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  • Electronic Paper Guillotines Safe Practice
  • Electronic Paper guillotines can potentially be the cause of nasty accidents if they are not correctly maintained and if the guillotine operator has not been trained correctly.  Employers are responsible for providing training for operating an Electronic Paper guillotine by an appropriately qualified training person.  New staff should be monitored to make sure that they do not develop bad habits when using an Electronic Paper guillotine.

  • National Identity Fraud Prevention Week
  • National Identity Fraud Prevention Week ran from the 17th-23rd October last year for the first time. There was a great deal of publicity regarding identity fraud as might have been expected but was it perhaps a case of “too much information”?

  • Call for Safety Improvements in Design of Domestic Paper Shredders
  • The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) carried out an investigation of reported finger injuries, including amputations, and the characteristics of domestic paper shredders that might have contributed to those injuries. The National Electronics Injury Surveillance System (NIESS) database collected 23 reported finger injuries attributable to domestic paper shredders. The ages of the victims ranged from 14 months upwards. Of the 23 reported finger injuries caused by a domestic paper shredder mechanism, fifteen involved children aged 5 years and under. However, finger injuries from domestic paper shredders have been reported in victims of 20 years old and even 65 years old. This report was published in December 2004.

  • Toddlers at Risk of Paper Shredder Injury in the Home
  • The increase in the number of paper shredders being bought for home use in the UK, as a result of the increased publicity that is being given to identity theft and fraud, is likely to result in horrific finger injuries to toddlers judging from what has happened in the USA where domestic shredders have been more commonplace for a number of years

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