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  • CIA tools to ‘hack’ phones and televisions, according to the latest WikiLeaks leak
  • The WikiLeaks confidential document leaks site has published details of what it says are the powerful hacking tools used by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
    The website led by Julian Assange pointed out that the so-called cyber weapons include malicious software created for Windows, Android, iOS, OSX and Linux systems, as well as Internet routers.
    Julian Assange, the controversial man behind WikiLeaks
    A portion of the software was developed internally, according to WikiLeaks, but also indicated that MI5 British intelligence services have helped to develop a spyware attack – programs that secretly record the activity of a computer – to Samsung brand televisions.
    A CIA spokesman did not confirm this information.
    WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app in the world.
    “We do not comment on the authenticity or content of alleged intelligence documents,” he said.
    A spokesman for the Home Office in Britain did not comment on the matter.
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    Why Barack Obama commuted the penalty to Chelsea Manning, the ex-soldier who leaked US archives to WikiLeaks
    WikiLeaks argued that its source had shared those details with the portal to promote a debate over whether the CIA’s hacking capabilities exceeded its established powers.
    The portal described this alleged revelation as the first in a series of leaks on CIA cyber activities, which they have referred to as “Vault 7”.
    Televisions hacked
    The mechanism to compromise a range of Samsung F8000 smart TVs was named “Weeping Angel”, according to documents dated June 2014.

    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said there was a risk of proliferation of cyber weapons.
    They describe the creation of a “fake off” mode, designed to trick users into believing their screens were no longer in use.
    Instead, documents were created, mechanisms were created to secretly record the audio, which was then transferred over the internet to computerized CIA servers once the TVs switched back on, allowing their Wi-Fi links to be restored.
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    In a section titled “future work”, it is suggested that you can also take video captures and overcome the limitation of wifi.
    Samsung has not ruled on the allegations.
    Attacks on Apple
    WikiLeaks also claims that as of last year, the CIA has built an arsenal of 24 “zero day” attacks on Android. “Zero Day” is a term used for security flaws in the code that are unknown by the manufacturer of the product.

    According to WikiLeaks, the CIA was able to access instant messages from the Whatsapp mobile application.
    According to WikiLeaks, some of these flaws had been discovered by the CIA, but others were allegedly obtained by the British intelligence agency GCHQ as well as by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and by third parties Which were not named.
    Devices manufactured by Samsung, HTC and Sony, among others, allegedly dried up as a result of this operation, and allowed the CIA to read messages from Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram and Weibo, among other instant messaging services.
    How to Use Signal, Edward Snowden’s Secure Messaging Service
    They also claim that the CIA created a specialized department to access iPhones and iPads, which allowed the agency to see the geographical location of the subject, activate the camera and microphone of the device and read written communications.
    WhatsApp is the most widespread messaging app in the world.
    According to reports, that department took advantage of “zero day” attacks on the iOS system obtained by GCHQ, the NSA and the US Bureau of Federal Investigations (FBI).
    “It is our traditional policy not to comment on intelligence matters,” GCHQ told .
    “In addition, all GCHQ’s work is carried out in accordance with a strict legal and policy framework, which ensures that our activities are authorized, necessary and proportionate.”
    Other allegations by WikiLeaks indicate that the CIA:
    Look for ways to infect computerized vehicle control systems. The portal points out that these could have been used to commit murders that could not be detected. It had found ways to infect computers that were not connected to the Internet or to other insecure networks. There were talk of methods that included hiding data in images or hidden parts of computer storage. He had developed attacks against popular anti-virus products. He had built a library of “stolen” hacking techniques from malicious software created in Russia and in Other places. Analysis: Mark Ward, technology correspondent There is a huge amount of information in the CIA data dump, but much of it, as its apparent success in intervening smart TVs, is not so surprising. Independent investigators have handled similar hacks , So government intelligence agents will always be able to go further. In addition, somehow we already know that in modern devices with internet access have been found all kinds of holes in all types of devices, including cars.According to WikiLeaks, the CIA also has tools to “hack” the iPhone. What is more interesting is WikiLeaks’ work on what has been done with the iPhone and Android headsets. Apple is working hard to make sure the iOS operating system is secure and Google has invested a lot of effort recently in consolidating its own system. For an intelligence agency, access to those devices is key because they travel everywhere with the subject. What could most affect the CIA is to lose control of all the information about “zero day” malfunctions and malicious software detailed in the documents. It is more than likely that the agency has paid millions of dollars to get an arsenal of Tools that were guaranteed to work. More than all because these tools are based on failures, viruses and vulnerabilities that have never been seen before. Operating systems of all types are like large haystacks and the information that some of these leaks shed look like A good map that guides all the needles that are hidden inside. With most of the “zero day” now burned, the CIA may have to reenter it for a while, but it will certainly have other attack tools stored and ready for The most worrying thing is that while virus information is being released, there will be malicious people gathering and using it.

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    Wednesday, March 08, 2017

  • Trump signs new travel ban decree
  • The Trump government signed a revised immigration prohibition decree from six Muslim-majority countries on Monday, noting that Iraq has been removed from the list of the previous decree announced in January, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said.

    Iraq is not included in the list of countries with bans “due to improved review and reporting processes,” Conway said in the Fox and Friends program.

    The new travel ban comes six weeks after President Donald Trump’s original decree was deployed and caused chaos and confusion at airports across the country, sparking a legal fight in which the president clashed with the Federal judges on Twitter. The government hopes that the new version will not create conflicts with the courts.

