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  • What to Do If You Need an iPhone 5s Charging Port Replacement
  • Your beloved iPhone’s charging ports can get damaged over time especially if you routinely tug the cable out of it. The port can also malfunction as a consequence of the phone falling onto or hitting a hard surface. And of course, there’s the usual wear and tear, which is inevitable if you use your iPhone daily. A damaged charging port can lower the quality of the contact made between your phone and the power source, charging dock, or sync cable. When this happens, you will probably need to find someone who offers iPhone 5s charging port repair or replacement.

    A malfunctioning charging port is a common issue experienced by iPhone 5s users. The good news is that this issue can still be resolved. However, before you even look for the best repair shop out there, you should first make sure that the problem with your phone is indeed in its charging port. Sometimes, the issues are actually much simpler—such as a broken iPhone charger or malfunctioning lightning cable. If you have an extra cable or charger, give it a try and see if your iPhone 5s really won’t charge with them. Once you have confirmed that the charging port is really faulty, it’s now time to look for someone to repair it.

    Bring your phone to a reliable phone repair shop and not just to a friend who “might” be able to fix the problem. Do not leave your phone in the hands of a person who is not experienced with phone repairs because this can worsen the damage even more. Find skilled technicians who have significant experience in iPhone 5S charging port replacement to ensure proper repair for your device. The best repair centres will be able to replace your iPhone’s charging port quickly, and you may even get your phone back the same day you dropped it off.

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  • Risks Involved with Apple iPhone Screen Replacement in Australia
  • More often than not, iPhone screen replacement is a great alternative to getting a new device. However, although it has a lot of benefits, there are also risks involved. For instance, not all phones can be repaired. Sometimes, multiple repairs are needed in order to restore the phone back to its fully functioning order. The biggest hurdle when it comes to getting your iPhone’s screen replaced is if the water damage comes along with a cracked screen.

    There are instances when a cracked screen is a bigger repair job than it seems. When the screen gets cracked or broken, it may cause damage to the phone’s internal pieces, which means that multiple replacement parts may be required in making the phone work again. Sometimes, phones will still need more than a screen replacement to work, and this can just add to the total cost.

    A cracked screen should be fixed right away because it makes your phone vulnerable to other problems as this makes it really easy for water and other liquids to get inside your phone and cause bigger headaches. Water damage is one of the most difficult and most expensive repairs to do. Saltwater causes an even bigger problem because it corrodes the metal inside the phone. Replacement may be more practical and cost-effective in some saltwater cases.

    Replacing an iPhone screen requires training and expertise. Be sure to find a reliable repair shop that has excellent technicians, adequate tools, and quality parts. In most cases, the advantages of an iPhone screen replacement still outweighs its risks. You’ll save a lot of money because you won’t have to buy

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  • Procedure Followed by the Experts for iPhone Water Damage Repair in Melbourne
  • Water damage is one of the most difficult problems to repair when it comes to phones. It’s not just something that you can fix yourself if you are not a technician, because tinkering with your phone might just make the problem worse. Bring your phone immediately to the experts. Here’s what the professionals do when fixing a water-damaged iPhone:

    1. First, they assess visible external damage. They check if there is residue or liquid between the LCD and the touchscreen. If there is water build-up between these two, then there is a big chance that there’s more liquid inside.
    1. Next, they disassemble the phone. Disassembly may be complicated by liquid damage inside the phone, and this is why it is best left to the experts. Connectors and cables may have become sticky, bonding with other parts of the phone unexpectedly. Special tools are often required to fix the situation.
    1. After the disassembly, visible internal damage will be assessed. Residue and corrosion discoloration should be checked on the digitizer, LCD, proximity sensor, SIM card slot, and camera.
    1. The LCD will be removed for inspection, as it might reveal further liquid damage. Other components will be assessed.
    1. If necessary, the logic board shield cover will be removed as well. The need to do this depends on the nature of the liquid damage. This should be done with extreme precaution as it can risk damaging the tiny components that are attached to the logic board.
    1. The logic board will be cleaned so that hardened residue will be loosened and any remaining liquid or water will be displaced. All battery contacts, chips, connector, flex ends, and fuses on the motherboard will be cleaned. After that, the logic board will be allowed to dry before assembling the phone again.

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  • Know about the Pricing of Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Australia
  • Apple is no doubt a reliable brand. But all things eventually malfunction because of wear and tear, including iPhone batteries. If you have noticed that your iPhone’s battery is no longer holding charge, is not charging at all, or goes flat in only a few hours, then it is probably time to get it repaired. There is no need to buy a new device and make unnecessary expenses since you can simply have your phone’s battery replaced. The pricing of Apple iPhone Battery Replacement in Australia can greatly vary depending on the repair shop and your phone unit, but there certainly are affordable options.

