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  • Things You Should Consider Before Selecting Cloud-Hosted PBX System
  • Cloud-hosted VoIP systems serve to be useful whenever people are running a business in the modern era. So, consider the following points to select the right service provider and keep you away from a bad experience.

    Quality of Service & Ports


    It’s always essential to retain the quality of service in case the outflow exceeds the bandwidth. While the router manages internet traffic, you must prioritize the traffic if required. Besides, configure the ports just in case you need to direct the traffic and maintain the network’s security. Resources that disturb the network should never be used while the other ones should be restricted from moving out.

    Service Level Agreements


    A service level agreement doesn’t become a factor for the uptime a service provider offers. So, you need to be wise and think twice if you have to pay 100 percent premium to the service provider. Moreover, SLAs associated with cloud-based service can never help you get an idea about the interruption of the service. In fact, it might appear to be a tricky business altogether.

    Broadband Capacity


    Bandwidth capacity generally depends on how many calls are made at the same instance. So, once you note down the best time during the entire day, it can help you choose the cloud-hosted PBX service provider. High bandwidth would just add on to the costs and low bandwidth won’t help in improving the productivity. Therefore, it’s important to go for optimum bandwidth to ensure that the team is working efficiently within the budget.

    Flexibility of Desk Phones


    Always be particular on questions related to usability and accessibility. Within the network, the setup should be flexible because the device gets registered with the PBX system as soon as it gets connected to the Wi-Fi. You should also take care of WAN accessibility when you choose configuration options. Do make sure that the staff would be enjoying features like a caller ID, an SIP phone, video calling facility, and more.

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  • TeleDomani Agents Get net2phone Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking
  • UCaaS provider net2phone is partnering with telecom and technology services master agent TeleDomani, allowing TeleDomani agents to offer net2phone’s hosted PBX and SIP trunking…Read more

  • Trends You Could Observe With Cloud-Based Business Communication
  • As you make your way through to shift the operations over cloud, here are some ways cloud would transform business communication.

    Increase in the demand for managed internet services


    With the passage of time, monitored internet services would be important for organizations. As the usage of cloud apps shoots up, business owners would prefer private cloud services when poor performance and security related issues are a major concern.

    BYOD would move on to JOC (join our cloud)


    You would surely be forgetting the trend when devices would be required to collaborate on the network. Once the cloud-based application is installed, collaboration would seem much easier than anybody can think about. With this in mind, service providers are striving to develop apps for any type of device.

    Working on smartphones would prevail


    As faster networks like LTE would become ubiquitous, businesses would depend on real-time communication. Professionals would start using their smartphones to manage key business processes. They won’t have to worry about a slow performance or face the problem with data transmission. Delivering files would be much faster as the 3G network would fade into oblivion.

    Companies would be ready to decentralize


    With video conferencing and other services, people would find it more convenient to work from a remote location. Rather than outsourcing anything, employers would find it better to hire professionals who can work from any region apart from the company’s location.

    Cloud would boost customer satisfaction


    As individuals embrace technology, small businesses would race ahead in the competitive world and would find it better to scale up the entire business. The business could be managed through tasks more than it had been imagined.

    Do get in touch with the best service provider if you are looking to set up a system for cloud communications in Philippines.

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  • Everything You Should Know About VOIP Protocols
  • Many times, numerous individuals take technology behind VoIP for granted. While this seems normal, you should understand the protocols as well as the standards to ensure the best solution, service, and the system. So, let’s have a look at the protocols which the business can adopt for the right solution.

    VoIP is an abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol. The word ‘protocol’ can be thought about as an integral part as to how the system functions. Essentially, the protocol aids in transferring audio and video information over the internet. However, sending data is not as simple as attaching a file to the email or sharing a Dropbox link. In fact, the possibility is owing to the protocol which is nothing but a set of rules that computers use and elaborate on how communication should take place.

    Now, once the meaning of a protocol is understood, there are basically two protocols on which the VoIP relies on. For a majority of users, these include SIP and H. 323. Beyond these, the VoIP solution can utilize other protocols known as MGCP and SCCP.

    If someone has to describe SIP and H.323, then an Intelligent Endpoint Protocol is always used. This helps in locating the device and transferring data from the device (localhost) to the remote device. But, even though both the protocols became prominent in 1995 and the subsequent year, H.323 has been more popular than SIP since many years. H.323 works well when people need to communicate through a voice or video chat. Since it’s based on the PTSN protocol, you can expect the same level of quality along with features pertaining to calling.

    Do check out for numerous service plans within your budget if you want your employees to make VoIP calls in Philippines.

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  • VoIP Provider Zadarma Announces Free Business Phone System Integration with Zoho CRM & Salesforce
  • New York, NY, December 12, 2017 — Cloud telephony provider Zadarma has announced official integration with the two largest CRM systems in the world…Read more

  • The Future Of VOIP By The Year 2024
  • You can never predict technology trends and expect to avail what you might perceive. As regulatory bodies wish to stay ahead with the emerging trends, end users are also interested in what they can anticipate in future. So, here’s what VoIP might look like in the forthcoming years.

    Fast Growth & Adoption

    Fast-paced growth can be closely related to VoIP solutions. However, several factors like high-broadband internet connection have to be considered. As this aspect can prevent the expansion of VoIP services, it’s certain that the VoIP industry would not progress in every area. Mobile evolution would soon become prominent and there’s would be growth in mobile VoIP.

    Regulatory & Legislative Inspection

    VoIP technology is no longer considered as a tool for tech-savvy individuals. In fact, in some regions, the solution has replaced PSTN based landlines when calls have to be made. As years roll by, the government is likely to enhance scrutiny and will try to regulate the VoIP industry.

    Consumer Vs Enterprise VoIP

    As observed in the market, consumers would be quick to upgrade to VoIP. This is because the consumers have a few requirements in comparison to enterprises. On the other hand, upgrading to a new technology can consume a lot of time and would be thought about as a long-term project. The growth would be phenomenal followed by the organizations which wish to take the advantage of VoIP solutions.

    Integration with Enterprise tools

    Way back, VoIP was considered as a tool to reduce costs. But, today, integration with a tool like a CRM would definitely bridge the gap between organizations and consumers. The internet connected device would be capable for making calls, no matter what might be the location. Even if it’s a call center VoIP system, the future can be predicted as per the current observations and historical data.

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