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  • (AUS) Rebels provide police statement about ex-member on DV charges
  • REBELS Motorcycle Club has provided a statement to police about an ex-member accused of shocking domestic violence offences.

    The man is charged with 23 crimes, including torture and rape, against his ex-wife, and 44 against a more recent partner. The 33-year-old father of four, who cannot be named to protect the alleged victims, unsuccessfully applied for bail in Townsville Magistrates Court on Friday.

    The ex-wife made complaints of historic abuse allegedly committed between 2006 and 2012.

    Senior prosecutor Mark Fenlon told the court that many of the 44 fresh charges, allegedly committed since October, breached a Western Australian restraining order and a Queensland domestic violence order (DVO).

    On October 28, the man allegedly covered the woman’s face with a pillow, causing her to black out.

    In April, the man allegedly forced his partner to drive him to Brisbane.

    “While in a hotel, under the influence of methylamphetamine, the defendant searches her phone, hits her on the leg with the phone, straddles her, grabs a pillow and covers her face,” Mr Fenlon told the court.

    He then allegedly pinned her to a wall and bit her cheek.

    Mr Fenlon said on June 30, the man asked his partner to help with cooking, and when she complied he snapped “Why don’t you just f***ing take over then?”

    “The victim stated without any warning, the defendant turned around with a metal fork and stabbed her in the left forearm,,” he told the court.

    Defence solicitor Nathan Smith said the man would defend all charges, except for the DVO breaches relating to text messages.

    Mr Fenlon told the court that a week after the alleged fork incident, the man allegedly sent the woman four text messages.

    “(He wrote), ‘Please don’t do this, I love you, you’re not in danger with me. My heart is broken, please, you are the glue to put it back, I can’t live without you, you can’t live without me,” Mr Fenlon said.

    “If none of this has happened, why does he have to say she’s not in danger?”

    Mr Fenlon told the court that the last time the man was granted bail in Magistrates Court, he lied by telling the court he was not associated with Rebels Motorcycle Club.

    “Your Honour has statements attached to that brief from the president and the sergeant at arms of the Charters Towers Rebels Motorcycle Club saying not only was he a nom (prospective member or nominee) but he worked in their bar,” he said.

    Magistrate Steven Mosch refused bail, saying there was an unacceptable risk the man would reoffend.

    “The defendant has been maintaining a relationship with the aggrieved, in breach of two court orders, and I have little faith that if I was to grant bail now, and impose a condition that he have no contact with the aggrieved, he would have any regard to an order made by me today,” he said.

    The man is due back in court on August 23.


  • (USA) Police arrest member of biker gang in shooting
  • Santa Fe police have arrested a man in a motorcycle-gang shooting that led to a lockdown of Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center.

    But police are not releasing the names of either the suspect or the man who was wounded Saturday. Police say the victim, a member of the Vagos Motorcycle Club, could become a target of rival Bandidos Motorcycle Club members if his name became public.

    Capt. Robert Vasquez of the Santa Fe police said the medical center released the shooting victim Sunday. He received what police called non-life-threatening injuries.

    “He identified a Bandido as the one who shot him,” Vasquez said of the victim. “Due to the nature of conflict between the two groups, if the opposing group does not know the victim’s name, then we would be giving him away.”

    So far police have arrested a member of the Vagos gang who “engaged in the exchange of gunfire with the Bandidos,” Vasquez said.

    He said police also have the names of suspects in the shooting, which took place near Camino de Gusto and Alamosa Drive.

    Police were attempting to gain access to a residence of one Bandidos member near the site of the shooting.

    “Apparently there are multiple bullet holes in this residence, but they [the Bandidos] were not too cooperative with us,” Vasquez said. “They would not allow law enforcement officers to enter the scene and process the investigation.”

    The two gangs, which have chapters in the West, have carried on a violent feud. Vasquez said it was too early to assume because of Saturday’s shooting that the conflict between the two groups is heating up again in the Santa Fe area.

    But the tension from the shooting was so palpable that police ordered a lockdown at Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in case members of either gang showed up.

    One woman who pulled into the hospital’s parking lot to drop off a friend at the emergency room found herself staring into the barrels of an assault rifle and a pistol wielded by nervous police officers who thought she could have had some role in the gang conflict.