    The best repair shops in Australia will be able to address your problem by providing you with high quality solutions at the lowest possible prices. You can expect iPhone battery replacement price to be within this range:

    iPhone 4/4s – $49

    iPhone 6/6 plus/6s – $89

    iPhone 6s plus – $99

    iPhone SE – $69

    iPhone 7 – $129

    iPhone 5/5s/5c – $49

    The pricing shown above should already be inclusive of the repair parts, GST, and labour. There should be no more additional charges.

    The best repair shops in Australia offer competitive battery replacement prices, and you can also expect expert technicians and quality parts from them. Shops with experienced professionals are able to finish battery repairs in 15 to 30 minutes and you can even simply wait to get your phone fixed—yes, it’s that fast!

    To ensure the quality of the replacement battery that you will be getting, choose a repair shop that provides a warranty for their items and services. There are shops that offer warranty on their batteries for as long as three months. The best repair centres can ensure security in their services and transactions and will see to it that you’ll have your phone back the same day that you had it repaired.

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  • Know About the Cost of Samsung Screen Repair Melbourne CBD
  • Android phones are built for durability, but they are nowhere near resistance to damage. After all, despite metal cases and plastic parts, their screens are largely made out of glass, which can and will break when you drop it good. Even a minor drop can get a spider web crack blooming across your phone screen when it hits the floor just right. Fortunately for the clumsy, there are many options to fix a cracked screen without breaking the bank or ditching your prized Android unit altogether.

    While new phones and Android devices are notorious for being difficult and near impossible to repair because of service cost, this is slowly changing, thanks to more replacement parts becoming available for a cheap price. More than the wider availability of more available parts in the market, service costs are also declining because of the demand. Cracked and broken smartphone screens are now as common as car dents and dings, and if you haven’t ever dropped a phone in your life, it is bound to happen in an increasingly hurried world.

    Cost for Samsung screen repair starts from $15 to $200, depending on the device. You may also spare additional cost if your phone is also in need of a digitizer or another related component. Service cost will largely depend on the repair shop you will take your phone to. It is also possible to DIY repair your device, but know that this will be at your own risk. If you are not very handy with electronics and new technology, best leave the job in the hands of the experts.

    You will save a great deal of time, money, and headache by choosing an established and reputable repair centre with a long-time experience in dealing with the brand, type, and model of device you want repaired. Choose a company that employs expert technicians who are knowledgeable and skilled in handling complex repairs to ensure quality service.

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  • Know About iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement Cost in Melbourne, Australia
  • Back in 2014, Jack Cooksey became the first Australian to buy an iPhone 6 from Apple’s flagship store in Perth. He was also the first to drop it and break the screen only after unboxing the unit. Since then, many cracked iPhone screens have needed some repairing and iPhone owners have been seeking out affordable ways to fix their smashed touch screens and restore their phone to pristine condition. Below is a breakdown of different ways to fix a cracked iPhone 6 Plus screen and the cost of replacing different screen parts:

    • Front glass panel – Your iPhone’s front glass panel isn’t all that costly to replace, provided that only the screen is damaged, and not the display and touch mechanism. If other parts of the touch screen still work as usual, a brand new lens replacement costs only about $10 on average. If you are not confident about your DIY skills, best have your front glass panel installed by a professional through a trusted repair center for a minimal additional cost.
    • Touch screen – Touch screen mechanisms are hermetically attached to LCD displays. Because of this, breaking it means having to replace the entire LCD assembly. A brand-new iPhone 6 LCD screen with digitizer assembly costs somewhere around $90.
    • LCD display – Replacing an entire LCD assembly is recommended if your screen is severely damaged beyond a few cracks. If your iPhone 6 Plus screen is displaying the wrong colours or if it has gone black altogether, it is best to consider an LCD screen replacement, which will cost you about $100 for the part alone. Having your phone serviced by a professional technician is also advised, as these are professionals who know exactly how to handle the repair. Service centres may even give you a lower price on parts, depending on their availability.

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  • iPhone 7 Front Camera Replacement: Pros and Cons
  • If you love to take selfies, do video chats, and create vlogs, then you rely a lot on your iPhone 7’s camera. What should you do if it gets damaged? If you find that your iPhone 7’s front-facing camera is suddenly not working, you can simply have the camera replaced instead of getting a new phone.

    Front camera replacement is a more cost-effective choice. It will save you from the unnecessary expense of purchasing a new gadget. Apple is a relatively expensive brand, and for sure, you will want to make the most out of your iPhone 7, especially that it’s still considerably new. A front camera replacement service shouldn’t be too costly, especially if you get the repair from a reputable shop in Australia (there are shops that offer this service for as low as $129). It also shouldn’t take too much time, as the best repair centres will be able to fix your phone’s problem in only 30 minutes.

