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  • Production Company

    Shot on Kodak Vision 3 500T
    Aaton Penelope 2 perf
    Arri 435 4 perf

    Francis La Haye, Mylène Mackay, Hubert Proulx, Anthony Riendeau, Anne-Charlotte Côté, Liam Weisman, Ilan Sawan, Daniel Lapierre, Mathieu Lepage and Louise Latraverse.

    V.O by Victoria Diamond & Dusan Dukic

    Directed & Edited by Kristof Brandl
    Written by Kristof Brandl & Shane Patrick
    Cinematographer: Christophe Collette, CSC
    Additional Cinematography: Kristof Brandl
    Executive Producer: Alexandre Auray
    Line Producer: Clara L’Heureux-Garcia
    Focus Puller: Maxime Boutin
    2nd Camera Assistant: Erin Weisgerber
    Camera Loader: Robin Rigault
    8mm & Super 16mm: Benoît Jones-Vallée & Laurent Schrænen
    Set Photographer: Gaëlle Leroyer
    Gaffer: Jacques Girard
    Best boy: Conrad Roy & Louis Cloutier
    Key Grip: Stéphane Klopp
    Best Boy: Marcel Bonneville, Camille Bergeron Bégin
    Sound Man: Laurent Ouellette, Dominic Remiro
    Grading: Simon Boisx
    Art Director: Frédérique Ste-Marie & Maxime Normand
    Art Assistant: Sophie B.Jacques, Geneviève Boiteau, Véronique Perreault, Yann Filly-Paré
    Costume: Amanda Van Der Siebes
    Makeup and Hair: Catherine Labelle
    Flame Artist & VFX Supervisor: Flore Mounier @MikrosMPC
    Special Effects: Remy Couture
    Special Effects Supervisor: Blood Brothers
    Stunt Coordinator: Jean-François Lachapelle
    Riggers: Stéphane Julien et Sébastien Peres
    1st Assistant Director: Clara L’Heureux-Garcia
    2nd Assistant Director: Mathieu Turcotte
    Production Coordinator: Gabrielle Dussault
    Unit Manager: Joseph Liane
    Key Production Assistant: Jeremy Hughes
    Production Assistant: Patrice Arseneault, Iskouhie Yacoub, Georges Mazraani
    Film Lab: MELS
    Sound Design: Jean-David Perron & Theo "Lewis" Porcet @CULT NATION

    Cast: Kristof Brandl and Christophe Collette, CSC

    Tags: Christophe Collette, Kristof Brandl, Charlotte Cardin, Colossale, The Kids, Penelope Aaton, Short Film, Arri 435, Film, Kodak, 35mm, 8mm, 16mm and ASC

    Tuesday, January 16, 2018

  • Features:

    Director: Cameron Busby
    Producer: Clara Brotons
    DP: David Merino
    Choreographer: Alexeya EM
    Stylist: Ryen Blaschke
    HMU: Holly Gowers
    1st AC: Yuri Inoue
    2nd AC: Rafael Vasconcelos
    Gaffer: Karli Kopp
    Key Grip: Tamir Kaywood
    Swing: Jason Yi
    PA: Gavin Siewers
    Colorist: Frederick Trevino
    Commissioner: Saul Levitz

    Cast: Cameron Busby

    Tags: i believe in us, music video, Leon, cameron busby, Columbia records, Alexa and director

    Monday, January 08, 2018

  • Chromeo - Juice
  • Director: David Wilson
    Prod Co: The Directors Bureau
    EP: Sue Yeon Ahn
    Producer: Jason Baum
    DP: Simon Chaudoir
    Production Designer: Almitra Corey
    Stylist: Lisa Katnic
    Make Up: Shane Paish
    Editor: Biff Butler @ Rock Paper Scissors
    Colorist: Jason Wallis @ Electric Theatre Collective
    VFX: Electric Theatre Collective
    Sound: Adam Primack @ Lime
    Movement Coach: Danny Dolan
    Steadicam: Ari Robbins
    1st AD: Rudy van Zyl

