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  • Tiling your own bathroom – Choose your own adventure!
  • So you’ve decided to replace your flooring in your bathroom. No biggie, you’ve seen lots of people doing it on TV, or Youtube: Tim the toolman, Bob Villa. If these guys can do it, so can you! It’s not like they have any special schooling or anything, right? Anyway, back to your task at hand. This is no ordinary post, this is a special edition “Choose your own adventureR
    23 Days &9 Hrs ago

  • DropBOB Communicator 2.0
  • Ever thought: “Hey, I wish I could talk to that other dude that’s on this website also looking at stuff”. Let’s say for example you were shopping for a really cool thing, and then you see that someone else also has that really cool thing in their shopping cart. Don’t you wish you could intimidate them into leaving so that you could purchase it first! Oh man, do I have
    23 Days &22 Hrs ago

  • 3D modeling a Bathroom Tiling Job
  • Bathroom Tiling: Bathroom tiling is probably not something the typical homeowner enjoys doing. But a good tiling job can make a huge difference in a home. Our current home has sheet linoleum in both of our bathrooms. It’s been ok, nothing fancy and it’s still in pretty good shape, but we’ve wanted to tile these washrooms ever since we bought this place like 4 years ago. Baseboar
    2 Month ago.

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