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  • Disabled And Themed Portable Toilets

  • If you are hosting an event, party, wedding, corporate event or any other occasion in the near future, you can consider getting a portable luxury toilet placed at your location. Your event toilet company will best guide you and advice about the most suitable toilets that can be fitted in the venue. There are different types of portable toilets available in the market. You can get the usual luxury event toilet with separate sections for male and female guests. Get the urinal hire for men. Arrange a bathroom facility for the disabled guests by installing the disabled toilets. Mobile shower units and themed toilets are also available for hosting events. Thus, a toilet event hire gives you many toilet options that you can order as per your need.

    Single disabled toilets and luxury-disabled toilets are available for people who use wheelchairs. The toilet has an attendant who will replace any item in the toilet that is finished. The standard toilet is made of plastic but the luxury toilets make the disabled guests feel special with luxury interiors and furnishings. The door of the toilet is very wide so that the wheelchair can go inside it. Handrails are given in the unit. Also, the sink is fitted at a low height. You can order hot water washing facility as well as lighting in such bathrooms.

    The themed event hire toilet is available in special designs made as per a specific theme like a gypsy caravan, brewery toilet, beach hut toilet, horse stable toilet, and shepherds toilet. Also, you can hire toilets with the themes of potting shed toilet and shabby chic toilets.

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  • Cash-strapped Secret Service spends $7,100 on luxury portable toilets for Trump’s Bedminster trip
  • The Secret Service was forced to pay $7,100 for “luxury portable restrooms” at Trump’s resort in Bedminster, N.J., during his recent “working vacation,” according...... read more

  • Host Tension-Free Events And Parties With Luxury Toilets
  • http://www.pbase.com/alaricatkinson3/image/166469075 
    The trend of hiring mobile luxury toilets is gaining popularity these days with more and more number of people choosing to install the toilets at their desired location for hosting an event, party, wedding or any other occasion. It helps in getting the facility of a toilet for your guests at places where it is not possible to use a regular toilet, especially in outdoor and remote areas. You can organize events at any location without the worry of having a toilet for the guests. The luxury toilet hire is available for all types of budgets and you can get customized toilet solutions for the events that you host.

    The toilets look very stylish and glamorous. It looks spacious. You can hire toilets of any size according to the number of people attending the event. The luxury toilet company gives you very good personalized solutions for installing the toilet. After you call them or visit for hiring the toilet, the company specialists will visit the event location, analyze the site and explore all possibilities of installing the luxury toilets. After that, they will advise and recommend the most suitable portable bathroom that can be fitted in the place. 

    You get the best facilities with a luxury toilet hire. Running water for washing hands is available in the toilet. If you want, you can get hot water facility also. Soaps are placed in the toilet unit. Hand towels and hand creams are given. You can order the toilet with fresh flowers placed inside it for decoration. Some portable toilet companies also give additional facilities like music and attendant along with the toilet.

    For more information about hiring of event toilets browse through this website.

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