    The woman said it was coincidence that she was driving to the hospital at the same time the ambulance and police car were transporting the shooting victim there. She reached the passenger drop-off point in the parking lot when police turned their guns on her.

    “I hadn’t gone 5 feet when I heard, ‘Stop the car!’ I looked to my left and there’s an assault rifle pointing at me and I look to my right and there was a pistol pointing at me,” she said in an interview. “I was asking myself, ‘Am I going to make it home to my family?’ ”

    She kept her hands in the air as the officers trained their weapons on her. “It could have been 30 seconds, but it seemed like hours to me,” she said.

    She said the two officers questioned her as to why she was following the ambulance. After hearing her explanation, she said, they apologized and sent her on her way.

    Vasquez said police officers transporting the victim watched as two vehicles — a white Jeep driven by an unknown motorist and the woman’s car — followed the ambulance to the hospital.

    The Jeep “aggressively” sped by the officers at the entrance to the hospital while the woman drove her car into the parking lot, he said.

    “The officer [in the patrol car] was concerned,” Vasquez said. “We had a shooting victim who is a member of one motorcycle group in the hospital and he didn’t know if members of the other group would show up at the hospital to continue the confrontation.”

    A passenger in the woman’s car said he had gotten out of the vehicle before officers approached the woman with guns drawn. He then spoke to one of the officers, who explained that police were concerned gang members might show up at the hospital for revenge.

    “That’s policy, I guess,” the passenger said. “I think they could have done it another way. But I’m not a police officer.”

    Vasquez and Arturo Delgado, a spokesman for the hospital, said the lockdown was called off at about 10 p.m. But the passenger said when he left the hospital at about 11:30 p.m. police officers were still stationed outside.

    The U.S. Department of Justice says the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, which originated in Texas in the mid-1960s, has at least 2,000 active members in 93 chapters around the country, including New Mexico. Bandidos members were involved in the shootings at a Waco, Texas, restaurant in May 2015 that killed nine people.

    The Vagos also started in the 1960s. That club has several hundred members scattered in across 20 chapters in California, Nevada, Oregon, Hawaii and Mexico.


  • (IRL) Man Guilty Of Murdering Rival Biker in Limerick
  • A man has been found guilty of murdering a member of a rival motorcycle club in Limerick.

    Alan McNamara from Mountfune in Murroe, Co Limerick shot Andrew O’Donoghue outside his clubhouse in July 2015.

    Alan McNamara is a member of the Caballeros Motorcycle Club and Andrew O’Donoghue was a member of the Road Tramps.

    On July 19th 2015, McNamara was beaten up outside a pub in Doon, Co Limerick by some Road Tramps bikers as part of an apparent turf-war.

    His leather sleeveless jacket with club patches was taken off him - the ultimate insult to a biker, the court heard.

    He claimed he and his family were later threatened outside his home by three members of the Road Tramps - one of whom had a gun.

    The next day, he drove up to their clubhouse where he met Andrew O’Donoghue at the gates and shot him in the head.

    He claimed he was acting in self-defence, but the jury disagreed and found him guilty of murder after deliberating for two hours and 43 minutes.

    He will be sentenced in October alongside his stepson Robert Cusack who admitted hiding the shotgun used to kill Mr O’Donoghue.


  • (CAN) Quiet weekend despite Hells Angels rolling through town: police
  • Police say it was a relatively quiet weekend on city streets even with hundreds of Hells Angels motorcycle gang members in town to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Calgary chapter.

    Just two members of the motorcycle club were ticketed for minor traffic infractions, police said.

    “It went as we had expected. It was fairly quiet. Just a couple summonses written,” said Supt. Cliff O’Brien.

    Calgary police warned the public last Thursday that around 500 bikers would be rolling into town to gather for a weekend of partying in part to mark 20 years since the patch-over ceremony when the Hells Angels took over from the Alberta Grim Reapers.

    At least two police vans were parked outside of the Calgary Hells Angels clubhouse on 84th Street S.E. on Friday night where a large tent was erected for the celebration.

    Witnesses reported that it appeared some Hells Angels members came and went quietly from the clubhouse property using shuttle buses or cars rather than motorcycles.

    O’Brien said last week’s warning to the public was intended to alert Calgarians so they wouldn’t be surprised when bikers rolled into town wearing their colours.

