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Collaborative document editing<p>See where colleagues are in shared articles and avoid treading on toes – work together seamlessly to update …
20 Hours ago.

Overview — Kinto 7.6.0 documentation

Overview¶<p><i>Kinto</i> is a minimalist JSON storage service with synchronisation and sharing abilities. It is meant to be <b>easy to use</b> and <b>easy to</i> …
20 Hours ago.

The Disappointing Quest for an Headless CMS in 2017

In 2017, this blog is powered by Hexo.js.<br>However I am looking for a replacement since Hexo.JS is lacking of crucial features.<p>Introduction<p><b>TLDR :</b> …
21 Hours ago.

Gentics Mesh - The API-first CMS for developers

🚀<p>No Setup - No Dependencies<p>Just download a single JAR file and get right down into frontend development using your favourite technologies. Gentics …
21 Hours ago.


For business app developers, making apps for multiple platforms is a necessity and also a challenge. Depending on your requirements you may need …
10 Hours ago.

How I built a CMS, and why you shouldn’t

“Writing your own CMS is like keeping your own elephant — for most people, it’s just easier to visit a ZOO.”<p>So this is why it’s not a good idea for …
11 Hours ago.

Getting started in Event Sourcing

There are two things I wish I knew when I started building Event Sourced Apps.<p>When we ignore the above and just forge ahead, we invariably end up …
3 Days &19 Hrs ago

10 Eesti parimat matkarada

EASi Turismiarenduskeskus on kokku pannud nimekirja toredatest Eesti matkaradadest, kus saab teha nii mõnusa jalutuskäigu kui ka loodust</b> …
12 Days &22 Hrs ago

Software for newspaper, tv, radio, magazine and news portal

14 Days &20 Hrs ago

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