    Leg Doubles: Kenzie McClure & Lou Becker

    Cast: David Wilson

    Friday, January 05, 2018

  • Sleigh Bells - And Saints - Official Music Video

    Director: Mimi Cave
    Co-Director: Derek Miller
    Concept by: Derek Miller
    Producer: Heron Calisch-Dolen
    Assistant Director: Craig Eisenberg
    Director of Photography: Drew Bienemann
    Choreographer: Mimi Cave
    Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
    Executive Producers: Danielle Hinde, Jason Cole
    MV Rep: Doug Klinger

    Dancers: Charissa Kroeger, Erin Murray, Kenzie McClure, Pia Vinson, Sarah Prinz, Savannah Harris

    "Band": Christopher Hornbrook, Ryan Primack, Bradley Grace

    Set Dresser: Alaina Howard
    Wardrobe Stylist: Jordy Schienberg
    Hair & Makeup: Erin Blinn
    Wardrobe Asst: Niki Far
    HMU Asst: Andria Farrell

    Gaffer: Eric Fahry
    Best Boy Electric: Justin Kemper
    Electric: David Nakamura
    Key Grip: Forrest Penny-Brown
    Best Boy Grip: Julio Salecdo
    Grip: Amber Steele

    1st AC: Paolo Arriola
    2nd AC: Cody Smith

    Editor: Lindsey Nadolski
    Colorist: Ayumi Ashley

    Production Assistants: Eric Bach, Justin Langstaff, Emily Mathason

    Cast: mimi cave

    Thursday, December 14, 2017

  • The Knocks "House Party"
  • Director: Austin Peters
    Producer: Erin Kennedy
    Director of Photography: Minka FK
    Editor: Marlo Caine @ Spot Welders
    Production Designer: Gozde Eker
    Stylist: Britt McCamey
    Casting: Alliah Sophia Mourad
    Production Manager: Francesca Stabile
    Sound Design: Wave Studios
    VHS cam: Luke Rathborne
    Colorist: Jaime Obradovich @ co3

    Cast: Austin Peters

    Wednesday, December 13, 2017

  • Watsky – Going Down
  • A sci-fi epic about oral. Porn star Reily Reid stars in Watsky's meditation on sexuality and hangups. For enthusiasts of Arrival, Barbarella, and giving or receiving head.

    Executive Producer Kimberly Stuckwisch, Ian Blair
    Director - Nick Roney
    Producer - Andreas Attai
    Director of Photography: Greg Cotten
    1st AD: Hannah K Baker

    1st AC: Brian White
    2nd AC: Ryan Summersett

    Gaffer: Luka Pascalicchio, Jarrett Sexton
    BB Electric: Richard Bloenk
    Key Grip: Doug Frerichs
    BB Grip - Joanna Nguyen

    Wardrobe - Maya Sommer

    Makeup Artist - Megan Williams
    Makeup Artist Assitant - Haengja Kim
    Riley Reid Make Up by Heather Galipo

    Production Assistants - Ed Leer, Willis Von Werner, Andre Attai, Mike Cox, Gabriel Linkiewicz

    Talent : Riley Reid,. London Worthy, Riria Niimura, NIkki Keeshin, Janine Hogan, Aaron Valenzuela, George Sepa, Brandon Anthony, Tyrone Emanuel, David Finch

    Hang Gliders provided by: Windsports + Joe Greblo
    Hang Glider Model provided by: Cristina Bercovitz

    Post Production
    Editor: Nick Roney
    VFX by: Nick Roney, Andrew Finch Tanner Merill VFX
    CG Modelling by: Robert Sundelin. Vitaliy Havrylyuk
    Color by Tashi Trieu

    Special thanks to Alan Michnoff, Spencer Creigh, Tim Hendrix, Dan Carr, Greg Cotten, Andrew Finch, Cameron Dutra

