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  • Saving Israel from itself: Gitai’s nostalgic but uplifting ode to peace
  • In “West of the Jordan River”, which screens at the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight this week, veteran Israeli director Amos Gitai looks to grassroots movements for reasons to remain hopeful about peace in the Middle East.

  • France's most popular ecologist on front line as new environment minister
  • France's new Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot joined Emmanuel Macron's team after declining offers from three previous governments. What challenges lie ahead for France's popular environmentalist?

  • Pope Francis welcomes Trump at Vatican despite past row
  • Concluding his tour of the ancestral homes of the world's three largest monotheistic religions, President Donald Trump met with Pope Francis, the famously humble pontiff with whom he has publicly clashed.

  • Eight-year-old girl named among fatalities of Manchester bombing
  • An 8-year-old girl killed in Monday night’s suicide bombing in Manchester has become the symbol of tragedy and national mourning.

  • Trump budget proposal calls for deep cuts to Social security, diplomacy
  • The White House delivered to Congress Tuesday a proposed 2018 budget that would deeply cut programs for the poor and rural America, as well as diplomacy and foreign aid, while boosting defense and border security.

  • Manchester’s Muslims unite to defy terror
  • Monday’s deadly attack in Manchester by a resident of Libyan origin has put the city’s Muslim community on edge. But they are determined the city they love will say no to hate and divisions.

  • Ex-CIA chief says Russia warned to stay out of US election
  • Former CIA director John Brennan said Tuesday he became increasingly concerned last summer over contacts between Donald Trump's campaign officials and Moscow, as a Russian effort to interfere with the US presidential election became evident.

  • UK raises terror threat level, deploys troops in wake of Manchester attack
  • Soldiers will be deployed to key sites in Britain to boost security as the country raised its terror threat to the highest level on Tuesday in the wake of the previous night's deadly attack on a concert venue in Manchester.

  • Roger Moore, the spy whom Cannes loved
  • Festivalgoers in Cannes paid tribute to Roger Moore on Tuesday, recalling the late actor as the very essence of the smooth-talking English gentleman, and one of James Bond’s finest incarnations.

  • Cannes: ‘Nothingwood’ tribute to soaring happiness, crashing despair of Afghan director
  • Lounging against cushions like a pasha while a multitude of hangers-on stream in and out of his Kabul office, Salim Shaheen thunders his assessment of Afghan cinema.