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  • How to create a new video by joining video clips
  • Perhaps, you have collected a bunch of downloaded videos that belong to the same series. Maybe you shot a large number hilarious animal videos in your daily life. When you want to string these video clips together, what would you do? That’s where Aiseesoft Free Video Editor comes into play. This powerful software tool allows you to take combine these videos saved from social media or precious footages in one click.

    Aiseesoft Free Video Converter

    Aiseesoft Free Video Editor is a powerful video editor. This application covers almost all needs to process video files. You can convert video to popular formats, cut video length, crop video dimensions, combine video sources into one file and do more edits with this program. As the title suggests, this video tool is completely free of charge. If you want to join video files free, Aiseesoft Free Video Editor is definitely your best choice. Now, let’s check out how to merge video files using this advanced video editing software.

    How to merge videos using Aiseesoft Free Video Editor.

    • Download the free software and open it. You will be greeted with a user-friendly interface represented by a simplistic window.
    • Select “Video/Audio Jointer”. Next, you want to bring in all your video clips from all sources. You will see the “Add file” button, press it to begin importing your files.
    • After that, decide what format you’d like to output the video to and what folder or location you want the joined video to go to.
    • When it is all set, click on the “Save” button.
    • The software begins joining your videos immediately. You can see the merging progress in a dialog box.
    • After a while, all source video clips will be merged into one new file. You can click on “Open Output Folder” to locate the resultant file.

    VSDC Free Video Editor

    An alternative to Aiseesoft Free Video Editor can be VSDC Free Video Editor. It works as a video file joiner that brings your video clips together as one. Besides, you can also do some additional editing with its clever features as well, like cropping, trimming, adding subtitles or even rotating, to mention a few. The effects continue if you want to add a filter or say adjust the transparency of your clip. If you are dealing with strictly audio, then you can tinker with the source by using its dynamic features that involve using a delay, pitch shifts, reverse or even changing the amplitude. This awesome software also gives you a toolbox to work in making it visually powerful as you work. Inside this box, you can do animation, put in additional music, a line or a basic subtitle. All in all, VSDC Free Video Editor is a full-featured video editing program free for use.

    How to merge videos using VSDC Free Video Editor.

    • Fire up the program. Hit the “File” button at the top left corner of the main window. Then, click on “New Project” to create a project.
    • Go to the “Editor” tab in the top toolbar. Click on “Add object”>”Video” to select and open your video clips.
    • Click on “Apply settings” in the pop-up window and all your files will be imported into the software.
    • Go to the “Export project” tab. Select the output format, choose the profile as well as video quality and specify the output path.
    • When you are ready, press the “Export project” button to start the process.

    Overall speaking, Aiseesoft Free Video Editor is designed for the purpose to bring your audios or videos together with ease. It’s so appealing because of its price, free to download and ease of use. You can get started immediately and create those videos you’ve been dying to put together without a headache.

  • How to combine video files seamlessly
  • You might’ve shot a few clips during your last family vacation and want to make a short film out of them. Perhaps you’ve just been hit by a great idea for a funny little montage of clips from your favorite TV show you think can become the next viral meme on social media. It could even be that you’re trying to produce a creative short film for a school project or as a hobby. Whichever the case, you need to compile several video files into one. Well, to combine videos, you obviously will turn to a video editing software. If you’re the very enthusiastic type with money to spare, you’ll obviously look for a top-class video editor to join video files without losing quality. One of such video tools is Wondershare Filmora Video Editor and I highly recommend it to you.

    Why choose Wondershare Filmora Video Editor?

    I pick Wonder Filmora Video Editor for a bunch of reasons. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is the best video editor for Windows. It has an intuitive interface that can be easily figured out and suitable for novices and pros alike. It retains the design philosophy that makes iMovies so popular while adding so many features on top in a very ergonomic fashion. It comes with a great set of filters to add on top of your different clips that might have different lighting to give the final product a unified atmosphere, as well as a great set of transition effects. If the sound isn’t a focus of your project, it comes with a library of royalty free music files that will help you avoid copyright issues. Alternatively, you can output your product as a Gif and time it into a loop with the help of frame-by-frame view when trimming.

    How to combine video files into one with Wondershare Filmora Video Editor.

    Step 1.

    • Download Wondershare Filmora Video Editor from the official site.
    • After it’s finished downloading, open the installation file and proceed with the standard installation process.

    Step 2.