    Cast: Roney™

    Wednesday, December 06, 2017

  • Benjamin Booker ‘Believe’ Dir: James Lees
  • Director: James Lees
    Producer: Zach Wright
    Executive Producer: Danielle Hinde & Jason Cole
    Cinematographer: Larkin Seiple
    Editor: Josh Hegard
    Art Director: Carmen Navis
    Choreographer: Melissa Schade
    Costume: Christina Flannery
    Colorist: Ricky Gausis
    Casting: Michael Beaudry
    Production Manager: Samuel Miller

    Lead Soldier: Benjamin Booker
    Boy: Artyon Celestine
    Drill Sergeant: Rich Eagle
    Bully: Gabba Tomada
    JM Rodriguez
    Moises Michel
    Brooke Shepherd
    Mackenzey Franklin
    Andrew Valle
    Gregory Barnett
    Malachi Middleton
    Dushaun Thompson
    Nupier Garrett

    Cast: James Lees

    Friday, December 01, 2017

  • The Magic Gang // ALRIGHT // Director's Cut // Zac Ella
  • In this episode of The Magic Gang, boy brings home girl to meet the parents... let's hope it goes ALRIGHT.

    Director: Zac Ella
    Producer: Emma Wellbelove
    Exec Producer: Hayley Williams
    Production Company: Agile Films

    DOP: Nicolas Booth
    Focus Puller: Joaquin Blunt
    2nd AC: Klara Rychtarcikova
    Gaffer: Salvador Gomez-Lopez
    Spark: Nick Leishman
    1st AD: Clara Paris

    Art Director: Alicia Howitt
    Props Handler: Maura Duffy
    Stylist: Taff Williamson
    Wardrobe Assistant: Abbey Carr
    Hair and Make Up: Anna Inglis-Hall

    Runners: James Watson, Giselle Hyam, Geraint Morgan, Sebastian Olmos

    Editor: Laurence Halstead (Agile)
    Colourist: Jack McGinity (Time Cased Arts)
    VFX: Josh Everitt (Agile)
    Sound Mix: Malcolm Goldie

    Director’s Representation: OB Management
    Commissioner: Alex Burford
    Label: Warner Music

    Cast: Zacella

    Tags: the magic gang, alright, music video, crror, man in dress, girl with man hands, red glasses, david cann, maddy hill, liam williams, julia raynor, ob management, agile films, kippax, zac ella, nicolas booth and nic booth

    Thursday, November 09, 2017

  • Miya Folick "Give It To Me"
  • Yes, someone barfed.

    Cast: Eva Michon

    Wednesday, November 08, 2017

  • Bonobo feat. Rhye | "Break Apart" (Official Video)
  • i-D Writeup:

    The video is centred around three young couples, in three separate 24-hour periods as they spend an entire day together in one motel room with no phones, televisions, or other distractions. Each comes with their own unique histories, proclivities, and dynamics. We watch their intimate looks, conversations, and touches - juxtaposing their subjective passions with the indifferent transient space of a single motel room.

    Directed by: Spencer Creigh
    Director of Photography: Dustin Lane
    Produced by: Rich Salamone
    Production Manager: Ben Haley
    Production Coordinator: Cole Edward Mier
    1st AC: James Tennity
    DIT: Ben Crump
    Editor: Zaldy Lopez
    Assistant Editor: Johnny Chang
    Remote Head Tech: Eric Bergez

    Starring: Rachelle Berto, Devon Burress, Stephen Tyler, Rachel Wiegmann, Nikki Paige, Haddy Sowe

    Camera Operators: Dustin Lane, Spencer Creigh, Rich Salamone, James Tennity, Mishka Kornai, Nick Roney, Michael Barth, Dan Carr, Ed Leer, Pasqual Gutierrez

    Post Supervisor: Sarah Holme
    Sound Design: Neil Koperek
    Colorist: Matt Osbourne @ The Mill
    VFX Artist: Sam Davidson

