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  • Hexagon Shelf – a DIY shelf project
  • When family is in town, what better way to spend time together than working on a Hexagon Shelf Project for our little baby girl. When I was young I used to help my father with some projects around the house. Sometimes it was installing flooring, or building a shed, or painting. Sometimes it was really boring work that I didn’t want to do because I was a brat (you know, like every kid). But I
    6 Days &10 Hrs ago

  • Growth Chart concept design for a child’s Man Cave
  • I’ve been working on a design for a child’s growth chart. This may not be the final design I go with, but let me share what I have so far. I’ve recently been experimenting with sketching directly from my phone. Before you guys judge me, let me tell you my reasons behind this. It’s just so convenient always having every type of brush and color. Oh, and the Copic colours! An
    20 Days &17 Hrs ago

  • Christmas Stocking Project: good news/bad news
  • It’s almost Christmas, and you know what that means! Christmas decorations are here! I usually like to make my own custom decorations, and this year is no different … We’ll sortof. This year, my wife and I decided that we would not put up the christmas tree. It’s sad I know, but because we now have a 4 week old (YAY!), It’s a really big hassle to put up the christmas
    1 Month ago.

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