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  • North Korea is widely known as the most oppressive place on earth for Christians.
  • WASHINGTON — North Korea is widely known as the most oppressive place on earth for Christians. It’s a place where believers practice their faith in secret. North Koreans cannot even own a Bible or speak the name of Jesus in public.

    Possessing a Bible could get you 15 years of hard labor in a prison camp, or worse.

    Vernon Brewer, President of World Help, knows that well. He spends his days smuggling Bibles into the hermit kingdom.

    Why They Risk Death to Own a Bible

    “If they get caught with a Bible, it’s a death sentence. Yet they are willing to risk their lives every day to get God’s word into the hands of a North Korea Christian, that has never even held a Bible. Let alone owned one. That’s how precious it is to them. It is really good news,” Brewer said.

    Brewer believes of the some 300,000 Christians there, about 70,000 wither away in brutal prison camps because they were caught practicing their faith.

    Brewer and his team just returned from the DMZ, where they worked to share the word of God by smuggling Bibles across the border.

    “Much of the work we do to share the gospel, it’s very secret. But I can tell you this: we are distributing Bibles because that is the greatest need. We have a goal to distribute 100,000 Bibles as soon as possible,” Brewer told CBN News.

    Smuggled Bibles Change Lives

    They’re also smuggling computers that include a Bible college curriculum for training church planters and future pastors.

    He says their efforts are changing lives.

    CBN News spoke with a 26-year-old defector, Paul.

    “I was in the North Korea military in Pyongyang and worked in communications monitoring radio stations. I first heard about God on the radio,” Paul said.

    Paul says he discovered there was a God, who had a son, Jesus, who died for his sins. Coincidentally, his family had planned to leave North Korea during that time. So he left with his father, mother, sister, and brother.

    They fled to the mountains of China, where they were cold, desperate and hungry.

    Eventually other defectors took them to an underground church and for three months, he learned more about Jesus.

    Paul says, “Because I was in the military, I knew if I was caught I would be killed. Police did catch us in Laos while trying to make it to Thailand and then to South Korea. We were put in prison for processing, but by God’s grace we were all sent to South Korea.”

    Others have not been as fortunate.

    We spoke with another man, who had to get out after accidentally revealing to friends that he believed Jesus was his Savior.

    He tried and failed many times.

    North Koreans Question Their Leader

    The man said, “I was beaten, tortured to the point of death, splashed with freezing water. My hands and feet were fitted with a lock because I was known as the man who escaped.”

    The defectors say change is taking place because people are starving and questioning their survival in North Korea. They say some also question the actions of their leader, but do so quietly.

    One defector said, “People are very unsatisfied with Kim Jong Un. They have nothing. I pray for the people of North Korea.”

    Many still have family members across the border suffering under the Kim regime.

    God’s Plan for North Korea

    Brewer said, “This is all on God’s agenda. This is all part of God’s plan and this is on God’s time, to see North Korea come to Jesus Christ.”

    Which is why Brewer and his team remain committed and will continue to pray for change in North Korea.

    Click here to help World Help send more Bibles to North Korea.

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  • Happy Birthday To Me
  • I thank God for my life. I’m growing from grace to GRACE. I’m maturing in wisdom and strength in all circumstances. I’ve learnt to let go pain and agony. I hold no grudge with anyone. I try to live a simple life. I try to be me.


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  • Pope Francis gets $237,000 Lamborghini as gift, but he puts it up for auction to raise money for Charity
  • The Lamborghini Automobile Company gave Pope Francis a personalised white supercar on Wednesday, but he put it up for auction to raise money for charity rather than give up his trademark popemobile.

    The Huracan sports car, which boasts a 610 metric horsepower, was blessed by the pontiff, who bent to scrawl his signature on its gleaming bonnet before it was sent off to Sotheby’s auction house.

    The supercar usually goes for around 200,000 euros ($237,000), but this model — featuring gold stripes and gold-rimmed wing mirrors in homage to the pope’s gold-tipped stole — is expected to beat that.

    The money raised will go to four charitable projects, including one aimed at rebuilding the homes and churches of persecuted Christians in the Nineveh Plains in Iraq.

    The Lamborghini will also help fund an Italian association helping victims of human trafficking and prostitution rings, as well as two organisations active in Africa aimed at supporting vulnerable women and children.

    It is not the first time the Argentine has received a high-speed gift: in 2014 he was given a Harley Davidson motorbike and jacket, both of which he auctioned off for charity.

    The famously humble pontiff is more of a fan of buses.

    He opted to ride one the day after his election in 2013 instead of taking a limousine, and regularly used them in his homeland Argentina instead of taxis.