    • Once finished installing, open the program, choose your aspect ratio and select “Full Feature Mode”. In most cases, you’ll want to select 16:9, especially if using footage from your own modern smartphone or camera to record. 3:4 is usually only used by very old video, such an old TV series.

    Step 3.

    • Import your clips into the application. You can do this one in two ways.
    • Hit “IMPORT” that will reveal a short context menu and choose “Import Media Files” to load video files into the software.
    • Or simply drag and drop your files into the top left area where it says “Import Media Files Here”.

    Step 4.

    • Thumbnails for your imported video files will appear in the media library area.
    • Add each file individually to the timeline in the order you want. That’s a horizontal strip at the bottom of the program.

    Step 5.

    • Add transition effects if you’d like to.
    • Go to the “Transitions” tab. The icon is right above the timeline and under the media library panel.
    • You can either drag and drop a transition between clips or right-click on it and choose to apply it to all clips.

    Step 6.

    • Once your project is finished and you’re satisfied with the result, you can save your project as a single video file by exporting it.
    •  Once you hit the “Export” button, you get to choose the video format you want to export to.
    • When you are ready, click on “Export” to start the process.

    Shotcut Video Editor

    If Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is still above your budget, you might want to check out Shotcut. It’s free of charge, open source, and multiplatform. Its UI is far less intuitive or polished as that of Wondershare Filmora Video Editor but remains to deliver a great experience as an easy video joiner.

    I hope the tutorial is helpful and you’re now better equipped to put your creativity into materialization. This might just be your first step towards becoming the next big creative mind in multimedia production!

  • How to add video files together quickly
  • You may have a bunch of videos to handle in order to make a compiling final product. Removing poorly shot footage, cropping the video to remove unwanted background is necessary but extending a video by adding other video clips is also sometimes needed. That’s why we need to have a video merger at our fingertips. Do not spend time on finding the best app to combine videos because I have done that for you. When it comes to stitching several video clips fast and easily, no one beats WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe.

    WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

    WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is an all-in-one video software that handles all your video editing and conversion needs. Its user interface is simple and straightforward to use, making itself the best video editing software for beginners.

    This full-featured video tool is developed for converting, trimming, cropping, merging and downloading videos. The following are some key features of this application:

    1. Convert SD/HD/UHD videos for playing on Apple and Android devices.

    2. Download videos to your computer from YouTube.

    3. Trim video length, crop video frame size and join video clips together.

    4. Enhance them by adding subtitles and other special effects.

    5. Extract audio from video files.

    6. Convert and compress the video files without loss of quality for playing on mobile devices.

    7. Hardware Acceleration Tech helps video conversion process 16 times faster.

    8. Make slideshows from photos.

    9. Support more than 400 preset profiles for Apple and Android devices to help in choosing the correct format for conversion.

    Let’s take a look at how to use this quick video merger to combine video files.

    How to merge videos using WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe.

    • Download and install WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe software on your computer.
    • Add videos to the editor by clicking on the “+ Video” button located in the toolbar at the top of the editor. Or drag and drop files directly into the program.
    • All added videos will be queued in the main window and an”Output Profile” window will pop up.
    • In this window, choose video format and select the quality level for the target file. There are more than 400 device-specific profiles available.
    • Click the “OK” button.
    • Specify the destination folder for the output file.
    • Check the “Merge” box located at the lower right side of the main window.
    • Click on the “Run” button to start merging videos. After seconds, the merged video will be available in the specified output folder.


    If you are not in favor of installing software on your computer for editing your videos, then Kizoa is a good choice for you. Kizoa is an easy-to-use online video merge tool to help you create a music video or short film. One thing to note that this web service charges premium membership fees if your merged video is longer than 10 minutes.

    How to merge videos using Kizoa.

    Step 1

    •  Go to the site get the online video editor by clicking on the “Open Kizoa” button. Sign up for the site.

    Step 2

    • In the video editor, select the “Movie Maker” tab. Then, you are given two options to choose: “Make a movie using templates” or “Make a movie from scratch”.  I suggest choosing the second option for better control.
    • Select landscape or portrait as the orientation and aspect ratio. Click on “Enter”.

    Step 3

    • Now, press the “Add photos/videos” button. Then, choose “My computer” to upload your video clips from local.
    • When the uploading is finished,  click on the “Cut your clip” button.

    Step 4

    • Drag and drop uploaded videos into the timeline located at the bottom and set the desired order.
    • Hit the “Save” button to save the file. It asks for a title for the video and then gives you various options to save the output file.

    The above tools are useful in dealing with all your video editing needs and are indispensable for video making.