    Editorial: EXILE
    EXILE Executive Producer: CL Weaver
    EXILE Head of Production: Jennifer Locke
    EXILE Producer: Manon Carrié

    Production Company: Whitelist.
    Exective Producer: Jerad Anderson
    Head of Music Video: Brendan Varni
    Head of Creative: Colin Moore
    Head of Finance & Operations: Natasha Seubert
    Head of Production: Matt Griffo

    Remote Head Rentals: Industry Sherpa
    Special Thanks: Ryan Murray, Anthony Pham, Bobby Moser, Cameron Dutra, Pasqual Gutierrez, Christine Yuan, Mishka Kornai

    Cast: Spencer Creigh, Dustin Lane, Whitelist. and Zaldy Lopez

    Tags: bonobo, rhye, break apart, motel, motel room, voyeurism, beautiful, human, music, music video, documentary, experimental, migration, i-D, Vice and remote control

    Friday, October 27, 2017

  • The War On Drugs - Nothing To Find featuring Sophia Lillis
  • Music video for The War On Drugs' "Nothing To Find," Starring Sophia Lillis.
    A girl and her plant creature hit the road in the coolest car ever.
    There's no limit or specific shape to compassion, and no one aesthetic to companionship. And nothing really ends. Even after 6.5 minutes.
    My heart filled so much during this project, and I'm so beyond grateful to every dang person who shared their talent in order to give this story its viney wheels.

    Starring Sophia Lillis.
    Planty: Matt Boman
    Clerk: Nadja Hoyer-Booth
    Napping Gent: Nick Masciangelo

    Director: Ben Fee
    Producer: Matt Day
    Production Company: Scandinavia Pictures
    Rep: Jen Herrera, Las Bandas/Be Brave
    Commissioner: Mandee Mallonee
    Director of Photography: Kai Saul
    Production Designer & Creature/Car Designer: Kat Audick
    Stylist: Kat Yeh
    Hair & Makeup: Alexandra French
    Editor: Niles Howard
    Colorist: Arianna Shining Star

    1st AD: Jeff Cobb
    1st AC: Michael McClure
    UPM: Michael Hoopinger
    2nd AC: Joe Rosenblit

    Gaffer: Drew Moe
    Key Grip: Steve Forbes

    Art Assistant: Kyle Audick
    Art PA/BTS: Max Silverman

    PAs: Evan Foster, Colby Davis, Damian Rosas

    Cameras & Lenses/THANK YOU: Panavision
    Muchos Thanks to Ashton Lunceford and Portrait PR for building an amazing bridge.

    Cast: Ben Fee. and Scandinavia

    Tags: the war on drugs, nothing to find, official, music video, sophia lillis, planty, plant car, ivy, league, panavision, c series, anamorphic, narrative, cinematography, plant dance, john hughes, chaplin and pool

    Wednesday, October 25, 2017

  • Null+Void : Where I Wait
    Feat. Dave Gahan

    Director: Tim Saccenti

    Director of photography: Tim Saccenti
    Written with Steven Graf
    Production: Holographic Thorns
    Editor and visual effects: Matt Posey for ps260
    Digital sculpture: Andy Rolfes + Sam Rolfes
    3d Scanning Narek Gevorgian
    Additional shoot production:Whooden
    Producer: Garen Barsegian
    Actors - Karolina Wallace and Rene Nunez

    Null + Void
    “where I wait”