    The pope, who loves to be close to the people, has stuck doggedly to using his open-topped popemobile to move through the crowds at masses at both the Vatican and on foreign trips, despite security fears.

    He has stayed faithful to the white all-terrain vehicles with bubble tops despite an accident in Colombia this year in which he lost his balance while it was moving and ended up with a black eye.

    Historically, popes moved around on a “sedia gestatoria”, a ceremonial red silk-covered throne which was carried on shoulders until the 20th century, when it was swapped for the popemobile.

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  • Peace between DONALD TRUMP & KIM JONG UN is on the prowl
  • President Donald Trump has opened the door to a peaceful resolution to the North Korean nuclear crisis.

    Speaking before South Korea’s National Assembly on Nov. 7, Trump delivered a personal message to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

    “I also have come here to this peninsula to deliver a message directly to the leader of the North Korean dictatorship: The weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer. They are putting your regime in grave danger. Every step you take down this dark path increases the peril you face,” Trump said.

    However, despite North Korea’s relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons, and its frequent threats to use such weapons against the United States and key allies, Trump said there is a way forward.

    “Despite every crime you have committed against God and man, we’re ready to offer, and we will do that—we will offer a path to a much better future,” Trump said.

    “It begins with an end to the aggression of your regime, a stop to your development of ballistic missiles, and complete, verifiable, and total denuclearization.”

    That better future might be found in the praise Trump gave of South Korea in his speech.

    “Family by family, city by city, the people of South Korea built this country into what is today, one of the great nations of the world. And I congratulate you. In less than one lifetime, South Korea climbed from total devastation to among the wealthiest nations on Earth,” he said.

    “Today, your economy is more than 350 times larger than what it was in 1960. Trade has increased 1,900 times. Life expectancy has risen from just 53 years to more than 82 years today.”

    Trump’s statement in South Korea is consistent with his push for a diplomatic solution to the crisis. Last month, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told CNN said that Trump had instructed him to find a diplomatic solution, while military contingency plans were being prepared to pressure Kim Jong Un to the negotiating table.

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  • „I will continually hold on to God“ ~ President Akufo-Addo assures Ghanaians
  • President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has said he would not abandon Christ in all his endeavours as President since it is the power of God that would guide him to accomplish his vision of creating prosperity for all Ghanaians.

    He said it was the power of God that propelled him to the presidency and would, therefore, rely on God’s wisdom, understanding and direction to implement pragmatic policies set out by his government to transform the economic fortunes of the country.

    “The scriptures say give onto Caesar what is Caesar’s and onto God what is God, but I cannot achieve any meaningful development without God’s intervention and, therefore, I will not abandon Christ as President of Ghana,” he emphasised.

    God bless Ghana

    President Akufo-Addo made these remarks at the Black Star Square in Accra on Sunday, during the Centenary Celebration of the Christ Apostolic Church International (CACI).

    The year-long celebration was held on the theme: “Hundred Years of Impacting the World through Pentecostalism”.

    The occasion brought together over 10,000 members of the Church across the world, including India, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, USA, South Africa and Nigeria, to acknowledge God’s grace and mercies for sustaining them throughout the turbulent years.

    <em>President Akufo-Addo expressed gratitude to all the pastors who encouraged and supported him throughout the campaign period with prayers and asked for their continuous support and prayers in order to accomplish his vision for the nation.</em>

    He gave the assurance that his government would root out corruption from the system and implement pragmatic policies that would inure to the benefit of all Ghanaians.

    The President noted that Ghana had never been a poor country because it had been endowed with abundant human and natural resources, but it required truthful and God-fearing leaders to utilise them for the wellbeing of the ordinary Ghanaian.

    He reiterated his commitment to fulfill his campaign promises to Ghanaians, saying “The promises I made to Ghanaians are not lies but genuine promises and I will make sure they are fulfilled”.

    President Akufo-Addo said his government had started implementing some of the promises already including the Free Senior High School and asked the support of all well-meaning Ghanaians to fulfill the rest in the course of his tenure of office.

    The President noted that, every Ghanaian child deserved to be educated since education had become a useful tool in the development of every nation and assured that every Ghanaian child would receive free SHS education so as to advance the cause of national development.

    He said the Church had complemented government’s development efforts over the years and commended the Christ Apostolic Church International for contributing its quota towards socio-economic development of the nation as well as keeping the faith in Christ alive.

    Apostle Dr. Stephen Kwame Amoani, the Chairman of the CACI, on behalf of the Church, presented three brand new ambulances to the Ghana Ambulance Service which would be distributed to Sunyani Government Hospital, Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi and 37 Military Hospital in Accra.

    Another ambulance which is yet to arrive in the country would be given to the Tamale Hospital in the Northern Region to enhance health delivery.