  • Can you join video clips into a single one?
  • You went out and filmed a couple of hours of video. But then you might have no clue on what to do for joining these footages together. If you are looking for a reliable tool with which you can stitch your video clips seamlessly, Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is your best bet. This is a great software video editing program for Windows.

    Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

    Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a professional software program that lets amateurs personalize their favorite video files easily. Its support for Hyper Threading and Multi-CPU increases the utilization of CPU on the video conversion processing. It’s capable of converting videos from SD to HD like HD AVI, HD MKV, HD MP4, and even the 4K standard. One thing to note is that the software does support H265 and VP9, two well-known encoders. It supports over 300 video and audio codecs, making it possible to view your HD video on up to 300 electronic devices like iPad, iPhone, HDTV monitor, HD smart TV. Besides, an impressive 5x compression rate helps gain more space on your device while not tampering the quality of converted videos. You can utilize the built-in audio extractor to extract the song from a short film or a music video. It produces lossless audios in formats including WAV, FLAC, and ALAC. You are given the option to download online videos in high definition. You can do this in formats such as 4K, the new VR video, all the way to the HD WMV. Furthermore, it provides options to trim, crop, merge videos or even add a neat effect to make your videos more compelling.

    Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro helps you combine your videos with ease as a video merging tool. Let me walk you through the detailed steps of this process as followed.

    How to combine videos with Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

    • Open the software through the quick-start icon.
    • Import your video files by hitting the button “Add files”. Or you can add video clips through the drag-n-drop method.
    • Click on the “+ Merge” at the bottom of the screen interface and a window pops up. This program can perform multiple merging tasks at the same time.
    • Hit the new “+Merge” button to begin sifting through the videos you want to merge into the first extended video.
    • Hold your cursor over the video clips you want to add while holding the “control key”. Then, simply hit “add”. You also can drag and drop the files into the merged box directly.
    • Continue by hitting the “+ Merge” one more time and pick your rest clips to merge into another extended video file.
    • Deleting one merging task can be done by selecting the merged pack and hitting “Split”. Removing one video from the merging task can be done by selecting the video in the merged pack and hitting “Remove”.
    • When ready, click on “OK” to go back to the main window. Finally, press the “Run” button to begin to join video clips together.

    Another Easy Tool to Combine Videos

    WonderFox DVD Video Converter is another WonderFox video product, which allows you to string a bunch of videos together. In this software, you begin by clicking on “Add Files” to bring all of your clips into the main window. Once you have all files loaded into the program, go to the bottom of the interface. Here, you will find a box titled with “merge all videos into one file”. Check the box. Then, select the preferred output format at the right-side panel. After that, all you need to do is clicking on the big blue “Run” button to begin the merging process.


    The beauty of Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro lies in fast converting speed, the support for 60fps conversion and finishing editing jobs quickly. It’s free for use with the upgrade option to enjoy full stand-out features. Don’t forget to give it a shot next time you need to manipulate your videos.

  • An easy-to-use tool to bind video files together
  • Merging video clips into a single video file is an essential part of video making. Whether you are making videos for your family, or for academic purposes, you may find it necessary to join several files together or incorporate some clips into your source video. A video editor can help you do the video merging process quickly and efficiently. For example, Any Video Converter Ultimate.

    Any Video Converter Ultimate

    Any Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful video editing software which comes with lots of great useful features. The intuitive and simplistic design makes it easy to work with and suitable for novices and experienced users alike. Let’s see the key features of this all-around video editor.

    Key Features of Any Video Converter Ultimate.

    1. Convert DVD, CD and Blu-ray files to RMVB, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, M4V, and many other formats.

    2. Burns media files to blank DVD. Burns content from one DVD to another blank DVD.

    3. Crop, cut, merge videos.

    4. Add and remove subtitles.

    5. Extract audio from video files.

    6. Rotate frames, adjust brightness, volume, contrast and add special effects to videos.

    7. Compress video files with high visual quality.

    8. Record videos and produce high-quality output with perfect synchronization.

    9. Strip the DRM Protection from purchased and rented iTunes M4V movies.

    10. Download videos from over 100 video websites.

    11. Provide lifetime support and free upgrades.

    How to bind video files using Any video converter.

    1. Download and install Any Video Converter from its official website. A trial version of this software is available for testing purposes. When the installing is finished, fire up this video program.

    2. Choose the “Convert Video” tab at the top of the editor.

    3. Add videos that you want to merge by clicking on the “Add Video(s)” button in the upper toolbar of the editor. The added files are displayed in the file queue.

