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  • The Benefits of a Two Story Tiny House
  • In recent years, tons of people have made the switch to tiny living – that is, moving into a tiny house with just enough space for basic needs to be met. While the market was once small for these types of houses, construction models have since increased along with heightened interest in the industry, introducing tons of new options. One of these options is the two story tiny house. This particular model has some real benefits for anyone looking to switch to small living, such as:

    •    The extra story provides extra living space without actually taking up more area in the house as a whole. Therefore, you’ll have the same small square footage, but more space that can be utilized.

    •    Often, this second story takes the form of a loft, and gives tiny house owners an excellent place to install a bedroom with a bed of any shape or size.

    •    The second story provides a measure of privacy for those living with others or with their families.

    •    The second story can be completely outfitted for any unique need owners may have. Whether it’s just a storage space, a bedroom or even an entertainment center, the upper loft has the space and versatility to become anything.

    These are just a few of the excellent benefits of living in a two story tiny home. To learn more about owning a large tiny house, visit this website.

  • 20 Small Bathroom Design Ideas
  • Find inspiration with small designer bathrooms that combine DIY fixes, bold paint colors.. Read more

  • Tiny Living Made Easier
  • If you’ve recently made the upgrade to small living, you can use DIY upgrades like this interesting, rustic horse trough tub to upgrade your space in a way that still saves space and brings you the convenience you need.

  • Three Reasons to Have a Tiny Home
  • Thanks to a few feature television shows and a renewed interest in travel, thousands have made the move to smaller living in tiny homes in the past few years. If you’ve never visited a tiny house or considered this transition for yourself, you may wonder why people would choose to live in what you perceive as cramped spaces. However, there are several reasons why anyone might want to live in one of these cozy little homes, and a few of them include:

    •    While these spaces look snug, they’re the perfect size for taking care of everyday necessities. You’ll still be able to shower, cook, sleep and relax in your own home without a problem.

    •    These homes minimize the amount you’ll be paying on bills each month. It costs much less to cool and heat them than the average home, meaning you can save your cash for adventures.

    •    Some of these homes are especially designed for the traveling owner. This means they may be pulled behind a vehicle without a special permit in many cases, and allow you to take the comfort of home with you regardless of your destination.

    There are almost innumerable reasons why you should consider getting a tiny house in the coming years. To learn more about what you can expect from a tiny house builder in Reno, visit this website.

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