    President Akufo-Addo joined the leadership of the Church to cut an anniversary cake to climax the centenary celebration.

    The President spiced the occasion with his majestic dancing moves to the songs from the Church Choir that erupted the celebration grounds, amidst cheers and camaraderie.

    The Christ Apostolic Church was founded by Apostle Peter Newman Anim at Asamankese in the Eastern Region in 1917.

    The church currently has over 1.5 million members and 5,087 branches across the world.

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  • My Government will always depend on God – PRESIDENT NANA ADDO
  • President Nana Akufo-Addo has reiterated his resolve to acknowledge God and his direction throughout his term in office.

    Delivering an address at a Church Service held at the Black Star Square to climax the Centenary Celebration of the Christ Apostolic Church International (CAC), President Akufo-Addo said his rise to the office of the President of Ghana was God’s doing.

    “God’s favour carried me to where I am now. I know it isn’t my strength that has brought me this far. It is the strength of God that has brought me this far,” President Akufo-Addo said.

    To that end, the President said he will not relegate the counsel of God and God’s representatives here on earth in his quest to transform and modernize the country.

    The President called on the entire leadership and membership of the CAC to continually bear him in prayer for constant supply of God’s grace to abound towards him and his government as they steer the affairs of the Republic.

    “…We have Men of God like Apostle Amoaning doing God’s work and helping Ghana to rise and move forward,” President Akufo-Addo stated.

    The Chairman and Leader of the Christ Apostolic Church International, Apostle Dr. Stephen Amoaning in his Centenary message pledged the Church’s constant support and advice to government to ensure that the Akufo Addo administration succeeds during its term in office.

    The Church, as part of its 100th-year celebration, donated four state of the art ambulances to the Ghana Ambulance Service to support the nation’s efforts at providing medical services to Ghanaian.

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  • „YOU FEEL THE RAW PRESENCE OF GOD“ ~ Reinhard Bonnke
  • After a remarkable 50 years of preaching the gospel throughout Africa, Christ for All Nation’s Reinhard Bonnke has high expectations that his farewell crusade will have a major impact on the nation of Nigeria.

    Massive crowds have already begun flocking to Lagos for the crusade, which takes place November 8th- November 12th. There, they’ll hear the well-respected German evangelist take to the stage and preach the Gospel for the final time.

    Many things have changed since Bonnke’s last crusade in Lagos 17 years ago. In 2000, some 3.5 million people responded to Christ. However, that same hunger for the Gospel doesn’t seem to be fading in Nigeria.

    So far, thousands of people have already given their lives to Christ and experienced miraculous healing.

    “I experienced more than an encounter,” one attendee told correspondent Peter Wooding of the Global News Alliance. “The Holy Spirit moved in a tremendous way. Myself, I have so many testimonies to give. Heart pains…and my left ear was blocked. But everything opened after the prayer of the servant of God here.”

    Others said they’ve also felt the presence of God just two days into the crusade.

    “You feel the raw presence of God. I’ve come to receive from God as much as I can,” said another.

    While this crusade marks the end of an era of preaching for Bonnke, Christ for All Nations will be left in good hands.

    Evangelist Daniel Kolenda will be taking over the leadership of the ministry. Kolenda has already led massive campaigns across Africa.

    “Although this crusade is Evangelist Bonnke’s final African crusade, it is only the beginning of what I believe will be a decade of super massive harvests for Christ for all Nations,” Kolenda says. “The Lord has given me the word of a ‘Decade of Double Harvest. Now it begins. The best is yet to come!”

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  • Has the Ark of the Covenant been Found?
  • Article about the Ark of the Covenant

    There was nothing in the ark except the two tables of stone, which Moses put there at Horeb, when the LORD made a covenant with the children of Israel, when they came out of the land of Egypt. – 1 Kings 8:9

    We would like to share one of our favorite verses with you today.

    2 Pet 1:4: Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.

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  • Who is this Special man you boast of?
  • You came as a warrior and you will go back a king. You have come to fight with your last breathe but you’ll go back with crowns. You got deep cuts all over your body yet your scars healed so quickly. You have overcome pain like a river flowing without breaks.

    How did you fight so intensively without getting tired? And you answered; “I labored to stay true”

    Where did you get all the power to stand?

    And you answered; “I have a special source I always tap into”.

    Since when did you believe you have a source of power?

    And that came even quickly; “Since I knew a special man I found.

    Who is this Special man you boast of?

    And you answered; “His name is JESUS CHRIST”

    Who’s Jesus Christ?