    4. Switch on the “Join All Files” button located at the bottom right of the video editor.

    5. Choose the desired output format from the dropdown list located in the upper toolbar.

    6. Click the “Convert Now!” button in the toolbar located at the top right corner to start merging the videos.


    If you are not a big fan of installing software for your video editing needs, then Aconvert is an ideal option to merge your videos. This online video merging tool is free and easy to use. It does not require any registration and supports all popular video formats. It supports video files up to 200MB.

    How to merge videos with Aconvert.

    • Press the “Video” tab at the left-side and check “Merge” on the top toolbar.
    • You can add your video files either from your computer or provide the URL of the file if it is available online.
    • Click on the “File” button to add files from your computer or the “URL” button to enter the URL of the file.
    • If you have chosen the “File” option, click on “Choose File” button
    • Hit the “Submit” button.
    • This tool merges files as they are submitted one by one and prepares the final video. (Note: The video files to be merged must have the same format.)
    • When it is done, the final merged file is ready for download.

    Wrapping up

    Both the video editors mentioned above are easy to use and can combine video files fast. They can handle all your video editing needs efficiently.

  • How to create a photo collage online for free?
  • We all like to take multiple pictures while traveling, joining a birthday party, or playing with a cute pet. These memorable and happy pictures are well worth sharing with our friends and families. However, it seems complex and a little weird sending all of these pictures one by one to others. That’s when you better turn multiple photos into one photo collage and share them as an all-in-one picture. You may wonder where to make a great photo collage in an easy and quick way. Luckily, there are an increasing number of free online photo collage making sites that would help you create your own photo collages totally free with little efforts. The top one among all of these collage makers is FotoJet.

    FotoJet is an easy and quick picture collage maker to transfer your photos into a photo collage. With the selection of dozens of collage templates, you can easily operate collage making process with a few clicks.

    screenshot of fotojet

    Step-to-step Tutorials

    1. FotoJet provides a large number of collage templates and layouts in many occasions such as birthday collages, family collages, wedding collages etc. Just select one suitable template from dozens of photo collage templates.
    2. Upload your photos from your laptop, Facebook, or a photo stock site.
    3. You are allowed to auto-fill your photos to the template.
    4. Next, you can highlight each image in your collage to the way you like. Simply adjust the image with crop, rotate, resize, duplicate etc. Or apply special effects such as exposure, brightness, contrast, and saturation.
    5. After editing, you are allowed to add headings and subheadings over 80 fonts to customize your collage.
    6. FotoJet also offers a collection of creative clipart images, including lines, heart shapes, fruits, holiday themes and more.
    7. You can also get access to multiple artistic backgrounds for your collages to enhance the appearance of your photo collage.
    8. Once finished, click “Save project” to save your photo collage as an image with selected quality and size on your computer. Also, you can share it on any social media channels online with your families and friends, or directly print it out online.

    In Conclusion

    FotoJet is an online easy picture collage maker that almost meet all of your needs for creating photo collages. It offers multiple collage templates text fonts, clip arts, and backgrounds for you to edit photo collages in a breeze. Besides, you can also easily make quality graphic designs and edit photos with FotoJet. Go get amazing collapse with FotoJet here and share the joy with your friends now!

  • How to make a video with pictures and music?
  • Even though photos are a great way to show your happy moment intuitively, it can hardly attract others as much as videos. If you are looking for a better way to impress others, here is a better method: create a video with pictures and music. Consider this method for sharing your selfies, a travel shoot, or even a series of photos of all ages in your life!

    If you just wondered how to make a video with pictures and music online free, here is an online video editor: Kizoa.

    It helps you create video from photos with a wide variety of effects, transitions, and animations. You can also add all types of music to convey the happiness of that moment to viewers.

    Key Features

    • Make both slideshows and collages.
    • Make a video instantly without an account.
    • Customize all details in the video. (For instance: timing, duration, size, position, animations and other relevant aspects.)
    • Edit and store photos.
    • Easy to use for both professionals and beginners.
    • Share your slideshows or collages online.
    • Upload to YouTube directly for paid users.

    screenshot of kizoa

    How to create video from photos with Kizoa?

