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  • A new face to a familiar portal
  • The ToJi Team has been hard at work with our latest set of creations, including a brand new layout and a whole bunch of new functionality.  In this post, we're going to cover off the new layout and will have posts to follow on the ToJi Tracker, Tasks, and Alerts.

    The new Layout is the new look and feel of the entire ToJi Tools portal.  Our previous layout worked well, it was very functional but it didn't portray who ToJi Tools was or what we stood for.  One of ToJi Tools main goals is to provide a fresh, modern set of tools for the Realtor of today, and now with the fresh look we feel that we are doing a better job of doing exactly that.


    Simply log in.  As soon as you log in you will be greeted with the new layout and you'll immediately notice our new Dashboard:

    The purpose of the dashboard is to give you quick access to all of your information in a centralized place in the most efficient manner possible.  For this reason, each of the widgets are completely customizable, from where they appear on the page to their height and width.  To move a widget simple click and drag the title bar to the new location, and to resize a widget simply select the  icon which appears on the bottom right corner of the widget outline. It really is that simple!

    Another major change brought in with the new layout is the navigation.  The navigation now appears along the left hand side of the page instead of along the top, and since we now have more space we've broken out the tools menu into links of their own so you no longer have to click to access the tools then click again to access Property Analysis.



    What's Next?

    Short Term - Coming in the next few days, we'll also provide information on the new ToJi Tracker, Tasks, and Alerts and how to best utilize these features.  All of these features are live and ready to use so feel free to play with them in the mean time!

    Long Term - The ToJi Team is hard at work on the next greatest thing for our tool set.  We're keeping the details under wraps for now, but stay tuned for our next big game changer coming in the fall!


    Stay Tuned and keep the great feedback coming!

    Tuesday, July 18, 2017

  • New and Improved Apartments
  • The ToJi Team heard you feedback loud and clear about Reports relating to Apartments, and has been hard at work to bring our Apartment related reports to a whole new level!

    What is it?

    Previously Apartments where designed to only consider the specific address when searching for comparable properties.  This worked well for areas of the city which had high turnover, or for larger complexes with enough comparables to justify this approach; however was not the ideal approach for all situations. 


    By having the ability to chose the method which ToJi tools uses to determine the comparable properties, the Realtor now holds the control over the best fitting report for each situation.  This puts the control back in the hands of the experts and does not make the assumption that all situations are the same.



    On a Property Analysis and CMA Report, a new tab will now be available when the property type is Apartment:

    Within this tab, you can utilize the Match Type drop down to pick the most suitable match type for the given scenario:

    • Building Address: Building Address is the exact same as ToJi Tools is today; it will utilize the address entered when creating the report to select only Apartments which reside at that specific address.
    • Complex Name: Complex name will utilize the name of the apartment or condo complex that is stored inside of Matrix to choose only the apartments or Condos which belong to that specific Complex, even if that complex contains multiple building addresses
    • Advanced: Advanced is the new default match type and it will include properties which match the specific criteria that has been enabled.  This will allow the Realtor to pick and choose what is important to this specific listing at this specific time in the same fashion that the number of bedrooms and bathrooms are chosen

    Property Search

    Along with these changes we've also updated the property search page to enable the same type of search ability for Apartments.  The new options are found when the advanced search is enabled, and allow you to combine these criteria with any other existing criteria to find the very specific listing you're searching for.


    What's Next?

    Since we started ToJi Tools we've always had a keen ear for feedback, and as part of our next initiatives we will be continuing along with that trend.  With our next release of ToJi Tools we will be including a new set of functionality which we're not quite ready to announce yet, but we think the entire community will be very interested to see.


    Stay Tuned and keep the great feedback coming!

    The ToJi Team.

    Monday, May 22, 2017

  • Client Engagement
  • The ToJi Team has been hard at work again, and we're happy to bring you an exciting new feature called Client Engagement!

    What is it?

    Client Engagement is the ability to analyze your clients response to published and shared reports.  Client Engagement gives you the ability to filter viable leads from curious home owners.


    By having the ability to review how well each of your reports are performing, you can easily determine the clients who are simply curious about their homes value from those who are seriously interested in selling.


    Step #1: Publish and Share your reports

    When you're viewing your property analysis report, simply click the "publish and share" button and share the report with your clients.  Sharing of CMA's is not currently available while the CMA functionality is in preview mode, but will be available soon.

    Step #2: Review your Engagement

    Review your current Engagement in real time by clicking Clients > Engagement to view several graphs which show the status of all of your reports.  The top three graphs break down all of your reports, how many are shared, and how many have been viewed.  


    Under Customer Connections you can view how many reports where viewed over the past month.  This gives you a good indicator if some of your properties are currently spiking in views, or if you're maintaining a good pace.

    Document Views is the truly valuable information when used to determine lead potential.  Using the above graph you can see that the 3rd, 4th and 5th property reports are viewed substantially more often than some of the others, meaning those clients keep coming back to look at the information you provided which might justify a follow up touch base.


    Wednesday, May 03, 2017

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