    The Hells Angels aren’t the only biker gang operating in Alberta. There have been at least four international biker groups that have moved into the province in recent years: The Mongols, the Rebels, the Vagos and the Warlocks.

    Authorities say there’s plenty of disputes between those four groups: police documented 20 instances of conflict between Angels and Warlocks over just two months last year.

    The Vagos opened a new chapter in Alberta in 2015. The Mongols, who have a presence throughout the province, also opened a new chapter in 2015.


  • (USA) Fourth suspect arrested in biker gang slaying
  • NAPLES – Leesburg police, with the help of the FBI and Collier County sheriff’s deputies, have nabbed the fourth and final known suspect in the motorcycle gang slaying of a rival club member during Bikefest.

    Gregory Alan Umphress, 32, was arrested without incident on Saturday, according to Leesburg Police Lt. Joe Iozzi.

    Investigators say that members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club tried to force David R. “Gutter” Donovan at knifepoint to give up his Kingsmen gang colors in a turf dispute outside the Circle K on west Main Street. He was shot when he refused.

    Other Kingsmen were also forced to leave the store and go outside during the April 29 incident, but Donovan bore the brunt of the gang’s furor.

    “Shoot that (expletive), Marc Edward Knotts, allegedly told Outlaws members.

    “We haven’t confirmed who the shooter was. It could be one of the four,” Iozzi said.

    The men face charges of principal to first-degree murder and kidnapping. Torres also faces a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

    Knotts, 48, is the president of the Ocala chapter.

    Bikers scattered after the shooting. Three Kingsmen ran into the store and hid behind shelves until clerks called police. One Kingsmen opened the door and opened fire on Outlaws fleeing the scene.

    Knotts, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, was hit in the back, arm and leg. He was treated and released from a hospital.

    No one has been charged in that shooting.

    When a detective went to the Ocala clubhouse in May to arrest Knotts, he said, “Give me 10 minutes so I can put my boots on,” Iozzi said.

    Miguel Angel Torres III, 37, of Rockledge, turned himself in to police in June. He is the one who allegedly put the knife to Donovan’s throat.

    Police also arrested Jesus Alberto Marrero, 35, in May.


  • (USA) Outlaws motorcycle club members arrested in Sebastian
  • SEBASTIAN — Out-of-town members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club had a run-in with the law after a fight broke out at Earl's Hideaway bar Sunday night, according to police reports.

    It started when a patron got angry about an Outlaws member wanting to take a photo of himself with the patron's girlfriend, police said Wednesday.

    That led to three patrons — none were motorcycle club members — being injured, said police spokesman Cmdr. John Blackledge. They had cuts to the face and bruises.

    Four Outlaws members were arrested at the bar in the 1400 block of Indian River Drive. The waterfront bar is popular with motorcyclists.

    The Outlaws' motto is "God forgives, Outlaws don't." Membership is limited to men driving American-made motorcycles, according to the club's website

    Sunday night, the Sebastian bar was packed with about 75 people, including 15 Outlaws from South Florida, when the fight broke out, police said.

    After police intervened at about 6 p.m., a police officer attempted to handcuff Outlaws member Daniel Fournier, 40, of Boynton Beach. Fournier attempted to break away, leading to the officer "escorting him to a nearby wall," according to an arrest report.

    At the same time, "members of the Outlaws began to step in closer," according to police reports. They left after being ordered to leave, according to arrest affidavits.

    Fournier was charged with resisting an officer.

    Fort Lauderdale club member John McMahon Potts, 25, was charged with battery, as was another member, Ray Rodriguez, 46, of Coconut Creek.

    Outlaws member Jason Bowman, 40, of Fort Lauderdale, was charged with a gun law violation: carrying a firearm into a bar.

    A loaded 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun was found on his motorcycle and, according to the affidavits, he told officers he took it into the bar.

    Blackledge said the incident is the first of its type in five years.

    "We will not tolerate unlawful behavior," Blackledge said.

