• Eymen's Wonder tips #3
  • WONDER TIPSGame plan for  kvk1. When the wonder opens this week you must fightI won't help anyone hold a wonder that won't practiceSome of you haven't learned how to debuff, speed your rally by 5

  • Eymen's Wonder tips #2
  • Use this potion for Wonder

  • Eymen's Crafting tips #1
  • 1. When you craft a new set with great stats. Make one helm manually to reduce the inventory space required  to keep a great set bonus2. Don't gem in the preset. Gem in the inventory. No lag. 3.

  • So often, players who have been on the game for a while use terminology and shortenings that can be very confusing. I will start a glossary of in-line terms which I will add to on request or as I reco

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