    Then you answered with joy; “He’s the reason you are writing me. He’s the best thing that ever happened to mankind. He’s the true person you can ever find. He lives in your heart and mine. He’s love. His name is love, truth, peace and kindness. He’s the son of God. He’s the reason why John 3:16 exist. He the existence of the world. Without him nothing was made. He came and conquered death from the hands of the devil. And he loves you. I’m glad about this question. Do you have anymore?

    Wow! I’m overwhelmed. How can accept him, to meet him and to love him too like you did?

    Believe in him and he’ll come and dwell inside you.

    Accept him as your Lord and personal savior and he’ll come and dwell inside you.

    Love your neighbor as yourself and he’ll love you as his Father loved him.

    Whatever he starts, HE FINISHES.

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not in your own understanding.

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  • Nyame Ye (God Is Good)
  • No matter who we are, we all experience difficulty. To be sure, the degree of life’s severity differs from person to person. As I write this, many around the world are experiencing heartbreaking realities (I am thinking most immediately of those affected by war in Aleppo and Mosul and the thousands of refugees seeking asylum around the world).

    In every season of our lives, in every place of our existence, there is tension and conflict. From the wrenching reality of losing loved ones to silly inconveniences like warm drinks getting cold and cold drinks getting warm, life is hard.

    What’s more, when the difficulties of life show up we crave explanation. We cannot help but search for meaning in the face of tragedy and pain. This inclination is part of what makes us, us. When we can’t find answers we often come up with our own. And, if you’re like me, your answer is often not a good one. Consequently, our bad answers cause us to respond to pain in ways that can cause more pain to ourselves and others.

    Four Reasons Life Is Hard

    In an attempt to alleviate the complication of grief and find deeper meaning in our hardships here are four reasons life is hard, plus specific ways we can respond to our difficulties.

    1. Life is hard because the world is broken.

    The Christian story begins with the Creator creating everything (Genesis 1:1). Then creation rejects the Creator. And this rejection fractured the entirety of creation (Genesis 3:14–19). As a result, nothing is as it should be and life is made more difficult. We are all to blame for this brokenness because we have all rejected God and his goodness. So we each have a responsibility to confess our part in our fallen world and work together to seek the welfare of it, making our surroundings more reflective of God’s initial intentions.

    God’s holistic restoration plan includes us! The good news is that God desires for us to join him now in making his plans for restoration, unity, and peace a reality (Colossians 1:15–23). Jesus suffered for his suffering world so that we would find holistic renewal in him, a renewal that will be completed when Jesus brings heaven and earth fully together in the age to come (Revelation 21:4).

    Life is hard because the world is broken, but Jesus is restoring all things from the brokenness of the world by his power and through his people.

    2. Life is hard because of you and me.

    Sometimes our lives are hard because we are sinners (Romans 3:23). We make bad decisions — accidentally and willfully — and these choices make our lives a lot harder. Often, life is hard because we not only do evil things, but then don’t respond well when the consequences come (Proverbs 19:3). Life is not hard because of us all the time, but it is a lot more of the time than we care to admit.

    No matter the sin it is vital that we do not simply say, “This is just who I am,” and fail to pursue revision. No. In this case we must confess sin and repent. That was the initial call to action of both John the Baptizer and Jesus (Mark 1:4, 14–15). Only on the other side of confession, repentance, and belief will the hardness of our sin be eased in Christ. In him we find true wisdom, righteousness, and redemption from our sin (1 Corinthians 1:30–31).

    Life is hard because of you and me, but Jesus graciously forgives us when we confess that our sin has dishonored him and made life complicated and difficult (1 John 1:9).

    3. Life is hard because of someone else.

    Sometimes life is hard — not because the world is broken nor because we personally sinned — but because others sin against us. This is the story of Job (Job 2:7). This is the story of the man who was left for dead in the parable of the good Samaritan (Luke 10:25). This is the story of Jesus (Luke 23:34).

    Jesus responded to the great need of humanity by allowing himself to take the position of a victim and bearing the sins and folly of the entire human race (Isaiah 53:5). Therefore, when we are victimized, we should remember that Jesus not only can identify with us in our unjust treatment. Since he put shame to shame on the cross, we also find power and cleansing in him.

    Life is hard because of others. In love Jesus washes and cleans us when the sins of others have harmed us (1 John 1:7).

    4. Life is hard because God is good.

    Many of life’s difficulties are by design.

    In his kindness, God has intentionally shaped the world in such a way that effort would be required to accomplish significant change, progress, and reward (2 Timothy 2:6). From the beginning, Adam is given a job to work the ground (Genesis 2:15) and to cultivate and shape creation. In other words, work showed up in the beginning. When embraced as a gift from God, work makes us stronger, more collaborative, smarter, more skilled, and so on.

    God is good



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