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  • Tips You Should Consider While Purchasing A Luxury Toilet
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    Whatever you may call it, luxury toilets are actually important at different locations. While the cost and color matter most, you should know how much water you might need to flush the toilet. While a good one conserves water and takes insufficient power to clean within single flush, bad toilets can really be a pain. So, here are some tips you should follow while selecting the toilet.

    Consider new generation models

    Since 1994, low-flow toilets have been using 1.6 gallons for every flush. While these weren’t up to the standards, manufacturers modified a few things and came up with ideas to reduce the quantity of water. So, when you are choosing a toilet you should look for design improvements such as larger flush valves as well as larger trap-ways for a more powerful rush of water inside the bowl.

    Don’t try something inexpensive

    When it comes to setting up luxury toilets, you can get the job done through a contractor. But, as days pass by, you would be facing issues with quality and the finish. Moreover, you won’t expect the force of water flowing down to flush everything accumulated in the bowl. So, if people are going to use the toilet frequently, it’s better to go for a good one. If it’s a pressure-assist model, then you must plan to spend more.

    Never look for unique features

    Finally, unusual flush mechanisms and custom seats may seem to be valuable. But, in the long run, you would be spending time and money if anything needs to be replaced. For instance, a replacement custom seat can cost as much as 100$. You may not afford it when you can stretch the budget.

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  • Reasons Why You Need A Portable Toilet For An Event
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    When you’re planning for an event, you should make sure that everything is clean in addition to the venue, theme and the food. But, when it comes to latrines, you should opt for a portable toilet. So, here are some benefits of having portable toilets for the event you would be hosting soon.

    A solution for outdoor events

    In case you are about to organize an outdoor event, then portable toilets should be your choice. Whether it’s a beach party or a wedding, such toilets provide sanitation for any number of guests. You need to get in touch with the company since avail such event toilets on rent can’t be easy.

    Helps to serve better

    If the venue doesn’t have sufficient toilets, then portable toilets can be the best solution. Certainly, your guests would be happy because they won’t have to stand in a long queue for using the bathroom. Just make sure that the venue has spacious toilets in addition to numerous restroom facilities.

    Aids to maintain privacy

    If you’re planning to host an event at home, then it’s better to consider a portable toilet. It makes sense to avail the toilets on rent when you don’t have the time to dispose waste. Ultimately, you can spend more time in managing tasks and in getting ready for the event.

    Offers numerous options

    Lastly, when you think about portable toilets, you can always select from several options. For large events, many people prefer using generic blue toilets. Apart from the options, you can always opt for toilet trailers without adding on to the cost associated with event toilets.

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  • Types Of Portable Toilets You Can Consider For An Event
  • Regardless of the purpose, you as the host should seek one of the best portable toilets. Every toilet that you come across is very much different than others. So, help you scope out the right option, we have compiled different types of portable toilets.

    Recirculating portable toilets

    A recirculating toilet features a flush mechanism that helps in keeping the unit clean. Synonymous to lavatories in an aeroplane, such toilets circulate chemicals while the bowl gets filled with waste. These could be considered an all in one solution because the toilets are set up with hand sanitizer dispensers, and hot as well as cold wash basins.

    Compost toilets

    If you are searching for an eco-friendly solution, then you can choose a compost toilet. While these are appropriate for campsites, they can be used for a long time span. As the liquid waste is separated from solid waste, compost toilets use a waterless system that cleans the area completely.

    Luxury portable toilets

    For large scale events, luxury toilets offer the best experience. You no longer have to source a generator because the solar-powered lights illuminate the entire area. With such a kind of lavatory, guests can always use the flushing system along with a shelf unit and a wash basin. Before you take a step further, it’s better to set the budget based on the luxury toilet hire costs.

    Accessible toilets

    Accessible toilets are usually used for public and family events. As compared to other types, these toilets are much more spacious than you can think about. It is because of this aspect these toilets are best for young children and aged individuals.

    No matter which type of toilet you wish to set up, you should always check the quality and the amenities the guests can enjoy.

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