    The most reliable shops are able to fix almost all front camera issues, including frozen camera, camera that’s not focusing, camera that shows coloured lines, and a blacked out camera. Perhaps the only con when it comes to iPhone 7 front camera replacement is the risk of getting bad service, wasting money, or worse, furthering your camera’s damage. The good news is that this is avoidable. You just have to be able to find a reputable repair shop that has highly skilled technicians and offers high quality parts. The best shops in Australia offer a warranty for their repairs and can assure you that you will get reliable services at the lowest possible prices. You can also expect them to show you the best value in the market and assist you at all times.

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  • How Much Does an iPhone Battery Replacement Cost in Australia?
  • According to manufacturers, iPhone batteries are good for as many as 400 full charge cycles (or more depending on the model). A full charge cycle is from 0 to 100 percent. Beyond this, charging may decline in quality, leaving you with fewer and fewer hours to enjoy the full capacity of your device. iPhones, and other smartphones can easily outlast their battery packs. Even so, busted or inefficient batteries shouldn’t mean having to throw away your perfectly working iPhone. What you need to know is the cost of battery replacement for your iPhone to get your device up and running to its full capacity once again.

    It is fairly cheap to have your batteries replaced at a service centre or repair shop. For well under $100, you can walk away with a unit that works like new and with enough battery juice to last you the same amount of time as it did the first time you got your hands on your brand-new iPhone. However, it is important to remember that service quality varies widely between repair shops around the country. Make sure that you are working with a reputable and reliable service center to get the best value for your money. Trust only well-established companies with your phone so you are sure to get quality parts as you received your newly repaired unit.

    Another option is buying a replacement battery for a cheap price online and installing it yourself. This, however, should only be considered if you are confident enough with your skill to take the device apart and put it back together, along with the replacement battery. If you are no good with electronic devices, best leave the job in the hands of trained experts for your device’s safety. A few more dollars is a small price to pay, considering your safety and the quality of service you will receive from an actual repair shop.

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  • Get the Best Deal on Mobile Phone Screen Repairs in Melbourne
  • Did you crack your iPhone screen? Don’t buy a new gadget just yet! You might be able to save a huge amount of money by simply having your screen repaired. There are shops offering mobile phone screen repairs in Melbourne that can address this issue. However, with all of the choices available, it can be hard to determine which shops are actually reliable.

    There are things that you have to consider when choosing a mobile phone repair centre in the city. For instance, the shop should have highly skilled and experienced technicians who will be able to give you effective service. This is extremely important, because if your phone is handled by someone without proper training and experience, the problem might worsen—and you might have to buy a new phone altogether.

    The best repair shops in Melbourne are able to deal with almost any phone brand, including Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Oppo, Sony, Microsoft, Huawei, and others. The costs for mobile phone screen replacement may vary depending on the shop and the kind of damage, but you should be able to find a repair shop that offers good service, high quality parts, and low prices.

    As much as possible, look for a shop that is accessible to you so that you won’t have a hard time dropping off and picking up your device. If you are too busy to leave home or work, there are shops that offer free pick up in various areas. There are shops that do not require appointments anymore, which means that you can simply walk in and hand over your device for repair. Look for repair centres that provide quick service, offers a warranty for their services, and checks the functions of your phone thoroughly before you take it away.

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  • Factors to Consider about Fixing iPhone Screen in Melbourne
  • If you are like most people and carry your iPhone everywhere, then the risks of it getting damaged is pretty high. The good news is that the best phone repair shops in Melbourne can help you resolve almost any issue—whether you want to repair liquid damage, you’re looking to replace the home button, or you want to have your iPhone’s screen fixed at an affordable price. However, looking for the right shop can be challenging, especially with all the different choices out there. To help you choose the right repair shop for your iPhone screen, here are some factors that you have to consider:

    1. Go for a shop that uses the best parts and provides you with a warranty. A warranty is a good sign that you can trust the shop with your precious device. It will also protect you from bad service.
    1. See to it that the shop you’ll choose has a team of skilled technicians who are applied to provide quick and effective service. Highly experienced technicians are able to resolve a wide range of common issues such as water damage, malfunctioning dock connectors, screen repair, as well as damaged or missing power, volume, and home buttons. Reliable shops can repair everything from an iPhone 3G to an iPhone 7.
    1. For convenience, choose a shop that can carry out repairs within an hour. If your phone’s problem is a shattered or cracked screen, the best shops have technicians who have already fixed hundreds of cracked screens before. This means that they can easily assess and repair your device in no time. You might even be able to have your phone fixed during your lunch break!
    1. Consider the price of the service. The cost will of course, depend on the nature of the repair. However, if you want to get the best value for your money, make sure to go for a repair shop that uses high quality parts while keeping prices low.

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