it look good on me

    Then a white Tee shirt + mini bag + heel

    That's all

    See you all in 2018.


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