    In the Null Void video, we follow a desperate character in her attempt to transcend a physical space. The environment is a dystopic, brutalist variation on an old theme: the stifled, domestic household. The refrigerator, the television, the wine bottles, and –most notably – the main character’s male counterpart evoke this dark theme. The cold lighting, concrete floors and metal containers further elicit the atmosphere of a prison.
    The main character’s performance is mostly static, as though she is another object in the room. Her eyes are glazed over in reverie, the mode by which the action will follow. We are led to believe that she desires some sort of escape: a means by which to transcend the physically petrified status of her life. 
    These reveries take various forms, limited by the sparseness of her environment. Dave plays a kind of narrator, floating around her dreams (sometimes actually), performing the song, alluding to the twofold nature of escape.
    The objects of her fantasies all work as functions that move her psyche from one state to the next. The pills are a physical set piece that facilitates her hallucinations, i.e. her male counterpart; the knife is a physical set piece that facilitates her violent fantasy in regards to him; the broken wine bottles are a physical set piece that helps her imagine his role in the story; etc.
    Most important is the television, which serves as a physical manifestation of these purely mental (intellectual) fantasies. Its formal role in the narrative is essential, and as the viewer’s perspective is fed through the television, we lose our place. What is real and what is the fantasy? In this way, we are able to identify with the protagonist.
    After reality and fantasy are knotted together, they fracture, and the space is literally broken into parts. This is reminiscent of a familiar sensation at the end of a dream or reverie, when the idea comes together and then falls apart. The video thus gives us a picture of what the nature of escape can sometimes feel like: the ecstasy of  transcendence, the eluding of time, the total circumvention of life as a physical object. - Steven Graf

    Cast: Timothy Saccenti

    Friday, October 20, 2017

  • Ry X - BAD LOVE
  • Made with love in Mexico with these spectacular people:

    Ry Cuming, Diana Garcia, Yazzmine Escobar, Liria Restrepo, Gabriela Alatorre, Sheyla NM & Alejandra Mari

    Directed by Irrum
    Exec Producer (Mex) Gabriel Stavenhagen
    Producer (Mex) Mariana Rodriguez Cabarga
    Exec Producer (UK) Matt Klemera
    DP: Andres Arochi
    Production Designer: Luis Luino
    1st AD: Erika Lavin
    Set Dresser: Alejandra Borré
    Florist & Set Styling: Martha Alvarez Montero
    Production Company: Cineburó
    Commissioner: Andrew Law
    Record Label: Infectious Music
    Production Assistant: Gongy González
    Hair & Makeup: Georgina Prieto
    Stylist: Paula Grieve
    AC: Sergio Briseño
    Prop Master: Eduardo Rodríguez
    Dresses by Jaclyn Hodes / Awaveawake
    Director's Rep: Sam Davey & Kim Jarrett (OB Management)
    Additional Thanks to The Lift Mexico
    Camera provided by Simplemente
    Lighting equipment by CTT Rentals
    Edit & Colour by Irrum

    Cast: Irrum, Andres Arochi and Cineburo

    Tags: irrum, ry x, bad love, music video, mexico, london, xilitla, edward james garden, los pozas, berlin, color and jungle

    Thursday, September 28, 2017

  • Kevin Gates "Imagine That"
  • From Kevin Gates album "By Any Means 2"

    Directed by Pasqual Gutierrez
    Director of Photography: Isaac Bauman
    Produced by Rich Salamone
    Associate Producer: Mike Lee
    Production Coordinator: Jekisha Omiyewo
    Edited by Chad Sarahina
    Color by Brandon Chavez
    Video Comissioner: Shadeh Smith
    Director's Rep: Doug Klinger
    EP: Whitelist

    Special Thanks to Islah Gates, Dreka Gates, Khaza Gates, B.W.A. family, Baton Rouge !

    Cast: Pasqual Gutierrez, Isaac Bauman, Doug Klinger and Chad Sarahina

    Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • Caddywhompus - Decent
  • Caddywhompus - "Decent"
    "Odd Hours" LP
    Inflated Records, 2017

    Directed by Derek Beck & Jono Foley
    Set Design + Build by Logan Beck & Rootlab
    Shot by Jono Foley
    Animations and Edit by Derek Beck
    Assistant Camera: Derrick Mitchell
    Additional Crew: Al Beck & Edwin Terrell
    Sponsored in part by Mid City Pizza & Simple Play