    1. Create your personal account. You can choose to register a basic or Premium account as your needs. The basic account offers enough features if you’re a beginner.
    2. Upload photos to make videos. Upload the desired photos to your account. You’re allowed to utilize these photos to create collages or videos.
    3. Choose a template. Select one of the multiple video templates the Kizoa offers to make your own video.
    4. Drag photos in order. Simply drag and drop the selected photos from your computer in an order.
    5. Add transitions to the video. Just select the desired transition and drag it to the image. Your eye-catching transition will come into effect in seconds.
    6. Add Text to the video. Select a text format and enter the words you’d like to add to your video. Click OK to apply it instantly.
    7. Add Music to the video. You can also add pleasant music to the video directly from computer or the music the site offers. Set the start time and you’re done.
    8. Save and share. Simply save it with the desired file format. It can be shared via email and users can also burn it to DVD directly.

    In conclusion

    Kizoa offers such high-level features for users to make a video with pictures and music in an extremely easy and amazing way. All of these gorgeous templates Kizoa offers make it one of the best video maker online. Creating video from photos couldn’t be much easier with Kizoa.

  • How to remove unwanted parts of your video by cropping file
  • In a world driven by social media and streaming, having the necessary skills and tools to be able to save and edit video material is incredibly important. Sometimes, we may be susceptible to making mistakes, especially when we are in front of a camera. Due to these mistakes, we must be able to crop out unwanted content from videos to provide the best and most professional content possible. This content can be anything from exciting and personal family events to professional and collegiate presentations. Almost everyone will need to master such kind of video editing skill. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is readily available to help to make that an easy and achievable goal.

    WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe.

    WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe offers many different functionalities. Below is a list of key features.

    • Download and save music and videos from over three hundred different websites.
    • Trim video length and crop video frame size.
    • Merge multiple videos into one file.
    • Support over four hundred different profile types.
    • The embedded “High-Quality Engine” allows you to produce amazing quality content in high definition.
    • Support video conversion into a 1080p high definition and music conversion into MP3 and MP4 files that allow for playback on Android and Apple devices.
    • Enables you to choose the preferred language from multiple tracks.
    • Its interface is designed to be simple and easy for every person using it to understand.

    All in all, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is an easy yet powerful video editing tool to help you spice up your video without much hassle.

    How to crop video using WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe.

    • Download the installer. Follow the installation wizard to completely install the file onto your hard drive.
    • After opening the newly installed program, simply click on the “Video” icon in the top, left-hand corner, and choose your video source. Once this has finished loading, choose whichever output format that best suits your video or movie making needs in a pop-up panel
    • Click on the “Edit” button to bring up the editing pane. Go to the “Crop and Expand” tab.
    • Check the “Enable crop” box. Then, trim video edges and remove unwanted parts from video by moving, enlarging, shrinking, stretching and squashing the marquee. This will make the product better formatted for the desired playback screen.
    • To save your finished product, click on “Apply to all” and then “Run” to output the edited movie into the format you selected before.

    An Alternative to Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe.

    Other websites and platforms offer similar tools, one example of this being iMovie. This application has been formatted for use on Apple devices alone and offers limited conversion options for the finished content. With iMovie, the entire cropping process done throughout sixteen steps. You must be familiar with the wavelength platform to import music, and it only accepts certain kinds of MP3 files for background audio. In short, it is incredibly complex to use for cropping video dimensions to what you expect.


    WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe was created to complement photo and video editor’s lifestyle. If you’re just looking for a simple and effective way to edit pictures or videos for social media, this product is really worth a shot since it offers effortless experience to process media files. It’s safe to say this is the best video editing tool that you will find available for use today!

  • How to delete part of a video using video cropper
  • If you love making videos for family and friends, then you must have already realized the importance of video editing. Editing is a necessary process of making a good video. Cropping is a primary process of video editing. It is essential for removing unwanted things in the background and the black bars from the sides of the video. Today, I will take you through a video editor that helps you delete video parts that are unnecessary. Surely it provides many more other features you can access to pernalize your video file in a hassle-free way.

    Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

    Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is an all-around, easy-to-use HD video converter for all your video editing needs. The advanced technology used to develop this software takes advantage of your computer hardware to convert videos at a faster speed.  Let’s take a look at the key features of this video cropper for windows:

    • Transform SD videos to HD videos such as HD AVI, HD MP4, HD MKV, even 4k standard.
    • Downsize video by downscaling resolution with the minimum quality loss.
    • Own 300+ optimized presets of video/audio formats and devices.
    • Extract audio from video files.
    • Download online videos from websites.
    • Crop, cut, merge videos and apply special effects to your video file.
    • Make ringtones, adjust volume, brightness and add subtitles.
    • Allows you to upload processed videos/audios to your own FTP server.

    How to crop videos using Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

    1. Install Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your computer and launch the program.

    2. Load the video file to the program you want to crop by clicking on the “Add Files” button or using the drag-n-drop method.

