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  • Macron faces Le Pen for French presidency as mainstream parties bow out early
  • Independent centrist Emmanuel Macron will face anti-EU, anti-immigration candidate Marine Le Pen in the French presidential run-off duel on May 7, according to initial estimates after Sunday’s hotly contested first round.

  • Live: Le Pen, Macron victories push mainstream parties to the sidelines
  • French centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen have qualified for the second round in the French presidential election with 23.7 percent and 21.7 percent of the vote respectively. Follow our live coverage below.

  • Afghans mourn casualties of deadliest Taliban attack on army base
  • Afghanistan on Sunday observed a national day of mourning for the victims of a Taliban attack on a military base in northern Afghanistan, which killed more than 100 soldiers.

  • Questions remain over Champs-Élysées attacker’s links to IS group
  • Two days after an attack on Paris's Champs-Élysées that left one police officer dead, questions remain about the shooter, his ties to terrorism, and whether he had accomplices.

  • Thousands rally for science worldwide amid threats to funding
  • Scientists, students and research advocates rallied from the Brandenburg Gate to the Washington Monument on Earth Day, conveying a global message of scientific freedom without interference and spending necessary to make future breakthroughs possible.

  • Protesters clash with police outside German far-right congress
  • Germany's right-wing populist AfD held a party congress Saturday marred by a bitter power struggle five months before a general election and disruptions by thousands of leftist demonstrators.

  • French Guiana protests end with agreement
  • The French government signed an agreement with protesters and local MPs in Guiana Friday, ending a vast protest movement that had paralysed the country for over a month, said the French Minister for Overseas Territories Ericka Bareigts.

  • Death toll mounts in Venezuelan anti-Maduro protests
  • The death toll in three weeks of violence at anti-government protests in Venezuela jumped to 20 people Friday after a night of clashes and pillaging left 12 people dead in Caracas.

  • Champs-Élysées shooting suspect showed 'no sign' of radicalisation
  • The suspect in a gun attack on the Champs-Élysées that left a policeman dead was long known to the police but had shown "no sign" of radicalisation, Paris Prosecutor François Molins said on Friday.

  • Opposition to challenge referendum at Turkey's highest court
  • Days after Turkey's election authority rejected a request to annul the referendum on boosting the president's powers, the country's main opposition party said Friday it would apply to the nation's highest administrative court.