    Cast: Caddywhompus, Derek Beck, Jono Foley, Logan Beck and Alexander Beck

    Tags: music video, caddywhompus, decent and odd hours

    Wednesday, September 20, 2017

  • Steady Holiday - More Than One Way (Music Video)
  • A woman falls to Earth and builds up an appetite while exploring the abandoned planet on a skateboard she controls with her mind.

    directed by: joseph armario
    shot by: andy chinn
    music by: steady holiday

    copyright 2017 infinite best

    Cast: joseph armario and Andy Chinn

    Tags: steady holiday, music video, joseph armario, andy chinn and infinite best

    Tuesday, September 19, 2017

  • The Districts Violet
  • The Districts “Violet”

    Fat Possum Records
    Story Concept by Braden Lawrence

    Directed By Kris Merc

    Editor // Producer
    Michael Reuter

    Director of Photography
    Ben Carey


    John Trowbridge

    Joe Harkins

    Violet :
    Katie Hannigan

    Jamie Keohane

    Service Assistant:
    Amy Harlib

    Production Company
    Sweet Rickey

    Executive Producers
    Maggie Flatley // Scott Burtnett

    Color Grade
    Phil Choe // Nice Shoes

    Casting Director
    Lauren Bennett

    Art Director
    J+K Weber

    Assistant Editors
    Jack Lemay
    Britt Bellamy

    Alex Mercado

    June Shim

    Austin LoCicero

    Key Grip
    Mark Solomon

    Tiffany Stephens

    Alexa O Neill

    Cassandra Paras

    Cast: Kris Merc and Ben Carey

    Wednesday, September 13, 2017

  • JP SAXE | Changed (Acoustic)
  • Music Video for JP Saxe "Changed" (Acoustic)

    Featuring: Meredith Adelaide, Adam Harden, Amy Finn Soloman, Jerimiyah Dunbar, & Ruben Hernandez

    director - ellis bahl
    executive producer - dilly gent
    commissioner - steven gottlieb
    rep - doug klinger
    producer - bryce hill
    dop - charlie balch
    1st ac - nico wachter
    key grip - bryan seidel
    pa - max stein
    pa - chelsea weder
    edit / color - ellis bahl

    Cast: Ellis Bahl and Doug Klinger

    Sunday, September 10, 2017

  • Watsky - "Roses"
  • Part 3 of 4 of "The Lovely Thing Suite"

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada & Diego Huacuja
    Produced by Diego Huacuja & Carlos Lopez Estrada
    Illustration: Diego Huacuja "deachete"
    Animation director & compositing: Diego Huacuja
    Lead animator: Pablo Diaz
    Animators: Carlos Miguel, Alberto Bala, Jesus Vargas, Pablo Diaz, Diego Huacuja
    Animation Intern: Sophiana Oliva
    Basa Producer: Melissa Lopez Ley
    Produced by Basa

    Cast: Carlos Lopez Estrada

    Tags: Roses and Watsky

    Tuesday, September 05, 2017

  • Waju - If U Wanna Ft. Phantom Thrett (Prod. by Medasin)
  • Waju - If U Wanna Ft. Phantom Thrett (Prod. by Medasin)

    Director: Dan Carr
    Cinematographer: Arjun Prakash
    G&E: Cameron Dutra, Doug Frerichs
    Camera Team: Nick Roney
    Props: Jeanie Mordukhay
    Arm Wrangler: Ed Leer
    Costume: Maya Sommer
    Edit/Effects: Dan Carr
    Sound/Set Dresser/Producer: Jackie! Zhou
    Color: David Torcivia
    TV Narrator: Ryan Sargent

    Special Thanks: Bobby Moser, Spencer Creigh, Alan Michnoff, Erin Rauch, Andreas Attai, Sun Service Dry Ice, Jordan Haro, Ariel Fisher, Mishka Kornai, Jerad Anderson, Colin Moore, Matt Griffo, Natasha Seubert

    Cast: Dan Carr and Whitelist.

    Tags: waju, whitelist, long arms, stretch arms, ice cream, sweat, hot, heatwave, brain and hemisphere

    Friday, September 01, 2017

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