    Deshaun Marshall, 17, is sentenced to 50 years in prison Friday, June 23, 2017, at the Indian River County Courthouse in Vero Beach. In April, he was convicted of first-degree murder and robbery while in possession of a firearm. Marshall, 15 at the time, and another teen, Cazory Henry, robbed and killed Reginald Davis Jr. Wochit


  • (AUS) Ex-Mongol bikie jailed for repeated unlicensed driving
  • A FORMER patched Mongols bikie has been sentenced to jail by a Gold Coast magistrate for driving twice without a licence after previously being disqualified by a court order.

    Southport Magistrates Court heard Raymond Foelz, 27, was a “recidivist offender” and had been sentenced for getting behind the wheel while disqualified on four separate occasions between 2010 and 2015.

    He was on Tuesday found guilty of two counts of driving without a license disqualified by a court order after electing to dispute the charges at trial.

    The court heard he was disqualified until August this year but had driven on two occasions at Southport in March.

    Foelz was sentenced in two separate courts for each offence today.

    In sentencing on the first count, Magistrate Mark Howden told Foelz he did not receive any benefit for taking the matters to trial as it showed no “remorse”.

    “In my view, you need to be deterred from driving,” he said.

    Foelz’s defence lawyer Mollie Roper, of Moloney MacCallum Lawyers, tendered a large pile of positive character references to the court that spoke of the 27-year-old’s “good work ethic” and the fact he financially supported his two young children.

    “It is unfortunate to see a family man and someone who is a good person, with good prospects in life before the court for an offence like this,” Mr Howden said.

    Magistrate Howden sentenced Foelz to six months’ jail, to be suspended after two months have been served.

    Foelz was also disqualified from driving for three years.

    During the sentencing for his second charge, Magistrate Andrew Sinclair sentenced him to nine months jail to be served concurrently with the six month sentence.

    The nine months jail will be suspended for three years once he is released on parole in September.

    Foelz’s sentence came less than a week after he was fined $1000 after buying a stolen BMW, jetski and trailer for $10,000 that were found at a Chevron Island apartment in January.


  • (AUS) Long stint in jail coming to Wangaratta Tramps bikie boss Ronnie Harding
  • The leader of a now defunct Wangaratta bikie gang is facing more than a year in jail over serious drug trafficking and weapons offences.

    Ronnie Harding, 52, pleaded guilty for the first time to more than 30 charges when he appeared in Wangaratta County Court on Friday.

    Crown prosecutor Andrew Moore said the Wangaratta South man had been the focus of an investigation for two months before police raided his home and the Tramps Motorcycle Club headquarters on Frank Hayes Drive on January 6 last year.

    They found chemicals such as pseudoephedrine and iodine – use to make methamphetamine – as well as lysergic acid, ketamine and cannabis.

    The weapons included 14 unregistered firearms – both rifles and revolvers, some of them loaded – explosive tubes tied in bundles of three, a pen pistol, baton and pepper spray.

    Eight charges related to stolen goods found at his home including a BMW X5, a boat worth $8900, generators and 17 water meters stolen from his previous employer North East Water.

    “His DNA was found on most of the guns at the clubhouse and also on the pen pistol at his property,” Me Moore said.

    Barrister Adam Chernok said a psychological report found Harding “was overwhelmed with personal trauma and stress” due to a separation from his wife.

    He said there was a reason Judge Jim Montgomery had never heard of the Tramps, even though police would categorise the group as an outlaw motorcycle gang.

    “The Tramps are not in the same sort of category as the other outlaw motorcycle gangs,” Mr Chernok said.

    “They have done considerable charity work. It’s a bikie club with six members that ultimately disbanded.”

    He said Harding had no criminal history and turned to drugs to self-medicate for a heart condition, arguing the man deserved a chance to turn his life around.

    But Judge Montgomery agreed with Mr Moore than a jail sentence should be more than 12 months.

    “It’s about time he got his life in order, he’s a bit old for that sort of stuff,” he said. “It’s just too many offences without any real explanation.”

    Harding will be sentenced on Monday.


  • (CAN) Biker Gangs Keep The Peace At NL Gathering

  • While the RCMP kept a close eye on motorcycle gang activity across the island this weekend, there has been little issue so far.

    Members of the outlaw motorcycle gangs Bacchus and the Outlaws were to take part in a motorcycle run across Central and Eastern parts of the island.

    The RCMP and RNC have been monitoring events throughout the weekend, engaging with Bacchus and Outlaws members, but indicate there’s been little, if any, illegal activity involved.


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