    3. Click on the “Crop” icon at the bottom right of the video file to open the “Crop” window.

    4. In the “Crop” window, set the crop area size by dragging the borders and use the mouse pointer to position the crop area in the video frame. You can reset the changes you made by hitting the “Reset” button.

    7. After making the desired changes, click on the “OK” button to save the changes.

    8. Go back to the main Window, choose the output format, and then press “Run” to start the conversion.


    If you do not want to install software for cropping a video, then Video-Crop is an option that deserves consideration. This web-based app is free for use and does not require any registration. Apart from cropping videos, it also offers some other tools to rotate, stabilize and slice videos. All the uploaded files are temporarily stored and later deleted from the website.

    How to crop videos using Video-Crop.

    1. Open the website in your favorite browser.

    2. Upload the video by dragging and dropping it in the area marked by “Drop your file here.” You can also load your file from Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

    3. Once uploaded, your video shows in the “Cropping” panel. Set the crop area size by dragging the borders. You can also move the crop area with your mouse pointer.

    4. After making the desired changes, apply the changes by clicking on the “Transform Video” button.

    5. When it is done, download the output video file by clicking on the “Download Result” button.

    The above video editors are very helpful in editing your videos with many features. Do not forget to give them a shot next time you make a video. I would like to hear what you think about them. Leave your comments in the section below. If you’re recommended some great video editing tools else by your tech-savvy friends, please share them with me in the same way.

  • How to crop video square quickly
  • There are many instances in which you may need to crop videos. For example, cropping videos is important to remove unnecessary parts and to highlight the aspects that are intended to catch the audiences’ attention. Without cropping out the unnecessary bits, the important aspects of a video may go unnoticed. Ultimately this will harm the overall video. This is why video cropping is essential in everyday life. It lets editors get rid of the unnecessary parts and direct the viewer’s attention to the important elements.

    There are large amounts of resources you can find on the internet including both desktop video products and online video cropper tools. Today, I am going to introduce DVDFab Video Converter to you, an installable program that enables Windows users to easily crop videos.

    Overview of DVDFab Video Converter.

    DVDFab Video Converter is a powerful video editing tool for Windows with a full range of features. It can read videos in most of the popular video formats. A user can crop size of video through this tool and convert it into a high-quality video in one of the mainstream video formats playable on multimedia tools. This includes many 3D devices. The cropped video maintains high quality.

    It also offers additional video editing options. These include trimming videos, inserting watermarks onto videos, and adding subtitles. With a range of features available, it is a great piece of software to consider for all types of editing functions.

    How to Crop Videos Using DVDFab Video Converter.

    • After launching the program, select “Converter”. Then, hit the “+” button to add a video file.
    • Click on the “Edit” button to bring up the editing panel. Then, go to the “Crop” tab.
    • Adjust the border of the video as preferred by dragging and moving the marque. You can configure the parameters of cropping aspect ratio as well as set the distance to the edge at top, bottom, left and right.
    • Choose the desired output file type for the cropped video and specify where you save the resultant file.
    • Once ready, hit “Start” to begin the task of cropping the video.
    • The program will then begin the process. During the process, the user will receive detailed information on the status. This process can be stopped at any time. The tool lets the user choose what they would like done when all tasks are complete. This includes doing nothing or setting the PC to shut down, hibernate or exit the program.
    • The result of this process is a cropped video in the output as defined by the user.

    Using an Alternative Method to Crop Videos.

    iMovie on Apple is an alternative tool that can be used to crop videos.

    • After opening this app, click on the button to create a new project and choose video under the project type.
    • Then, click on “Import Video” and choose the input video that you wish to crop. After the video is imported, click on the crop button that is located in the toolbar. It looks like a square.
    • Next, click on the grey “Crop” button that appears in the editing section. The handlebars can then be used to adjust the video to the intended crop size and click the apply changes button once satisfied.
    • To save the cropped video, click on share and select the destination. During this step, the user can also adjust the resolution, quality, and format.
    • Finally, set the name of the cropped video and save the video to the desired location.


    If you are in need of a tool to crop videos, DVDFab Video Converter is a good option. It is a user-friendly tool that assists in easily cropping out unnecessary portions of a video so that the key elements of the video are highlighted. By using this tool, an editor of a video can ensure that the right parts of the video are honed in on so that intended message is effectively demonstrated to the audience. It is very straightforward to use and will generate a high-quality video in the desired parameters and file type.

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