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The Best Way To Do Makeup For Blue Dress

The color blue is a color adored by both men and women! We all have at least one piece in this color, which can have various shades, gradients, patterns, or even transparencies. If you think of the mo

6 Simple & Stylish Stocking Filler Gift Ideas for Men

Crikey, when did it become so close to Christmas?! If you haven’t started your shopping yet, then you should probably start thinking about it before you end up facing queues and sold out items. Buyi

21 Best Tattoo Fonts For Body Art

We must have all come across the word “Tattoo”. And perhaps we have them or we know someone who has at least one. Huh!. And apparently, while they may have reflected a bad image of a person in the

Choose What Color Shoes to Wear with Red Dress

If you are reading this article, I have to congratulate you! There are only two possible hypotheses: 1) You have a red dress and searching for matching shoes or 2) you are thinking about to buy a red

10 Best LED and UV Nail Lamp – Best Nail Polish Dryer Review

Anyone who gets manicures or pedicures knows that the key to the perfect manicure is making sure that nail polish or gel is dry before you try to function. Whether you prefer gel nails, shellac or nai

Feathered Hairstyles Ideas & Tutorials For Short, Medium And Long Hair

In the 80’s (if you do not remember this time you can always review photos!), feathered hairstyles was the trend not only between POP and ROCK musicians and cinema stars, but also for general Wo

20 Cool Braids For Kids – Best Braided Hairstyles for kids

We know that your little girl needs to keep her hair off her face so she can play around all summer. Maybe you got bored of doing the same ponytail every single day so we put together 20 of the best

48 Powerful Wolf Tattoo Designs (Tribal, Traditional, & Lone Wolf Tattoos)

Before you get a wolf tattoo, you have to know about wolves itself. A wolf is a powerful and intelligent animal that lives in packs and can survive no matter how bad the conditions are. In a lot of th

20 Splendid Goddess Braids Hairstyles With Images & Tutorials

The history of Goddess Braids can be virtually confused with the history of all braided hairstyles, where inspiration and creativity have dictated fashions for centuries, at different times and in man

Best Black Leggings (Not See Through) – Ultimate Guide 2018

Leggings are a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. There is no question here, but now that you own them do you really know how to wear them appropriately? I know they might seem easy to pair and

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