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  • Listing Images
  • Over the past few weeks the ToJi Team has been pushing hard to incorporate feedback from our users, so it is with a great pleasure that we announce Listing Images; now available in select Real Estate Boards!

    To view listing images, simply click on one of the points:

    And a dialog will open with some information about the listing, including the Listing Images:

    It really is as simple as that!


    Thanks for the great feedback

    -ToJi Team.

    Thursday, February 16, 2017

  • Introducing Instant Data
  • The ToJiTools team has been hard at work this past month developing a new feature based on Your feedback.

    What we heard: “Uploading Files is cumbersome – Please Simplify it!”

               Well we listened!

    Thanks to an ongoing collaboration with various Real Estate Boards - We are proud to announce a new feature – ToJi Instant Data - is now available in select markets.

    What does this mean to you… No more Uploads Required 

    To Create a new ToJi CMA report – simply enter in an address and *Viola*.

                ToJi will automatically pre-populate a new report which you can then customize for your client.

     This is a major move forward to simplify the process for our users and we will continue to drive improvements within ToJi to deliver the most value to You!

    Behind the Curtain:  What is the team currently working to improve your experience?

    • Full CMA Print Outs – Based on popular request we are developing a printable CMA reports that you can customize and leave behind with your customers both physically and digitally.
    • Property Photos – Did you know you can click on a data point in a graph and it pulls up the listing information?  The team is working on integrating Photos into that ‘Click-Through’.
    • Buyer reports – How far does you money go in each community?  We are developing a new tool to help you show your buyers the landscape in communities they may be attracted to.

    As ToJi is a new platform, we are continuously looking for ways to improve our software – please don’t be shy to share your suggestions on new graphs or features that you might find helpful!

    We take all feedback seriously and will continue to Listen to all of you!


    We Greatly Appreciate your time!


    -ToJi Team

    Wednesday, February 15, 2017

  • When is the best time of year to sell a home like mine?
  • When is it the best time to sell a home like mine, in my community?

    Normally - You can look at a real estate board's performance charts that show you when the most homes are selling. These reports combine Apartments, Detached and Attached homes, making them very hard to use decide when the best time is for your specific home.


    TOJI - We show you when homes like yours are selling. By looking at when holes like yours sell, you can decide on a strategy of when to list YOUR house.

    Ask your Realtor for a ToJi report about your Home today. (Currently only available in Calgary)

    Friday, February 10, 2017

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