    The decree makes it clear that permanent legal residents (who have a green card) are excluded from any travel ban.

    Those with validly issued visas will also be exempt from the ban, Conway said. It will be effective as of March 16.

    “If you have travel documents, if you really have a visa, if you are a legal permanent resident, you are not covered under this particular decree,” Conway said.

    “In addition, Iraq is no longer on the list,” he said.

    The original decree banned citizens of seven countries – Iran, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen – from entering the United States for 90 days, all refugees for 120 days and indefinitely interrupted the entry of refugees from Syria.

    But the new decree also revealed that the government was not only paying attention to legal criticism in the courts but also reorganizing in light of the intense political fire they faced after the disorderly deployment of the first decree.

    While government lawyers argued that the original travel ban went into effect immediately to prevent terrorists from rushing to the country, the revised ban will come into phase after 10 days.

    White House officials also collaborated for several weeks with officials from the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice and kept Congressmen informed of their progress this time after the White House provoked a negative reaction to keep Congress The relevant federal agencies almost entirely in the dark during the first deployment.

    The White House put aside the sense of urgency with which it implemented the first ban, delaying the signing of the new decree several times over the last three weeks. The policy also came into play when White House officials delayed signing last Wednesday in part not to disrupt the positive coverage of Trump’s speech to Congress.

    The new decree was also delayed in part because of a debate within the government over how to handle Iraq.

    Iraq was withdrawn on Monday from a travel ban that was revised after intense lobbying by the Iraqi government at the highest levels, a senior US official said.

    That includes a telephone call between President Donald Trump and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on February 10 and in a personal conversation between Abadi and Vice-President Mike Pence in Munich on February 18 this year.

    These talks were followed by discussions between Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and members of the Iraqi government over veto measures that could prevent terrorists from leaving Iraq and heading to the United States. Iraq did not implement new measures; On the other hand, offered more details to the US government on how it monitors travelers.

    In Trump’s call with Abadi, the president promised to seek a solution to his counterpart’s concerns that his citizens could not enter the United States, according to a reading of the phone call from Baghdad.

    “This is seen as an important step in the right direction that strengthens and reinforces the strategic alliance between Baghdad and Washington in many areas, particularly the fight against terrorism,” the Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

    One of the main reasons is the role of Iraq in the fight against ISIS.

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    Monday, March 06, 2017

  • Trump asks Republicans to activate the “nuclear option” to confirm Gorsuch
  • The President of the United States Donald Trump told Senate Republicans to “go with everything” and invoked the so-called “nuclear” option, to prevent Democrats from obstructing the process to confirm his Supreme Court nominee.

    “If we stand in front of that blockade, I’d say if they can, Mitch, take the nuclear option,” Trump told Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. “It would be an absolute pity that a man of this quality is trapped in the web.”

    “(The decision) depends on Mitch, but I’d say go for it,” Trump added.

    Trump’s comment came as he met with supporters of his Supreme Court nominee, federal appeals court judge Neil Gorsuch, and asked a reporter a question about the Democratic opposition to Gorsuch’s appointment.

    Invoking the nuclear option, as it is called in the Capitol, would end with the requirement that the Supreme Court nominees should receive 60 votes to break the filibusterism and proceed with a yes and no vote, which only requires a majority for the confirmation. Both Republicans and Democrats have long resisted recourse to that, as it would change the confirmation process for Supreme Court nominees in the future.

    However, Democratic senators during the Barack Obama administration acted to eliminate filibusterism in cabinet nominations and lower court judges, something Trump has recalled. Those Democrats did not include Supreme Court nominees as part of their action.

    “I think there is some dishonesty if they are going to act against their own measure not long ago,” Trump said.

    Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley plans to hold confirmation hearings for Gorsuch in six weeks, the congressman told  on Wednesday.

    A Republican source told  that President Trump wants Gorsuch to be in office by April, which means that the vote to confirm it would be immediately after the hearings in six weeks.

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    Thursday, February 02, 2017

  • Green card does not exempt from the Trump decree on Muslim majority countries
  •  Green card does not exempt from the Trump decree on Muslim majority countries

    The US government will not allow automatic return to green card holders who have traveled to countries subject to a temporary ban on entry into their territory, two sources familiar with the matter told.

    Instead, those travelers should apply for an exemption from the decree ordering such a ban, the sources said.

    The countries affected by the decree of President Donald Trump include the following Muslim majority countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Yemen.

    Owners of green cards who are currently out of the country and looking to return home in the United States will be served by an exemption authority that has already been established.

    One official said it was a case-by-case admission process and another said it was being “done promptly.”

    People from those seven countries that have a green card, a government document granting permanent residence in the United States, should not leave the country because they may not be allowed to return to the United States, said one of the family sources with the theme.

    There has been significant confusion over the terms of Trump’s decree since it was signed on Friday afternoon, in particular on the way it referred to visa holders who are traveling and whether any treatment other than Holders of a green card.

    Exemptions will be made at the discretion of the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State, and the criteria include refugee status for persecuted religious minorities, if denying admission causes irreparable harm or failure to do so poses a risk to Security or welfare of the United States.

    Those who travel without a green card and land in the United States after the decree has been signed will be detained and boarded a plane to be sent back to the country of which they are citizens, a government official told .

    A dozen people were held overnight at US airports, a source familiar with the matter told .

    Two men who were granted visas sued after being detained at New York’s JFK airport, while Iran said it would respond reciprocally to the temporary ban imposed by Trump.

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    Sunday, January 29, 2017

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